Are You Currently In Transition?

If you were born on any of the dates listed on this page, this year is a big one for you. An astrology reading can help you sort out what this year means to you personally.

In a reading, you’ll find out the nature of the change you are going through, how long it will last, when it will be over and how to handle it for minimum anguish and maximum growth.

If you were born on any of the following dates, 2015 could be an emotionally intense year for you:
January 2-5
April 2-5
July 4-7
October 5-8

What it feels like:
You may feel as if your identity, your very center, is being melted down and reshaped. At times during the year you may feel lost in the dark, unable to see your way clearly and having to feel your way along by instinct. You may find yourself scrabbling for control and resisting the sometimes extreme rawness and vulnerability you are feeling. You are going through a metamorphosis, a death and rebirth. Be gentle on yourself as the old is burned away, making way for you to be reborn from your own ashes.

What you are experiencing:
Pluto is transiting your Sun.

*** *** ***

If you were born on any of the following dates, 2015 could be a year of spiritual change for you:
February 25-28
May 26-28
August 28-30
November 29-December 1

What it feels like:
This is a spiritual opening caused by a blurring of the boundaries between you as an individual and the rest of the world. You may experience an expanded sense of your connection to all life, punctuated by a periodic sense of the meaninglessness of it all. You may feel as if you are being pulled into other worlds, or as if they call to you as an escape from everyday life. You will probably be tired and need more sleep. You may be plagued by psychic experiences you cannot explain. You may embrace a spiritual or religious path this year, in a new way.

What you are experiencing:
Neptune is transiting your Sun.

*** *** ***

If you were born on any of the following dates, 2015 could be a year of paradigm shift for you:
April 5-10
July 8-12
October 9-13
January 6-11

What it’s like:
This year, something is turning your whole head around. It’s as if God opened your skull, rearranged your brain and put it back, different. Something happens this year which startles you and makes you think in new ways. “Who am I?” you ask yourself. “Why am I the way I am? Am I committed to being this way?” Be ready for change, because it’s inevitable, and if you are ready you can turn it to your advantage.

What you are experiencing:
Uranus is transiting your Sun.

*** *** ***

If you were born on any of the following dates, 2015 could be a year of profound healing for you:
March 6-12
June 6-12
September 8-14
December 7-12

What it’s like:
Healing takes as many forms as there are realms of human experience, so I cannot say exactly what form this will take for you without actually looking at your chart. I can say that this year you will probably have a wounding experience related to your very being or existence. Be aware that this wounding is not as it seems. It is not actually a fresh wounding in the present, but a reopening of an old wound from the past. Inherent in that reopening is the opportunity to heal the past wound—all of it. It is as if the Cosmic Doctor has broken your leg because it was not properly set in the first place. This is painful, but real healing comes of it, along with the freedom to be your truest self.

What you are experiencing:
Chiron is transiting your Sun.

***   ***   ***

If you were born on any of the following dates, 2015 could be a year of professional development for you:
November 20-26
February 16-23
May 18-25
August 21-27

What it’s like:
This year brings a time of testing and you may be questioning your capacity to be a self-disciplined adult.  Possibly the things you have dedicated yourself to in the past have lost their meaning and now you are questioning how much of your identity you can afford to vest in those things.  No doubt the voice of the Inner Judge is louder in your ear than usual this year.  Are you really the grown-up you say you are?  The hard realities of your situation are right in your face, impossible to avoid.  So don’t even try.  Accept that you are a work-in-progress and set about doing that work—because when you do, you can turn fear into self-mastery.

What you are experiencing:
Saturn is transiting your Sun.

***   ***   ***

If you were born on any of the following dates, 2015 could be a year of growth, expansion, self-confidence, leadership and even charisma for you:

People born on these dates will experience this expansion in the first half of the year:
August 4-15
November 4-15
January 31-February 11
May 2-13

People born on these dates will experience this expansion beginning in October of 2015 and it will carry over into 2016:
September 5-16
December 5-15
March 3-14
June 3-14

What it’s like:
This is a lucky year for you and you won’t want to miss knowing about it in time to take advantage of the eight-month period when your luck will peak.  During this year your charisma is at a 12-year high—it won’t be this strong again for a long time, so use it to best effect.  What do you really want?  Who are you really?  This is a great year to figure out what brings you true joy and lends meaning to your life.  Enjoy the feeling of self-confidence that’s filling your being this year, take leadership and run in the direction that feels right to you.  People will follow in your wake and doors will open to you.  It’s truly a year of following your bliss—or discovering it.  Focus on what’s good in your life and on the good you can bring into the lives of those around you, and more good will come pouring in.

What you are experiencing:
Jupiter is transiting your Sun.

*** *** ***

If you turn 29 or 58 in 2015, this will be a year of hard work, pressure to perform, achievement and deserved reward.

What it’s like:
Like most folks born in your year, you will be having your Saturn Return.  Your Saturn Return is a time when feelings of responsibility, duty and even guilt prevail.  You’ll feel a deepened sense of the seriousness of life and an added pressure to get your career together.

If you are 29 this year, your Saturn Return is in either Scorpio or Sagittarius.  If it’s in Scorpio, you may experience this as a challenging call to understand your own emotional depths and those of the people around you.  Saturn in Scorpio requires you to examine your instincts, drives and underlying motivations and challenges you to wield power—instead of it wielding you.  You may have to confront your inner demons.  Saturn will bring you opportunities to practice intimacy (whether emotional or sexual) with integrity and vulnerability.  This blogpost may orient you:  Saturn in Scorpio–The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

If your Saturn Return is in Sagittarius, you may be called to question limiting beliefs you have held your whole life, that were given to you by your elders.  You may be asked to swing out beyond the safety of the known and to face scary adventures and become a bigger person.  This may make it hard to relate to your family and maintain a grip on  your own sense of self at the same time.  You are destined for leadership, which is a gift that comes with obligations.  Personal expansion is just a first step on the journey–and that’s what’s required of you this year.

What you are experiencing:
Your Saturn Return.

It’s incredibly useful to know when your Saturn return starts, when it ends and how its rhythm goes, so you can take advantage of this important life-passage.  Your chart is unique and this period will leave an indelible stamp on your career and your upcoming mature years.  It’s great to be aware of it while it is happening and to be able to influence it, rather than just being influenced by it.

The Saturn Return is a serious milestone in the human life cycle—after you’ve passed it, you will be an adult in a new way.  Any parts of you that you’ve been holding back, waiting for the maturity or the recognition you associate with true adulthood, will now be free to blossom.  Hunker down and do the hard work of vulnerable relating and the recognition you crave will come to you.

*** *** ***

If any of these things are true for you,
a reading is in order,
especially if you’re unsure what to do about it.

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