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Squeezing The Sponge: A Meditation For Pisces Folk

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

(including a gift for you to listen to right now)

Squeezing the Sponge image 

Are you a

“highly sensitive”

Neptune person?



You know you’re one if:

  • You feel everything more than other people seem to.
  • It’s hard to shut out the world.
  • You have a rich imagination—which leads to inspiration but also to escapism.
  • You take on other people’s problems too much—and don’t know how to stop.
  • Caring for those you love is so important that you habitually let your own life go to rack and ruin so you can be there for them.

If so, I’ve got something really nice for you.

Who needs this:
Pisces/Neptune types.

Astrologically this means you if you have a strong Pisces or Neptune (ruler of Pisces) influence in your chart.  That might mean you have the Sun in Pisces, the Moon in Pisces or Pisces Rising.  It might mean you have Neptune in any aspect at all to your Sun or Moon, or you might have Neptune Rising or at your Midheaven.  If you have more than one of these, you pretty much qualify as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Psychologically this means you if you resonate with the first paragraph of this blogpost, whether you know anything about your astrology chart or not.  And if you do resonate with this, I’ll bet your chart has a strong Neptune or Pisces influence.

Why you need it:
Your sensitivity to the emotional states of others comes from your way of being porous, like a sponge.  You are impressionable—any atmosphere you place yourself in will affect you and get inside you.  You may then mistake it for a part of yourself and take it on as if it was yours.  When you live with or work with someone who generates a lot of negative emotions, this can be disastrous.

Every human being generates a kind of emotional bubble around themselves.  Some call this your “aura.”  It’s a kind of energy field.  When we relate with others, we connect with them and merge bubbles to create a shared bubble for the duration of the interaction.  Your Pisces tendency is to equalize the pain inside the shared bubble.  So if someone comes to you looking for sympathy, you will merge with them and try to ease their burden by taking their pain (of whatever kind: anger, grief, resentment, self-destruction) into your own bubble.  You sponge it right up.  It’s REALLY important to squeeze the sponge out periodically, because that negativity you’re feeling might not even be yours.  And if you get doses of negativity every day and never squeeze it out. . . well obviously that’s the cause of any number of emotional and health complaints you may have.

Here’s the meditation:

How to do it:
Get in a comfortable place, sitting in a relaxed, supported position or lying down at a time when you’re not likely to fall asleep.  If you can be in a natural setting, so much the better.  Listen to the recording and follow the instructions it gives your imagination.  At the end, give yourself a minute or two to stretch and begin to slowly re-enter your day.  Do the meditation every day, at least once a day, for 30 days.

Make it a practice
You need to “squeeze the sponge out” on a regular basis.  If you’ve never had a practice like this before, begin by doing it every day, perhaps even several times a day.  After a while (weeks perhaps, or maybe months), you won’t need it as often and you may know the meditation by heart.  In that case, you won’t need the recording anymore and you’ll be able to do it faster.  Then you can do it on public transit or while waiting in line at the bank.

Turning your sensitivity into a gift, not a curse
You’re a natural healer.  You heal through compassion and other people tend to feel their burden is lifted just by being around you.  You are capable of truly understanding other people, even in places where they feel deeply misunderstood—which means you have an in with them.  You can also forgive (not everyone can).  These are beautiful traits and you may have, out of reaction to your sensitivity and out of the need to protect yourself, closed these abilities off.  If you learn to let go of the negativity you soak up, you can live life in the emotionally open way that’s natural to you, like a flower soaking up the rain and sunshine.  You can lead with the imagination, experience deep gratitude at being alive, and move on to enjoying life more and drowning in it less.  A lot less.

Notice how your life changes
Using this meditation can change your life, but not in ways that are dramatic or directly causal.  If anyone is tuned into subtleties, it’s you, so begin to pay attention to the subtle changes in your life that are already beginning to occur after the very first time you do this meditation.

Notice how changes happen in ways that don’t seem connected to this meditation, but simply unfold naturally in the fresh atmosphere it creates in your life.  Your environment will change and with it, yourself.  Watch yourself begin to really occupy your life.  Move in.  Make it yours.  Be a person.  Become you.  You don’t have to lose all the other selves you could be.  Let them roll around in your imagination.

Reclaim your intuition.  Has your intuition been drowned under all the negativity you’ve absorbed?  Have you become calcified in an attempt to protect yourself from that negativity?  It’s time to let all that go and reclaim your intuitive knowing.  This meditation will help.  It’s my gift to you.

Change your world for the better
Pisces/Neptune person, you are the Visionary, the Dreamer and the Artist.  The Force is strong with you.  Allow the fruits of your imagination to seep out into the world and create good.  This is more satisfying than anything and living in a way that protects you from the pain of others actually liberates you to do more good.  Please do, because the world needs you. . . and your dreams.


Strike Now If You Want It To Be Easy–The Water Grand Trine of 2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

This year going with the flow brings success and fun:
Astrologers are very good at making dire predictions—but what use is that unless they can also tell you when is the BEST time to pursue new ventures?  I’m just the astrologer to let you know that this year, from June of 2013 to June of 2014 is a great time to start a new business or any project you want to go really smoothly.  And that’s because there is a very auspicious alignment of planets building up in the sky.  I’m telling you about it because it’s approaching its peak and I want you to be able to take full advantage of it before it ends.

The alignment is a set of harmonious aspects among five planets:  Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and Pluto.  Each of these planets has at least two harmonious connections going on right now with others of the batch.  This piles goodness upon goodness so that the summer and fall of 2013 is a very lucky and auspicious time for new enterprises of all kinds, and that goodness flows right into the spring of next year.  Most of this harmonious activity is happening in Water signs, with Pluto in an Earth sign connecting nicely with those Water signs and adding some dynamic tension too.

What these planets are up to. . .
Neptune is in Pisces
, a sign it loves to be in, bringing a tremendous sense of flow to this dynamic.  Because Neptune is involved, we have access to oceanic feelings of communion and connection, and our imaginations are fueled.  Our powers of manifestation and “dreaming things real” is at a peak.

Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio.  This combination is called a “mutual reception,” as each planet is in the sign the other rules, making them “mutually receptive” to each other’s agendas.  This alignment is all about power, purging corruption, doing the hard work of vulnerable leadership, and living each moment as if it was your last.  I’ve written more about it here.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is in Pisces, bridging the gap between material and spiritual worlds, carrying information from the physical to the metaphysical planes and back again.  You can take advantage of this through prayer, manifestation and other practices that get you into alignment with your spiritual guidance.

And finally, Jupiter will move into Cancer on June 25, 2013, and will quickly get into trine with Neptune, Saturn, then Chiron, completing the Water circuit.  Jupiter will also oppose Pluto, and bring just enough tension into the dynamic to spur all that lazy Water to action.  Jupiter in Cancer is in its all-time favorite sign to occupy, bringing a warm, nurturing feel and encouraging growth gently, as a summer rain encourages flowers to bud and open.

How does this affect me?
If you have a lot of Water in your chart, this astrological activity should feel really good, as if the rest of the world is aligning with the flow that is natural to you.  You may find yourself experiencing luck and being noticed in ways that don’t make you feel overexposed.  If you have lazy Water habits (such as living in codependent relationships, overpowering others with your emotions or draining yourself dry to serve and nurture others), these habits may be indulged this year and you could end up with no progress.  But if you decide to live your Watery side in the best way possible (by being conscious of your feelings but not dramatic, and being intuitive without being invasive), you could find yourself at the top of the heap with very little effort.

And the really good news is that if you are starting a business this year, or having a baby, you can look forward to your “project” having oodles of good karma.  Some kinds of businesses are better suited to this than others; you can see me for a consultation if you’re ready to know more.

This time period is especially good for:

  • healers
  • artists
  • nurses and caretakers of all kinds
  • midwives, doulas, ob/gyns and those involved with birthing
  • hospice workers and those who to assist peaceful death
  • any job that requires compassion and human kindness
  • spiritual and psychic helpers
  • anyone who works with children
  • financial analysts and investors, anyone who works with debt but especially those who assist people in trouble with management of their debt, including bankruptcy lawyers
  • therapists, counselors and coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
  • hypnotherapists
  • . . . and the list goes on.

If you want to know how this year’s Water lineup affects you,
contact Jamie for a reading.



Neptune and Saturn Launch A Bubble of Useful Magic Energy

Friday, June 14th, 2013

This transit runs from October of 2012 to July of 2013

Saturn is hanging around on top of Mount Olympus, when he comes upon Neptune, who is playing with magic energy.  She is casting swirls of sparkles into the air, launching comets of light and beauty, and creating distant explosions of delicious loveliness. 

Saturn:  That’s very nice stuff you’re doing there.
Neptune:  Why thank you.  It’s my specialty.
Saturn:  But it could be improved.
Neptune:  How is that?
Saturn:  By making it physical.  Here try this–
Saturn produces a paintbrush and a palette, loaded with colors, and a large canvas, already stretched.  Neptune picks up the brush and dabs it into the paint, swirls color onto the canvas.  The results are lovely.
Neptune:  Wow, this is good stuff.  What is this?
Saturn:  They make it on Earth.  It’s called paint.
Neptune:  Oh yes, Earth, I’ve been trying to get there for ages.  Human beings never listen to me.  I’d kind of stopped paying attention.  Where is it again?
Saturn points down to a very dark area below the rarified atmosphere of Mount Olympus.  They gaze at Earth, a sphere of darkness and tears.  The cries of humanity are audible.
Neptune:  Why do they have to suffer?
Saturn:  Because they’re in the material world.
Neptune:  That doesn’t look very appealing.
Saturn:  Not for someone as idealistic as you, but for me it’s a wonderland of possibility.
It’s a super-dense plane where you can build stuff.  When you build it, it stays for a pretty long time.
Neptune:  What, a couple hundred years?  Not very impressive.
Saturn: Not by our standards maybe, but by human standards, yes, impressive.
Neptune:  There’s a catch, though.  Sure, you can build things, but you have to deal with a lot of limitations, restrictions and (ugh!) hard work while you’re doing it.
Saturn:  That’s true.  It takes ambition to build things and ambition is built on fear.  If people don’t know they have limitations, why would they work to overcome them?  I remind them of those limitations, and the strong people rise to the top.
Neptune:  That’s harsh.  My contribution is different.  I provide a dream-world people can retreat to.  It’s a gentle place where the artists can find solace and fuel their imaginations.
Saturn:  Sounds like a haven for lazy people.
Neptune:  I find physical existence inherently repellant.  My dreams and visions can’t stand the weight of gravity.  They are crushed by it.
Saturn:  I understand.  You and I have very different priorities.  I like the crushing weight of physical existence and I thrive off the necessity for hard work and the opportunity to shape the material world.
Neptune:  Whereas I am uninterested in all things material—they just make me feel trapped and I’d rather exist in the non-physical, where things happen instantly, with just a thought.  We do have one important thing in common, though, and that’s a desire to make things different than they are.  I like to imagine how things could be different, more ideal.
Saturn:  While I like to work to build something better.  And what wonderful things we could accomplish together, if you were willing to allow your dreams to be infected by gross materialism and I were willing to allow my material world to be permeated by lazy, ineffective and purposeless dreams.  If we work together, we could do some very nice things for those people down there.
Neptune:  Point well taken.  Ok, what do we have to do?
Saturn:  Let’s try this, for starters. . .
He reaches out into the air and grabs some of the magic, colored energy Neptune has left there.  With a swift gesture, he shapes it into a block, which immediately turns a dark color and crashes to the ground.  Neptune blows on it, until it assumes a rounder shape and gently lifts off the ground.  It is now a beautiful, iridescent bubble with shape, texture, weight and beauty.
Neptune:  Wow, that’s actually quite nice.
Saturn:  Yes it is.  Now we just need a Human Being to deliver it to Earth.
Neptune snaps her fingers.  A Human Being appears, looking confused and disoriented.
Neptune:  You wouldn’t happen to be an artist, would you?  A visionary, a dreamer, something like that?
Human Being:  Well, yes, I suppose I am.
Neptune:  We’ve got something very nice just for you.  It’s a lovely dream. . .
Saturn:  . . .  that you can make real!  It’s a goal. . .
Neptune:  . . . inspired with true vision!
Dazedly, the Human Being allows the bubble to settle on his open palm.  Saturn snaps his fingers and the Human Being disappears.  
Neptune: (giggling) Whatever are they going to do with this?
Saturn:  I have no idea.  But it will do credit to us both.  Let’s make more!
They busy themselves at making a huge variety of the bubbles and wafting them down to Earth, where they burst over the heads of a couple million creative people.  

Are you one of the creative people who is getting a download of useful visions this year?  Saturn and Neptune are cooperating to make it easy for you.  This lovely trine between them began in October of 2012 and ends next month in July of 2013.  This means that business ideas that come from intuitive sources can be turned into dreams-come-true.  Now is the time to start or develop a business with heart.  Better take advantage of the possibilities now, while you can!


Is It Your Turn To Walk Between The Worlds?

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

This year Neptune goes retrograde on June 7, 2013

“Wake up!” says Neptune.  “Recently I showed you that there is more to your life than what can be experienced with the physical senses.  I demanded that you look deeper.  Now I’m telling you again:  it’s time to re-dream your life.”

Today Is A Pivotal Day

When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.  Today (June 7, 2013), that planet is Neptune.  It’s as if Neptune is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding this change forever.  Today I’m delivering a wake-up call.”

(read more. . .)


Ignite! 4 Ways Astrology Can Help You Discover and Pursue Your Inspired Career

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

In my Rocket-Fuel Your Career teleclasses this year, I’ve been talking about how astrology can help you get on track and pursue a career that’s right for you in a self-disciplined way.  So far, we’ve been focusing on Saturn and things have been rather heavy, but they’re about to get a whole lot lighter.  In the upcoming teleclass, I’m going to talk about how astrology can help you get inspired and find meaning in your career by pursuing what you love and radiating so much enthusiasm that you become a natural leader that others want to follow.  There are 4 ways your chart can help.

Jupiter, the Charismatic Leader in You
The red giant in your chart shows your natural leadership capacity—and any factors that may be restricting it or holding you back.  Jupiter is the planet of abundance, good fortune, hope, optimism, possibilities and sheer luck.  Luck is no accident—Jupiter is strong in the charts of individuals who just seem to have it easy, and (since everyone has Jupiter somewhere) you can learn to do what they do—but in your own way.  Jupiter helps you find your style of authentic leadership and because Jupiter’s great for marketing, promotion and sales, it’s an especially good thing for entrepreneurs to know about.

Neptune, the Visionary in You
Neptune in your chart shows your wishes, hopes, dreams and fantasies.  It’s easy to allow the Neptune side of you to remain a lazy dreamer instead of taking action on your visions, but once you become aware of your dream, you may find yourself caught up in its magic and inspired to take it on.  Neptune also speaks to the dream of your whole generation and your chart shows how you can incorporate that dream into your career, so you can reach (and positively impact) the people who share it with you.

Big Voice/Little Voice
Your chart reveals the natural tone of your Little Voice, the intimate voice you use to connect with other individuals in one-on-one interactions.  Your Little Voice helps you discover the message you are here to share.  Your chart also reveals the tone of your Big Voice, your broadcast-to-a-crowd voice, the one you should use when speaking to inspire a large group.  Your Big Voice is useful for marketing, promotion, sales, and gaining more visibility in your field.  This is another great piece for entrepreneurs and I’ll show you how to separate the two, so you can use each for what it’s good for, and also how to combine them to create powerful marketing materials for your business.

Who’s Your Daddy?
Every field of endeavor has a particular astrological “ruling planet” which brings life-experience, wisdom and very specific timing, offering you a clear path to success in your field.  In the teleclass you’ll have an opportunity to find out which planet is in charge of your field and find out what that planet wants from you.  Then you can cultivate or “worship” that principle in your life in ways that will get you unstuck and help you progress and thrive.

Learn more about Jupiter, Neptune and your career by getting a Mission Orders reading. Contact Jamie now to schedule one!


Neptune Points The Way To Your Dreams

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

This year Neptune goes direct on November 10, 2012

Neptune has spent the last few months (since June 4) traveling backwards.  Today she turns her face forward and re-covers the same ground.  Why should it matter to you?  If she’s passing through a zone where you have a planet in your natal chart, she’s bringing you a powerful opportunity to vision and re-dream your life this year.  And it’s still in progress.

(read more. . . )


Saturn Trines Neptune: The Island of Dreams Come True

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Human Being is walking his inner landscape.  He is at the docks.  There’s a pier that extends out into the water, into the fog.  There he can just see the shape of a massive sailboat, rising and falling with the swell of the waves.  Waters swirl and eddy.  Neptune and Saturn are there.  Saturn is working on the boat.  Neptune is looking over some maps.  They point him toward the gangplank.  Human Being comes aboard the boat.  Over Neptune’s shoulder, Human sees a patch of the map: “Here be dragons.”

Saturn:  Ah, now that Human Being has arrived, we can shove off.
Neptune:  You be in charge of making sure the boat is sound. I’ll steer us toward interesting visions.
Saturn:  That sounds better than the reverse!
Neptune:  Yeah, I’m not the best at safety.
Saturn:  And I’m not the best at imagination.
Human:  Good division of labor.  Where are we going?
Neptune:  Currently we’re set to go to the Island of Dreams Come True.
Saturn:  Is that the place C.S. Lewis talked about in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?
Neptune:  The very same.
Saturn:  I seem to recall that was a scary place.  Dreams are sometimes nightmares, and if you have no control over your imagination, you can be led off into paranoid fantasies and get lost in a sea of fear.
Neptune:  Too true.  The ocean of imagination is vast and contains many things—not all of them are safe and not all of them are happy.
Human Being:  If you don’t mind, I’d really like to stick to the happy, non-scary possibilities.
Neptune:  We don’t care where we go.  You’re the one who decided.
Human:  What?
Saturn:  This is your Dream Boat, and you’ve got it set to autopilot.  It’s been this way since you were in high school.  We’re going where you always go.  And apparently, it’s not the happiest place.
Human:  Can I change that?
Neptune:  Of course.  You can create anything you want in this magical time.
Saturn:  If you harness your imagination.
Human:  I don’t know what you mean.
Neptune:  Are all your fantasies fearful ones?  Do you spend your time asking yourself, “What if…?”  Do you perpetually imagine what might go wrong and then try to fix it, instead of imagining what might go right and how to get there?
Saturn:  If you indulge paranoia, we’ll be heading to Nightmareland in short order.
Human Being:  What if what I really need is a rest?  Can we please just take a pleasure cruise?
Saturn:  If you really deserve a rest period, better take one, but you could get so much more out of this.
Neptune:  The possibilities are endless.
Saturn:  But it will take psychological work to make them actually happen in a tangible way.
Neptune:  It can be a beautiful fantasy.
Saturn:  It can be your worst nightmare.
Neptune:  You decide.
Neptune:  Manifestation is powerful now.  Whatever you can imagine, you can have.  You can manifest positive things–big, powerful ones, even if you have a habit of expecting negative things.
Saturn:  If you are willing to do the inner work.
Human:  You mean I have to overcome my own fear?
Neptune:  No, you don’t have to do anything.  You can choose to overcome your fear.  And not just fear—doubt, remorse, cynicism, all the negative feelings that stop you from building something bigger out of your life.  But we won’t force you to do it.
Saturn:  You can stay unconscious if you want to.
Neptune:  You could just go to sleep every night, lulled by the rocking of the boat.
Saturn:  But then you’d come out of this journey untouched.
Neptune:  Your life unchanged.
Saturn:  Nothing manifested, nothing built, nothing achieved.
Neptune:  Just a nice relaxing boat ride.
Saturn:  It seems like a waste.  We thought we’d tell you what was possible, so that if you choose to sleep through it, at least it was your choice.
Human:  Gee, thanks.  So what do I do now?
Neptune:  Keep your thinking positive—
Saturn:  —and pragmatic—
Neptune:  Focus on how you’d like your life to be.  Dream into that.
Saturn:  And practice letting go of fear.
Neptune:  Especially if fear has become a habit.
Saturn:  And trim your dreams down to what is doable.
Neptune:  That may make them smaller. . .
Saturn:  . . . but easier to make happen.  Look, here’s your berth.
Neptune:  Why don’t you relax and think about it?
Human Being climbs into his bed, stretches out, is lulled by the waves and soon drifts into sleep.  Neptune and Saturn smile at each other and tuck Human in.
Saturn:  What will Human do with this opportunity?
Neptune:  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Saturn and Neptune will be traveling in a harmonious trine in Water signs from October of 2012 to July of 2013.  Read another installment here:  Neptune and Saturn Launch a Bubble of Useful Magic Energy.  What will you manifest during this magical time?


Neptune Goes Retrograde–Walk Between The Worlds

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

“Wake up!” says Neptune.  “Recently I showed you that there is more to your life than what can be experienced with the physical senses.  I demanded that you look deeper.  Now I’m telling you again:  it’s time to re-dream your life.”

Today Is A Pivotal Day
When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.  Today, that planet is Neptune.  It’s as if Neptune is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding this change forever.  Today I’m delivering a wake-up call.”  If Neptune is touching a planet in your chart this year, this message is for you and it will have very specific meaning, depending on what planet that is.  That planet, and the part of you it represents, is receiving a vision of what is possible; during this time you’ll be asked to re-dream that part of you.  Today is the peak of Neptune’s wake-up call, but it could happen anytime within 5 days surrounding today.

Initiation Leading To An Inner Journey
Sometime between now and the beginning of last November Neptune showed us an area of life in which we are due for a change.  What she delivered was an initiation and it was our first chance to catch a clue about the spiritual reorientation to come.  That clue may have been obvious or it may have been subtle, but we’ve been shown a way to become much bigger and much more like our ideal.  And we may have to push through some uncomfortable delusions to do it.

The clue was delivered, but did we notice?  It’s human to go into denial.  During the winter we may have said to ourselves, “Maybe I don’t have to do anything about this.  Maybe it was just a one-time thing.  Maybe I can just move on.  Maybe I can get away without paying attention to this.”

Or maybe not.  Today Neptune turns up the volume and gives us a reminder.  “That redreaming you’re going through?” she says, “You’d better get with the program.”  Today, Neptune’s retrograde journey begins and with it begins our journey into our personal land of dreams (and nightmares).  Neptune’s retrograde journey lasts until the day it turns direct, which is November 9, 2011.

Journey Into the Imaginative Realms
The veil between physical and nonphysical realities is thin right now.  If you close your eyes you can reach right through it.  You can enter that place between the worlds where nothing is actual and everything is possible, that magical, in-between place where imagination is rich and you can dream up your future to be whatever you want it to be.  Neptune is the stuff fantasy books are made of.

But Neptune is also the planet of illusions and delusions.  While Neptune is retrograde (until November 9) you will be pulled into circumstances that bring your delusions into sharper focus.  Examine your life carefully—are there places where you are pretending things are different than they are?  Are there places where you are living a fantasy because it’s nicer than the reality you face?  Sometimes a fantasy is a form of healthy escape that helps us cope with a painful but necessary reality, but at other times escaping from reality keeps us from coping and from courageously changing our reality to better match our ideal.

This transit can be great for those who live by their imaginations:  writers, artists, filmmakers and creative people of all stripes.  It can also be great for those who know themselves to be psychically sensitive.  Neptune’s action is gentle and so subtle that it can be hard to notice unless you are already the kind of person who pays attention to your imagination.  This is a great time to attend a dream-group or keep a dream-journal or to do Morning Pages.*

Is This Story Your Story?
If this feels true for you, it may be that you are personally touched by this transit.  Neptune may be triggering a planet in your own chart, thus bringing these themes up for you.  This year Neptune is covering the space between 28 degrees of Aquarius and 0 degrees of Pisces.  If there is anything in your chart in 28 or 29 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio, you will feel this.  You’ll also feel it if you have anything in 0 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius.  And knowing it can help a lot if you’ve been feeling sucked into other worlds and you don’t know why.  Neptune has you in a walking dream this year, because she has an important message for you.  Your ideal life is calling and if you listen to her siren song, this could be the year you make a subtle shift in direction that leads to a whole new future.

What Area Of Your Life Is Being Affected?
Good question.  It will have to do with the planet in your chart that’s being triggered by Neptune.  If Neptune is affecting your Mercury, you may find yourself a little mentally fuzzy and more prone to daydreaming than usual.  What’s happening is an awakening of your intuition, so make room for that.  If Neptune is affecting your Venus or Juno, you may become aware of illusions you’ve had in your relationships.  You’ll want to clear those away.  If Neptune is affecting your Moon you may have a psychic opening or a very active dreamlife this year.  Pay attention to your dreams—they will contain wisdom for you.

But whatever planet Neptune is affecting, you can bet that the dreamworld is catching hold of you now.  You may find yourself more distractible, more prone to daydreaming.  You may even want to sleep more.  It’s as if there’s another you, who dwells in your dreams.  That other you is activated right now and when s/he is awake, you must sleep.  This is normal for a Neptune transit.  Get the rest you need.  Pay respect to Neptune and in return, she’ll make your dreams come true.

Want to know more about how this Neptune transit affects your life?
Contact Jamie at
to schedule a reading.

*Morning Pages are a creativity-priming technique devised by Julia Cameron and described in her book The Artist’s Way which I recommend highly.


Neptune Conjunct Chiron: Eighteen Months of Spiritual Healing

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Neptune and Chiron have met on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  Neptune is a lovely lady in sea-green, aqua and deep blue colors, with a long, flowing skirt.  Chiron is a centaur, rustic-looking and worn, but kind.

Chiron:  Who are we healing today, Neptune?
Neptune:  All of them.
Chiron:  What?
Neptune:  You heard me:  all of them.  All human beings.
Chiron:  How are we going to do that?
Neptune:  By getting one person to stand in as Everyman.  Or Everywoman.  Doesn’t matter.
Chiron:  So one human being gets healed and the whole human race benefits?  Sounds like a Jesus complex.
Neptune:  He was one of my own.  He was very good at standing for everyone.
Chiron:  How are we going to find someone that. . . cosmic?
Neptune:  All I have to do is this.
She waves her hand over the waters and drops rise up and become a mist.  The mist flows over the land, leaving dewy sparkles on the trees and rocks.  Soon a Human Being stumbles forth from the trees, climbing the cliff to the place where the gods wait.
Human:  You called?
Neptune:  You’re one of mine, aren’t you?
Human: (nodding)  Can’t really help it.  Everybody calls me a flake, but it’s because I’m lost in one of your dreams all the time.  I can’t seem to stay alert.  I have what’s called “an active imagination.”
Neptune:  That’s right.  Now try this!
She sprinkles fairy dust all over the Human, who begins to appear as a sort of shiny blur.
Neptune:  Your turn, Chiron.
Chiron:  Don’t mind if I do.
Producing a bow and arrow from somewhere, Chiron takes careful aim and shoots the Human in the heart.
Human:  Ow!
Neptune:   You should thank Chiron for that.
Human:  What on earth do you mean?
Neptune:  That’s a primal wound he just gave you.  It’s a gift.  It will make your soul evolve faster.
Human: (sarcastically) Gee thanks, just what I always wanted.
Chiron:  I just can’t get any respect.
Neptune does something funny with her hand in the air, and then the Human appears as even more of a blur.
Neptune:  (to Chiron) Oh, by the way, you’ll need these.
Neptune hands Chiron some special glasses.  They have a rose tint to them.  Chiron puts them on.  The Human Being now appears entirely different, and in fact is hidden behind a huge pink cloud that’s where her heart should be.  That cloud gets wispy around the edges, then tendrils start to form, which curl outward and reach in every direction.  The tendrils multiply until there are tens, hundreds, thousands, then millions of them.  The Human Being has become a nexus of love, a heart for everyone who is alive.  There is a look of deep peace on the Human Being’s face.
Neptune:  Ok, I’ve connected this one with all other humans.  Your turn again.
Chiron rummages around in a bag he’s wearing on his back.  It seems to be filled with medicines, remedies, herbs, medical equipment and other stuff.  He pulls out a small bottle.
Chiron:  Stick out your tongue.
The Human Being obediently does so.
Chiron:  This will sting a little.
Using a dropper, Chiron allows one drop of the stuff to land on the Human Being’s tongue.  The Human Being begins shaking from head to toe, and a change in color cascades down the giant pink aura surrounding her, filling it with a stormy grey, which is just as quickly followed by a restoration of pink, now a deeper, richer hue.  The grey cascades out the tendrils, finding its way into the heart of every person alive, and is followed by the warmer, deeper pink.  It is as if the whole planet shudders.
Neptune:  Wow—that was cool!
Chiron, proudly:  Thanks!  You’re pretty cool yourself!
Neptune:  What now?
Chiron:  I think we can leave this to cook for a while.  Our work here is done.
Neptune takes Chiron’s arm and together they walk off over the water.

Chiron and Neptune have been traveling together in our skies for 18 months, bringing spiritual healing and community in their wake.  Now it is November of 2010 and their conjunction is coming to a close.  Here are some posts I’ve written about it:
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Neptune Goes Direct Today: Are You Living Your Dreams?

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Neptune has spent the last few months (since May 31) traveling backwards.  Today she turns her face forward and re-covers the same ground.  Why should it matter to you?  If she’s passing through a zone where you have a planet in your natal chart, she’s bringing you a powerful opportunity to vision and re-dream your life this year.  And it’s still in progress.

This Is A Pivotal Day
If you are one of the millions of people having a Neptune transit this year, today may be pivotal for you.  Around May 31, you came to realize that some area of your life is crumbling, eroding, falling apart, or that that area of your life is, shall we say, less than ideal.  Since then, you’ve been re-evaluating that area.  You’ve been in some confusion about it, feeling perhaps that it’s muddy or blurred.  Something may be in suspended animation.  You’ve turned inward on yourself to feel into it, either because you want to or because circumstances have forced you to seek clarity.  That area of your life is in suspense and you’re waiting for the right moment to act.  That moment is not today (Nov 6, 2010), but today is when the seed may be planted that will lead to the right moment happening in the next few months.  This day is pivotal in the process of you coming to clarity in your vision.

Today (and I mean this loosely—it may happen as soon as 2 days before or as late as 2 days after today) is pivotal.  Today may be the day you realize your internal quest for understanding is over.  You’ve heard the message the universe is sending to you and you’re almost ready to act on what you’ve learned.  You can now gather yourself to take that action sometime in the next few months (between now and March of 2010).

“What is a Neptune transit like . . .”
During a Neptune transit you feel more sensitive than usual.  There is an awakening of your intuition, a blurring of the boundaries between the world of everyday physical reality and the unseen realms that interpenetrate this one all the time.  Feelings spill over lines into inappropriate places; dreams loom large and the imagination beckons.  Sometimes you have psychic openings as well.  All this is very non-physical because a Neptune transit is subtle and has more to do with internal than external experience, so it could glide right by without you noticing it tugging at your sleeve.  But you don’t want to ignore it because it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of your expanded imagination and to dream your life into existence on purpose.

“. . . and how do I know when I’m having one?”
First of all, you know by feel.  If what I’ve described resonates for you, it’s likely you’re having a Neptune transit.  (If it resonates, but only a little, you may be having a transit, but by a planet other than Neptune.)  Also you should know that while transits of most planets are accompanied by real-world events, Neptune’s transits can be so subtle that they are hard to notice or distinguish from the rest of your life.  What you’ll generally notice during a Neptune transit is a sensation of life in suspense or a sense of confusion for the duration of the transit, followed by increased clarity after.  It’s great to find out about a Neptune transit while you’re having it, so you can use it while it’s happening, because otherwise it could go by and you’d be in a trance.

You can find out whether you’re having a Neptune transit by peeking at your chart.  This year Neptune is covering the space from 25 to 28 degrees of Aquarius.  This will affect you if you have any planet in the space from 25 to 28 degrees of any of the four Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio).

If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know how to read your chart, you might want to order your own personal Astrology Chart Decoder.  This is a special tool I’ve invented that puts your chart’s details in English, instead of astrology symbols.  Your Decoder tells you where every planet in your chart is located:  the sign it’s in, the house it’s in and the exact degree it occupies.  When you’ve got your Decoder in front of you, check to see if you have anything at all in 25, 26, 27 or 28 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio.  If you do, you are definitely having a Neptune transit this year.  And knowing that gives you the chance to see the opportunity that’s in front of you, instead of being so lost in a trance that you don’t even notice it happening, much less benefit from it.

“How long does it last?”
A Neptune transit will typically last for 1 to 1-1½ years.  Today is just one part of it, a pivotal day in its flow.  The timing of your transit will be personal to you.  It takes an astrologer to look it up—it’s not something I can just tell you in a blogpost.  In an astrology reading you can find out the timing of it and how to move through it consciously, instead of spending this valuable time in a fog.  You can also find out which part of you (i.e. planet in your chart) is being affected by this spiritual change.  Is it Relationships (Venus)?  Career (Saturn)?  Home (Moon)?  Or it could be something more subtle.

“What do I do now?”
Neptune is the Dreamer, the Visionary.  When she comes knocking at your door, she is asking you to re-dream a specific part of your life.  She has activated your imagination and called you away from the world of everyday things into the dream-world, the place where you imagine things before they come to pass.

View this time as a vision quest.  It’s a great time to influence your own future through what you focus your hope on and also to call on your spiritual guidance.  Call your ancestors, your spirit guides, your angels, your totem animals—whatever feels right to you.  Use that imagination of yours, which is so active right now.  Sit in meditation.  Imagine, dream, fantasize.  Notice the subtle currents that are all around you all the time—you are equipped to notice them now more than usual.  Let the images grow blurry around the edges—images without bounds have larger possibilities.  This is an excellent time for a manifestation practice, to make use of the Law of Attraction and bring something into your life that you’ve wanted for a long time.

Also take care of yourself.  Recognize that some part of you has been spirited away but that your body still needs stewardship.  Feed yourself properly, even if you feel like you are sleepwalking through life these days.  You want your body to be in good shape when you come back to it.  In particular, when I say this is a time for dreaming and re-dreaming, I mean that literally:  get enough rest and sleep, especially if you are in the habit of sleeping too little.  Keep a dream journal if you can—your dreams may have messages for you and it may be hard to recognize them until later.  Writing them down will preserve them for understanding at a later time and the process may well sharpen your intuition.

Neptune transits are wonderful for Neptune types, and even if you’re not a Neptune type, this period may make you into an honorary Pisces for the duration.  Neptune types are often flaky and wander through life as if in a dream.  They have a faraway look in their eyes, are distractible and resist the hard lines of the physical world.  They frequently overrun other people’s boundaries without noticing it and tend to have a poor sense of boundaries themselves, especially when they’re young.  They prefer their world of dreams and visions to the world of material concerns and they do best in life when they find a way to bring their dreams into the material world to share with everyone.  So they make great artists and filmmakers.  While a Neptune transit can draw a grounded person into their dream-world, paradoxically it has the effect of drawing a dreamy Neptune person into the physical world, of grounding and strengthening them.  During a Neptune transit a Neptune type can blossom.

Neptune’s Gift
Neptune’s curse (if you can call it that) is the same as her gift:  access to the land of imagination—whether you like it or not.  You’ll have an increased sense of the spiritual meaning behind everything you do.  Everything becomes infused with meaning and spiritual power.  This is a great time to ask questions, to direct them to your spiritual guidance and attend to the answers that emerge.

Your increased sensitivity is a gift from Neptune, goddess of the ocean.  Make friends with Neptune and you will find yourself able to pay attention to the physical world even as your awareness of the non-physical grows.  Oceanic Neptune may be sweeping you away into her vast depths but you can learn how to swim in her waters and that way you don’t have to drown.  And maybe—just maybe—you’ll emerge with a really big fish.

When it’s over, it’s over
After this transit ends, your period of spiritual awakening will be over.  It’s quite possible you’ll have another transit like this in a different area of your life in the next few years (it’s likely in fact), but this one will have passed.  If this period is frustrating to you, be at ease, because it will end, and soon (between now and March).  But also, and more importantly, take advantage.  Use this spiritual opening while it’s happening.  It doesn’t happen every day.