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Structure Creates Flow–Jupiter and Saturn Set Up Housekeeping

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Imagine a cozy domestic scene, in a kitchen filled with good smells.  Jupiter (a large matronly lady with an infectious warmth) is whipping up something nice at the stove while Saturn (a stern-looking but determined fellow with a beaky nose) gathers tools for a construction project.  They are both humming at their work.  

Jupiter:  Ready for some muffins?
Saturn:  Almost.  I’ve got to fix the plumbing first.  (rifles through his tool box)
Jupiter:  We’re going to have the best housewarming ever.
Saturn:  The house will certainly be warm if I have anything to say about it.  And not at all wet.  (he gets down on the floor, opens the cabinet under the sink and applies a wrench to the plumbing)
Jupiter:  You’ve inspired me—I’ve created a new recipe.  Here, try it—(she puts a morsel in his mouth).
Saturn:  (mumbles around the mouthful)  Wow, that’s really good!  I have no criticism to offer.
Jupiter:  You?  No criticism?  That’s really saying something.  Thank you.
Saturn:  You are open to my criticism, which makes me feel relaxed.
Jupiter:  Well that’s because you get it.  You get it about the importance of a happy, relaxed home life.  When you provide for our home, I feel supported.  It makes me want to do even more nice things to make our place more comfortable.
Saturn:  Which in turn makes me want to do the same.
Jupiter:  Right now I’m wondering why we ever argue.
Saturn:  We represent very different principles.  I’m about structure, accountability, diligence and achievement.
Jupiter:  And I’m about fun, growth, and being open to possibilities.
Saturn:  You do sometimes make promises you can’t keep, but I’m not really noticing that right now.  Right now all I want to do is fulfill on your promises, because I’m enjoying the way you make me grow.
Jupiter:  That’s nice to hear.  And you sometimes can be a real stickler, making demands about the bottom line, and pressing me for deadlines.  I’m not very good with deadlines, but when you provide the structure and integrity, I can meet them.  Together we produce less than I’m capable of promising—
Saturn:  —but together we produce something real, and it’s better than what I’d promise on my own.
Jupiter:  Exactly!
Saturn:  And thus real, concrete growth is possible.
Jupiter:  Instead of just hot air—  (wink)  
Saturn:  —and pessimism!  (wink)
Jupiter:  I think it’s because right now you’ve decided to trust me.
Saturn:  More accurately, I’ve decided to trust my own instinct about you.  And my instinct tells me to relax, because everything you do tells me you respect my needs for restraint and competency.
Jupiter:  And everything you do tells me you value the enthusiasm I bring and the growth I long for.  Thank you for that.  Big hug!
Saturn:  You know I’m not really into the huggy thing.  But I’ll submit to it anyway.
Jupiter:  Mr. Crankipants!
Saturn:  Madam Thing!
They share a brief squeeze, during which Saturn tears up and Jupiter pretends not to see it.  Then each goes back to what they were doing, feeling supported and appreciated and with a good will.  

Is this conversation happening in your home?  Perhaps it should be!

This friendly alignment between Jupiter and Saturn can allow us all to pause and appreciate the structures we often take for granted and the good things they bring into our lives.  Speaking that appreciation aloud to the strong-but-bristly providers in our lives (you know—the ones who build the structures that make life run) can relax their bristles and also open up everyone in the situation to experiencing more joy, happiness and emotional connection.  Spread the love!

This lovely trine between Jupiter and Saturn began in July of 2013 and finishes in May of 2014.  Enjoy it while you can!  Especially if your birthday falls into these dates:
Capricorns born:  December 25 through January 8
Pisceans born:  February 22 through March 8
Taureans born:  April 24 through May 8
Cancers born:  June 25 through July 10
Virgos born:  August 27 through September 10
Scorpios born:  October 27 through November 10

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Strike Now If You Want It To Be Easy–The Water Grand Trine of 2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

This year going with the flow brings success and fun:
Astrologers are very good at making dire predictions—but what use is that unless they can also tell you when is the BEST time to pursue new ventures?  I’m just the astrologer to let you know that this year, from June of 2013 to June of 2014 is a great time to start a new business or any project you want to go really smoothly.  And that’s because there is a very auspicious alignment of planets building up in the sky.  I’m telling you about it because it’s approaching its peak and I want you to be able to take full advantage of it before it ends.

The alignment is a set of harmonious aspects among five planets:  Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and Pluto.  Each of these planets has at least two harmonious connections going on right now with others of the batch.  This piles goodness upon goodness so that the summer and fall of 2013 is a very lucky and auspicious time for new enterprises of all kinds, and that goodness flows right into the spring of next year.  Most of this harmonious activity is happening in Water signs, with Pluto in an Earth sign connecting nicely with those Water signs and adding some dynamic tension too.

What these planets are up to. . .
Neptune is in Pisces
, a sign it loves to be in, bringing a tremendous sense of flow to this dynamic.  Because Neptune is involved, we have access to oceanic feelings of communion and connection, and our imaginations are fueled.  Our powers of manifestation and “dreaming things real” is at a peak.

Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio.  This combination is called a “mutual reception,” as each planet is in the sign the other rules, making them “mutually receptive” to each other’s agendas.  This alignment is all about power, purging corruption, doing the hard work of vulnerable leadership, and living each moment as if it was your last.  I’ve written more about it here.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is in Pisces, bridging the gap between material and spiritual worlds, carrying information from the physical to the metaphysical planes and back again.  You can take advantage of this through prayer, manifestation and other practices that get you into alignment with your spiritual guidance.

And finally, Jupiter will move into Cancer on June 25, 2013, and will quickly get into trine with Neptune, Saturn, then Chiron, completing the Water circuit.  Jupiter will also oppose Pluto, and bring just enough tension into the dynamic to spur all that lazy Water to action.  Jupiter in Cancer is in its all-time favorite sign to occupy, bringing a warm, nurturing feel and encouraging growth gently, as a summer rain encourages flowers to bud and open.

How does this affect me?
If you have a lot of Water in your chart, this astrological activity should feel really good, as if the rest of the world is aligning with the flow that is natural to you.  You may find yourself experiencing luck and being noticed in ways that don’t make you feel overexposed.  If you have lazy Water habits (such as living in codependent relationships, overpowering others with your emotions or draining yourself dry to serve and nurture others), these habits may be indulged this year and you could end up with no progress.  But if you decide to live your Watery side in the best way possible (by being conscious of your feelings but not dramatic, and being intuitive without being invasive), you could find yourself at the top of the heap with very little effort.

And the really good news is that if you are starting a business this year, or having a baby, you can look forward to your “project” having oodles of good karma.  Some kinds of businesses are better suited to this than others; you can see me for a consultation if you’re ready to know more.

This time period is especially good for:

  • healers
  • artists
  • nurses and caretakers of all kinds
  • midwives, doulas, ob/gyns and those involved with birthing
  • hospice workers and those who to assist peaceful death
  • any job that requires compassion and human kindness
  • spiritual and psychic helpers
  • anyone who works with children
  • financial analysts and investors, anyone who works with debt but especially those who assist people in trouble with management of their debt, including bankruptcy lawyers
  • therapists, counselors and coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
  • hypnotherapists
  • . . . and the list goes on.

If you want to know how this year’s Water lineup affects you,
contact Jamie for a reading.



Neptune and Saturn Launch A Bubble of Useful Magic Energy

Friday, June 14th, 2013

This transit runs from October of 2012 to July of 2013

Saturn is hanging around on top of Mount Olympus, when he comes upon Neptune, who is playing with magic energy.  She is casting swirls of sparkles into the air, launching comets of light and beauty, and creating distant explosions of delicious loveliness. 

Saturn:  That’s very nice stuff you’re doing there.
Neptune:  Why thank you.  It’s my specialty.
Saturn:  But it could be improved.
Neptune:  How is that?
Saturn:  By making it physical.  Here try this–
Saturn produces a paintbrush and a palette, loaded with colors, and a large canvas, already stretched.  Neptune picks up the brush and dabs it into the paint, swirls color onto the canvas.  The results are lovely.
Neptune:  Wow, this is good stuff.  What is this?
Saturn:  They make it on Earth.  It’s called paint.
Neptune:  Oh yes, Earth, I’ve been trying to get there for ages.  Human beings never listen to me.  I’d kind of stopped paying attention.  Where is it again?
Saturn points down to a very dark area below the rarified atmosphere of Mount Olympus.  They gaze at Earth, a sphere of darkness and tears.  The cries of humanity are audible.
Neptune:  Why do they have to suffer?
Saturn:  Because they’re in the material world.
Neptune:  That doesn’t look very appealing.
Saturn:  Not for someone as idealistic as you, but for me it’s a wonderland of possibility.
It’s a super-dense plane where you can build stuff.  When you build it, it stays for a pretty long time.
Neptune:  What, a couple hundred years?  Not very impressive.
Saturn: Not by our standards maybe, but by human standards, yes, impressive.
Neptune:  There’s a catch, though.  Sure, you can build things, but you have to deal with a lot of limitations, restrictions and (ugh!) hard work while you’re doing it.
Saturn:  That’s true.  It takes ambition to build things and ambition is built on fear.  If people don’t know they have limitations, why would they work to overcome them?  I remind them of those limitations, and the strong people rise to the top.
Neptune:  That’s harsh.  My contribution is different.  I provide a dream-world people can retreat to.  It’s a gentle place where the artists can find solace and fuel their imaginations.
Saturn:  Sounds like a haven for lazy people.
Neptune:  I find physical existence inherently repellant.  My dreams and visions can’t stand the weight of gravity.  They are crushed by it.
Saturn:  I understand.  You and I have very different priorities.  I like the crushing weight of physical existence and I thrive off the necessity for hard work and the opportunity to shape the material world.
Neptune:  Whereas I am uninterested in all things material—they just make me feel trapped and I’d rather exist in the non-physical, where things happen instantly, with just a thought.  We do have one important thing in common, though, and that’s a desire to make things different than they are.  I like to imagine how things could be different, more ideal.
Saturn:  While I like to work to build something better.  And what wonderful things we could accomplish together, if you were willing to allow your dreams to be infected by gross materialism and I were willing to allow my material world to be permeated by lazy, ineffective and purposeless dreams.  If we work together, we could do some very nice things for those people down there.
Neptune:  Point well taken.  Ok, what do we have to do?
Saturn:  Let’s try this, for starters. . .
He reaches out into the air and grabs some of the magic, colored energy Neptune has left there.  With a swift gesture, he shapes it into a block, which immediately turns a dark color and crashes to the ground.  Neptune blows on it, until it assumes a rounder shape and gently lifts off the ground.  It is now a beautiful, iridescent bubble with shape, texture, weight and beauty.
Neptune:  Wow, that’s actually quite nice.
Saturn:  Yes it is.  Now we just need a Human Being to deliver it to Earth.
Neptune snaps her fingers.  A Human Being appears, looking confused and disoriented.
Neptune:  You wouldn’t happen to be an artist, would you?  A visionary, a dreamer, something like that?
Human Being:  Well, yes, I suppose I am.
Neptune:  We’ve got something very nice just for you.  It’s a lovely dream. . .
Saturn:  . . .  that you can make real!  It’s a goal. . .
Neptune:  . . . inspired with true vision!
Dazedly, the Human Being allows the bubble to settle on his open palm.  Saturn snaps his fingers and the Human Being disappears.  
Neptune: (giggling) Whatever are they going to do with this?
Saturn:  I have no idea.  But it will do credit to us both.  Let’s make more!
They busy themselves at making a huge variety of the bubbles and wafting them down to Earth, where they burst over the heads of a couple million creative people.  

Are you one of the creative people who is getting a download of useful visions this year?  Saturn and Neptune are cooperating to make it easy for you.  This lovely trine between them began in October of 2012 and ends next month in July of 2013.  This means that business ideas that come from intuitive sources can be turned into dreams-come-true.  Now is the time to start or develop a business with heart.  Better take advantage of the possibilities now, while you can!


The Challenge of Saturn

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

by Erica Bridgeman
(Pandora Astrology Intern)

I’ve always known that the sun sign was a significant marker within the birth chart, the representative of the personality, the ego, the personal sun which gives life and sustenance to the individual self. But learning about the characteristics of each of the planets within our solar system, I discovered a major player lingering in the shadows of my chart, affecting me in subtle and not so subtle ways since the moment of my birth. That major player is none other than Saturn—astrologically, a planet most people willingly avoid at best and severely repress at worst (although Pluto often gives Saturn a run for his money where repression is concerned).

My interest in investigating Saturn’s influence on me began after I received a Life-Long Love reading with Jamie where I discovered that Saturn was transiting my natal Venus in the 10th house from September 2012 to about August 2013, during which time relationships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones, would become a challenge. But as Jamie and Liz Greene (author of the book Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil) emphasized, if I remained open to the process and engaged consciously the work that it would take to both look at both my own patterns in relationships as well as what may be going on with potential mates, I would emerge from the transit with a greater capacity for self-knowledge and loving self-compassion. So I accepted the challenge.

In my reading of Greene’s book as well as meditating on the birth chart that I received after my astrology reading, I had a major realization, one that had remained hidden in its significance but whose impact on me underscored a lifetime of feeling creatively stunted and insignificant while also feeling that I was the casualty of intense romantic disappointment and heartbreak. Saturn was in the fifth house of my natal chart, which is traditionally thought of as the house of the Sun’s rulership. It is also known as the house of children, creative self-expression, and love, or as Greene refers to it, “the house of romance” because “this also is an area where the individual may express – or project – his [or her] own identity without interference, and through the experience of love of this kind he [or she] may get a glimpse of his [or her] own inner centre.” Ultimately, in the cosmic point of view, the goal of intimate relationships is not so much happiness and security but “to complete something that is incomplete within the psyche of the self. It is to become healed and whole unto the self while realizing unity within the universal One.

So to have Saturn in this house, can mean that the expression of all that the Sun represents—self, identity and will within the world and within the individual, self love and love for the other, innate creativity, and the reproduction of life either literally or figuratively—is eclipsed. Thus, chronic feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt plague the psyche of the individual, leading to either a depressive and even fatalistic outlook or, more hopefully, the making of the decision to break the limiting restrictions that Saturn embodies and move forward with consciousness, guidance and patience; slowly peeling back the facade that shrouds one’s inner light.

For me, what this realization has meant is to be willing to engage in the continual process, all the days and nights of my life on this planet called Earth, not to reject or repress but instead to fully accept and integrate my shadowy and rather base aspects as well as my own shining brightness, so that I am not living a life of duality but of wholeness. To realize my inner yin and yang merging in the infinite cosmic circle/spiral. For this, I am utterly grateful to the planet that has been called “the devil.” For, having accepted his ultimate challenge, I find Saturn offers me the key out of my own personal hell.

Read Erica’s introductory blogpost as a Pandora intern.


Saturn Sextiles Pluto: Conditions for Success and Deep Change

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

We return to the Mutual Reception, where Saturn and Pluto are off in a corner, eating canapés and hammering out their agreement for how they’ll work together while they occupy each other’s signs this year.  

Saturn:  This year we are in a harmonious sextile to each other and can easily come to a mutually beneficial agreement.
Pluto:  True.  It’s wonderful how two such different—and strong—personalities can align during a transit like this.  Let’s talk about how you and I can help each other best and what that means.
Saturn:  I think it comes down to conditions.  What conditions do I need you to adhere to, so I can work with you, and what do you need from me?
Pluto:  As long as things are doable and fair, I’m game.
Saturn:  Pluto, I need you to take responsibility for the results of the changes you create.  Who knows what the repercussions will be?  What matters is your integrity, and your ability to respond to those changes in a mature, adult way.
Pluto:  I can line up with that.  Saturn, I need you to be willing to go deep.  I need you to be willing to really, truly change.  I’m not talking about something superficial here, but a deep restructuring down to the very bones.  I’m talking flatten the building and begin again with a new foundation so it can be truly solid.
Saturn:  I like solid of course!
Pluto:  Yes, of course you do.  But are you willing to submit to big, mysterious changes that you won’t understand while you’re in them, in order that things may become more solid?
Saturn:  Sounds like a paradox:  change creates solidity?
Pluto:  Definitely a paradox.  How are we going to do this without becoming a pair of total control freaks?
Saturn:  I don’t know.
Pluto:  Maybe we shouldn’t try.
Saturn:  Control-freaking is rather a strong suit for both of us.  It’s one of the few things we naturally agree on.
Pluto:  Ok, so it’s going to be ok to be a control freak for the duration.  Good—that’s a relief.
Saturn:  As long as it works.
Pluto:  Yes, exactly.  And we may be fundamentally very different, but if we can’t do this together, nobody can.  During our mutual reception, all of humanity will feel the willingness to change their old, entrenched ways because we make it easy for them.  They’ll be able to make pain-free change to ancient traditions that are deep-rooted.  It’s a pretty good offer we’re making them.
Saturn:  I agree.
Pluto:  Thought you would.
Saturn:  Then I can say with confidence that anyone who is willing to—
Pluto:  —to look beneath the surface—
Saturn:  —yes, and take responsibility, be an adult, be professional, be mature and have integrity. . . will be able to—
Pluto:  —change, transform, metamorphose, destroy and rebirth—
Saturn:  —anything they want to.  No matter how entrenched.
Pluto:  No matter.
They shake hands.
Saturn:  Can I pour you a nice single malt scotch?
Pluto:  I prefer bourbon myself.
Saturn:  On the rocks?
Pluto:  You know me—cold and rocky.  You like it neat, I assume.
Saturn:  Yes, sir.
Off they go to the bar, disappearing in the crowd.

This is part 2 of a 3-part thread that began in December of 2012:
Saturn sextiles Pluto at the (Mutual) Reception


Saturn Goes Retrograde Today…

Monday, February 18th, 2013

February 18, 2013

“Wake up!” says Saturn.  “I gave you a chance to see your responsibility recently.  Now I’m telling you again:  this is a time of testing.”

Today is a Pivotal Day

When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.

Today, that planet is Saturn.  It’s as if Saturn is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding responsibility forever.  I’m delivering a wake-up call.”

(read more. . .)


The Wise Capricorn’s 5-Part Formula For Success

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Rumor has it that Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19) is the most hard-working, ambitious and successful of the zodiac signs.  This sign is famous for populating corner offices and millionaire mastermind groups everywhere.  But exactly how does Capricorn get to the top?  And how can you, regardless of how much Capricorn you’ve got in your chart, do it too?

1. Eyes on the prize.  Figure out what you want to accomplish and start focusing on it every day.  Always be thinking of the future fruition of your accomplishment.  Goals are like steroids for Capricorn—they motivate you.  If the goal is too big or too unrealistic, you’ll know it, because it depresses, rather than enlivens you.  Trim the goal until you feel excited just thinking about it—that’s how you’ll know it’s the right size for you right now.  Which brings us to . . .

1. Take a practical approach.  Dreaming is one thing, but doing is another.  Capricorn understands the need for a concrete plan with achievable goals and realistic deadlines by which to accomplish those goals.  A Cap without a plan is a sad-and-sorry, going-nowhere Cap.  Write your goals down and really flesh them out.  How long will it take to achieve them?  What tasks are needed to accomplish the goal and how much time is necessary to make it happen?

3. Be your own worst critic—and your own best cheerleader.  For Cap, being your own worst critic is the easy part—every Capricorn has a well developed Inner Judge, a voice inside that’s always ready to criticize, test and deliver a well-timed reality check.  Like a slave-driver, this voice eggs you on by putting your attention on what you’ve not yet accomplished.  The trick is to create an equally loud opposing voice—your Inner Cheerleader.  This voice reminds you of all you have accomplished and tells you how far you’ve come.  Without this balance, you’ll drive yourself into the ground in despair, because goals are there to be achieved.  Capricorn lives in the space between setting goals and achieving them—once a goal is achieved, it goes away and is replaced by a new, not-yet-achieved goal.  That’s just the nature of the beast.

4. Relax into your competency.  Relaxing is not something that comes easily to Capricorn, but every successful Cap comes to realize at some point in their career development process that a certain level of competency has been achieved—and when that happens, watch out!  On the day you wake up and realize that you are actually good at what you do, the Capricorn in you is motivated and empowered.  Reward yourself immediately (remember the Cheerleader!) and plan how you’re going to exercise your competency.

5. Face your greatest fear—your greatest triumph is inside it, waiting to be released.  They are one and the same.  And while on your success path, when you feel fear, thank your ruling planet Saturn, and then run headlong into that fear.  You will find your triumph inside, like a vein of gold that was waiting for you to mine it.

You don’t have to be a Capricorn to benefit from this wisdom—everybody’s got a little Cap in them and these principles of success can help you get on track and stay there.

More good stuff about your ruling planet, Saturn. . .

Want to know more about your sun sign and your chart?
Contact Jamie to schedule a reading.


Saturn Sextiles Pluto At The (Mutual) Reception

Monday, December 24th, 2012

This transit is exact on December 26, 2012

Our scene opens at a wine and cheese reception.  Human Being arrives, along with The Astrologer and a host of deities, heroes, demigods, monsters and other fabulous beings.  Some of these are fabulous in the mythical sense, others are fabulously dressed.  We hear the tinkling of a glass being struck by a spoon and quiet fills the room.  The Astrologer steps up to a microphone on one side of the room. 

The Astrologer:  Thank you for joining us tonight for this very special reception.  It’s what we astrologers call a “mutual reception.”  That’s a situation where two planets are occupying each other’s signs.  This doesn’t happen every day.  Please allow me to introduce them to you:  Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn!
Up steps Pluto, his dark, grumpy brow furrowed and his usually messy black shock of hair well-groomed.  He is wearing a tailored business suit, gun-metal gray, and looks menacingly handsome and intimidating.  Joining him is Saturn in Scorpio, a white-bearded curmudgeon in flowing magician’s robes, carrying a wand and causing a shimmer of invisible power wherever he walks.  Both acknowledge the roar of the audience.  Then they turn to each other and bow lower and lower, each striving to do more honor to the other than received.  The Astrologer interrupts before they hit their heads on the floor.
The Astrologer:  This mutual reception is very important and you may be wondering why.  Here’s why:  Every planet has a mission.  The sign it is in shows how it needs to pursue its mission in order to succeed at it.  To feed its mission, it needs food of the sign it’s in.  It gets that food from the planet that rules that sign.  In today’s case, Pluto makes Scorpio food, which Saturn needs to eat while he’s in Scorpio.  Meanwhile, Saturn makes Capricorn food, which Pluto needs while in Capricorn.  So they feed each other and both planetary missions are speeded and fulfilled.  How about you two showing the audience what this mutual reception is like?  I see you’ve dished up some fine treats.
Pluto and Saturn step up to tables that have been loaded with trays of delicious looking food.
Pluto:  I’m serving up Pluto food—yummy Pluto food.  Get your Transformational Treats here!  Fabulous yummies for your planets in Scorpio, including Intensity Stew and Pickle of Extremes (for those who like being in a pickle).  Oh and be sure to have a Magical Muffin for dessert—there’s no telling what you’ll turn into!
Saturn:  I’m serving up Saturn food—Satisfying Stability, Cute Career Creams and Delightfully Delicious Discipline.  Eat this stuff and the ambitions of all your planets in Capricorn will be well-fed.
Human Being (pipes up from the audience):  They sound good, but why would anyone want to eat them?
Saturn:  Any planet you have in Capricorn feeds off your self-discipline.  If your Saturn is helping you be more disciplined (i.e. making healthy Saturn/Capricorn food), then all your planets in Capricorn will benefit from it.  For example, let’s say you have Mercury in Capricorn.  You like concrete ideas, ideas that are useful and going somewhere.  But Mercury is inherently unfocused.  So you want to focus your mind.  Since it’s in Capricorn, feed that Mercury of yours Capricorn food—self-discipline, structure, goals, etc.—and it will respond with clearer thinking.
Human Being:  Ah—I see.  And you and Pluto are feeding each other right now, yes?
Pluto:  Exactly.  It means that while I’m in Capricorn I can do my job of transformation better when Saturn gives me Capricorn food.  Meanwhile, Saturn in my sign of Scorpio does his job of creating structure better, because I’m feeding him Scorpio food.  Because we feed each other, once we get started it’s practically a perpetual motion machine.
They are standing in the middle of the ballroom, each holding a tray of food and dishing it out into the other’s bowl.  They hold their bowls up to each other and exclaim, “Blessings! May you never hunger!” Then they chow down.
The Astrologer:  I’d just like to point out that the babies born during this sextile of yours will benefit greatly from it.  Tell the audience at home just a bit about the fine traits these babies may enjoy as adults. . .
Pluto (talking with his mouth full):  Well, they’ll be able to trust authority figures.
Saturn (carefully wiping his chin):  Which means they’ll be able to get good mentors, even while they are young.
Pluto:  Which means in turn that they’ll be able to sniff out corruption and avoid it—
Saturn:  Enabling them to more powerfully climb the ladder of success—
Pluto:  And essentially to be unstoppable without being ruthless—
Saturn:  There will be no hardship they won’t be able to overcome—
Pluto:  They will learn to trust life and themselves—
Saturn:  —without having to harden themselves, but just having good, healthy boundaries.
The Astrologer:  That’s great stuff, but there’s more.  Not only are these two in mutual reception, but they are also in a sextile with each other.  This means they are traveling about 60 degrees apart, one-sixth of the zodiac.  It means they are in agreement with each other and ready to have fun together.
Saturn:  I’d say we are in a harmonious conversation.
Pluto:  Yes, exactly—mutually curious about and pleasantly stimulated by each other.  Our twin agendas of achievement and transformation are working together fairly smoothly.
Saturn:  Even though I mostly enjoy building, while I’m in Scorpio I see how building can only happen as part of a cycle that includes death and destruction.
Pluto:  And while I’m in Capricorn I see that corruption must be purged so that forward movement can happen.
Saturn:  And power must be wielded carefully—
Pluto:  —and wisely!
Saturn:  Oh, we certainly agree on that!
The Astrologer:  Let’s move on to the eating part, where everybody can enjoy themselves.
Saturn and Pluto go back to munching happily on all the food while the audience tucks in.

This harmonious sextile relationship between Saturn and Pluto lasts from December of 2012 to September of 2013. More about it here: 

Saturn Sextiles Pluto: Conditions for Success and Deep Change


Get On Your Career Train And Ride It (or Why Your Saturn Cycle Is Your Ticket To Success)

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We all have, built right in, the urge to do something great in our lifetime, to build a monument (symbolic or literal), to create a legacy, to achieve.  Saturn in our astrology chart tells us how to build that monument and where.  Saturn in Gemini?  Write something.  Saturn in Cancer?  Build a home.  Saturn in Libra?  Build fine relationships.  The sign Saturn occupies in your chart begins to tell the answer, and the rest of your chart fills in the details of that answer.  But what you may not know is, Saturn also tells you when.  In your Saturn cycle, which begins the moment you are born and isn’t over till you croak, is the natural timing of your achievements, fallow periods, times of frustration and pressure to perform.  Get on that track and your career unfolds logically.  Not necessarily effortlessly—in fact, you can count on there being effort involved, because Saturn’s very purpose is to show you where to put your effort in life for the best results.  So perhaps not effortlessly, but certainly your career can unfold in a logical, practical way.  Saturn invites you to practice and promises you will become very, very good if you will only do the work.

The timing of Saturn’s cycle dictates that you will have a Saturn Return approximately every 29 years—once the year you are 29, then again around age 58.  The exact timing will be specific to your chart.  This is incredibly useful to know because it explains that immense sense of pressure, fear, limitation, obligation and seriousness that comes over us when we are approaching 30—and then repeats itself in age-appropriate ways as we approach 60.  There’s a hard barrier at the Saturn Return, and once you have passed through it and entered your thirties (or your sixties), you are a different person—a more mature, grownup version of yourself.  Even those who spend their Saturn Return evading responsibility do not come away untouched by the lines of care in their face.  It’s a true rite of passage.

But Saturn’s times of pressuring us to achieve are not limited to ages 30 and 60.  The Saturn cycle is divided into quarters, each of which is seven years long.  At the end of each seven years there is a milestone—accompanied by the usual Saturn feelings of seriousness, obligation, duty, pressure to perform.  Thus the famous “seven-year-itch” or that feeling of being trapped that comes over us after seven years’ involvement with anything at all.  If you are truly committed to something and you stick with it over time, Saturn will bring you periodic feelings of entrapment, limitation and “no exit.”  That’s just part of the package.  If your response to those feelings is to run away, you will be unable to build anything lasting.  If instead you can push through the fear, stick to your path and keep pushing forward, you will break through the wall of fear that appears to be stopping you and you’ll find Saturn just on the other side, cheering you on, saying, “I knew you could do it.  I had to test you, and you have passed.”

Where are you in your Saturn cycle right now?  Resting and allowing momentum to gather, spinning your wheels or perhaps in the thick of some really big push?  A look at Saturn in your natal chart and the location of transiting Saturn right now can explain why things feel the way they do and in a reading you can learn the very specific dates of the next milestone you’ll be facing.

Because I think this is really important information, I’ve designed a free teleclass around it, in which I’ll explain what these periods mean and give you an opportunity to find out more about your own career timing.  It’s happening on January 10th, 2013 and if you’re a Capricorn, you can view this as a birthday present just for you, because you’re a child of Saturn.  Find out about it here.

Saturn bestows upon us that wonderful sense of purpose, importance, and power that it’s possible to have as we pursue a meaningful career.  This is his promise: “do the work and you will get the reward.”  The reward is the respect of your peers, a feeling of momentum, the joy of speed as you barrel down the track sitting on a train that hums.

If you don’t know when they are coming, those milestones—those testing times—feel like pop quizzes, which can feel really oppressive, even punitive.  But they do occur at sensible, predictable intervals.  Find out when—and be ready.

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Saturn Trines Chiron: Healing the Wounded Father

Friday, November 16th, 2012

As the scene opens, we see a Human walking through dreary countryside, carrying heavy burdens.  Saturn and Chiron show up on the scene.  They talk with each other.

Saturn:  I see you showed up to help.
Chiron:  Yes, of course.  A Human is in pain and here I am.  Who is it?
Saturn:  It’s a Wounded Father.
Chiron:  Ah, I’m familiar with those.  Remember when you and I got stuck with each other in the middle nineteen-sixties, when we were in Pisces?
Saturn:  I remember that conjunction all too well.
Chiron:  A lot of humans were born then that are still trying to figure out how to have structure and self-discipline in their lives in a balanced way.
Saturn:  That’s putting it mildly!
Chiron:  I try to be mild sometimes.  What can we do for this fellow now?
Saturn:  We need to show him that we can get along.  That we understand each other.  That having a father, and being a father, doesn’t have to hurt.
Chiron:  But the pain is a necessary part of the process!  The Wounded Fathers of the world are special to me.  They are working on healing their whole male line.
Saturn:  Some are having an easier time of it than others.
Chiron:  I guess it really is time to show them that fathers can be whole, that self-discipline doesn’t have to cut them off from themselves.  We’ll work on this human together.  Saturn, why don’t you start the process?
Saturn rolls up a little ball of magic and lobs it at Wounded Father.  Wounded Father straightens up and gets an ambitious gleam in his eye.  His burden feels lighter.  He takes off his burden and looks at it.
Wounded Father:  Hmm, maybe this isn’t really so bad.  Maybe there’s a reason why I have these burdens.  Maybe those who look to me, my children and other dependents, are reason enough to be inspired to go on.
His face looks brighter.  Chiron approaches.
Chiron:  Are you open to healing this father-wound?
Wounded Father:  It’s not mine—it came from my father, and his father before him.  Some of the fathers that came before me were too weak, some were absent, some overly harsh or controlling.  My family represents all the ways of fathering badly.  That’s why it feels so heavy.  I can’t bear it alone.  I can’t keep it together.  And people are depending on me.
Saturn:  Truer words were never said.
Chiron:  Show me the wound.
Wounded Father opens his shirt carefully.  His chest is a gory, bloody mass.  
Wounded Father:  I’ve forgotten how to love those I support.  I have a family and I work to support them, but I’ve forgotten how to love them and let them love me.
Chiron:  You’ve split off your soul, haven’t you?
Wounded Father:  Had to.  Now I don’t know how to get it back.
Chiron:  Are you willing to heal the pain of not being fathered yourself?
Wounded Father:  I’m ready.  Just do it, because I can’t stand this anymore.
Saturn:  I’ll make sure you remain standing.  You have duties, remember?  But you don’t have to be stoic—you can become both strong and supple.
Saturn stands next to Wounded Father and holds him up.  Chiron opens his mouth and utters a single, godly musical sound, a sound too large for human ears to tolerate.  Floating in the air next to him appear some small points of light.  Chiron:  Fragments of your soul.
Saturn places them where they belong.  Wounded Father nearly doubles over with the pain of it.  He begins weeping and as he does, the wound closes and heals over.  He stands up, straighter than before.  There is a glow around him now.
Saturn:  That’s better, eh?
Wounded Father:  No kidding!
Chiron:  Can you forgive your own father for what he couldn’t give you?
Wounded Father:  Yes, and my whole male line—the generations of pain are finally over.
Chiron:  It stopped with you.
Saturn:  You’ve created a whole new legacy.  Now you can go on from here.
Wounded Father, no longer wounded, walks on in his inner landscape, which is now brighter and full of possibility.

This wonderful trine, happening from now till October of 2013, brings the opportunity to heal father-issues in a deep, powerful, yet gentle way.  If you feel you have father issues—especially if they are getting in the way of your career—a reading can help bring them to light and can accelerate any therapeutic process you may already be involved in.  Contact Jamie if you want to know more. Be sure to mention this post.