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If you’re looking for a live astrology reading with an experienced professional, call Jamie Kahl.

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(*** NOTE: Jamie is on maternity leave Dec 1, 2011 – March 31, 2011
and is now scheduling readings for April. ***)

About the Astrologer:

I have been studying astrology for 29 years and practicing professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area for 17 years. I am presently certified at NCGR Level 2.

I specialize in career, relationship and personal growth themes and I offer readings of 60 to 90 minutes in length. After the reading, a CD recording of it will be mailed to you. You will also receive copies of all charts used.

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During the week I am in my office daily; if I don’t answer, I’ll check messages frequently and will return your call soon. When you call, speak your name and phone number clearly and let me know your time zone and the best times to call you back.

I am available for scheduling between 8 AM and 8 PM weekdays, Pacific time. On weekends sometimes you can catch me. I can usually schedule and do a reading within the week, sometimes even on the same day you request it.

Please keep the time zone in mind when you call. Pacific time is earlier than Eastern U.S. time by 3 hours, earlier than Central by 2 hours and earlier than Mountain by 1 hour. Pacific time is later than Alaska/Hawaii time by 2 hours.

Easy International Phone Readings:

If you are calling from outside the U.S.A., the brief initial call to me will not be free for you, but the reading call will. You may wish to make initial contact with me through my contact form. If you do wish to phone, here’s what to dial:

from the United Kingdom and New Zealand: 00-1-510-816-2504
from Australia: 0011-1-510-816-2504
from Canada: 1-510-816-2504

Please be aware of time zone differences: Pacific (my zone) is earlier than London time by 8 hours, later than Sydney time by 7 hours and later than New Zealand time by 5 hours.

All readings are conducted in English.

What Do You Need To Know?

Great topics for a reading:
“Is the career move I’m thinking of right for me right now?”
“Should I stay in this relationship or try something new?”
“I’m thinking of moving to a different city—is that a good place for me to live?”
“What does the upcoming year hold for me?”
“In what areas will I grow and change?”
“I’m in a difficult transition–when will it be over?”

I can provide answers to all these questions and more.

How Soon Can I Have the Reading?

I can usually do a reading within 3 days, once I have your accurate birth data. If this will be a phone reading, I’ll email you the necessary charts so you can easily follow along.  After the reading I’ll mail you a you a packet with all the charts we used and a high-quality CD recording of the reading. You can listen to your recording on your computer or iPod.


A 90-minute initial session is the norm for new clients.  Sessions of 60 minutes or less are only available to returning clients.  This is because I put a lot of research time into the first reading and I want time to relax into that and into getting to know you.

90 minutes — $180.00
60 minutes — $120.00 (for returning clients only)

Payment accepted via check, cash or paypal.

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