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Edgar Cayce’s Life and Astrology

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

by Pandora Astrology intern Melanie Rose

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), one of the world’s best known psychics, was also a medium and a channel. He was called the “Sleeping Prophet” because he worked while in a dream sleep state and while in that state he channeled answers to questions regarding health, illness, astrology, war, reincarnation, future events and the lost city of Atlantis. Clearly, he was able to delve into the unseen world with ease, so I wanted to see if his astrological chart reflected those abilities.

Edgar Cayce natal chart Circled

Our friendly psychic Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1877 at 3:20 PM in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. This gives him the mystical, intuitive and compassionate Pisces Sun Sign. Cayce was so compassionate that he was reluctant to charge the public for his trance healing readings. However, hypnotist Al Layne, whom he worked with, repeatedly suggested for him to do so.  Still, Cayce continued to do readings for free for years. Even after Cayce’s fame grew he humbly asked for voluntary donations to support him and his family so he could practice full-time.

Pisces Sun in the 8th House:

Cayce’s Pisces Sun is located in the 8th House (which is the house of Pluto and Scorpio) and some of its major themes are the occult, hidden mysteries, intuition, healing, transformation, psychology and death. Edgar Cayce not only had strong intuition but incredible abilities to heal and had a natural knack for psychology and the occult. He communicated with thousands of spirits who had passed on to the other side from physical death. While doing so, he helped families with their bereavement and grief.  He also revealed many hidden mysteries throughout his life, many of which concerned near-death experiences. It seems he fulfilled his 8th House Sun quite accurately.

Taurus Moon in the 9th House:

Let’s move onto his Moon, which is in Taurus. This gives him a strong will, stable emotions, steadiness and a strong connection with the physical world and his senses. His Taurus Moon is located in the 9th House (which is the house of Jupiter and Sagittarius) and some of its major themes are higher learning, philosophy, religion, universal consciousness and long-distance travel. Interestingly enough, religion played a very large part in Cayce’s earlier life. He grew up as a member of the Christian church and taught Sunday school for years. Because of this affiliation with the church he agonized over whether his psychic abilities and teachings were spiritually legitimate.

In addition, much of his work dealt with issues rooted in the universal consciousness, such as past civilizations, evolution of man, reincarnation, as well as thousands of accurate predictions of future events. Through the principles of astrology, Cayce revealed that each solar system in the universe is like a university, a place for higher learning. Perhaps this is a reflection of his Moon in the 9th House deriving a sense of home from education. Oddly enough, Cayce had many insights into the universe regarding evolution and learning, yet he himself only had an 8th grade education because his family could not afford the costs involved.

Leo Ascendant:

Last, we have Cayce’s Ascendant in the noble sign of Leo. An Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. It is how we respond to the environment around us. Leo Rising typically gives someone a regal, self aware, generous, warm, optimistic, bold and extroverted character. This differs greatly from his Pisces Sun which is somewhat withdrawn and introverted. When we combine his Leo ascendant and his Sun in Pisces, we see that the Pisces Sun possibly watered down his fiery Leo Ascendant a bit, however, the Leo Ascendant may have helped him get out into the public and have the confidence and charm to share his messages and gifts with the world. Cayce became very successful and attained a great amount of fame from giving an astonishing 22,000 readings during 43 years of work! I’m sure he loved being appreciated (Leo) and was also very giving and generous (Leo) of his services and time (Pisces).


Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek: A Natal Chart Analysis

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

By Erica Bridgeman, Pandora Astrology Intern

By the time I saw my first episode of Star Trek on TV, the show had been off the air for 15 years and was, instead, relished as Saturday night reruns. Like almost everyone who experienced the program as part of their childhood and adolescence, I was impacted by the dream and the drama of a futuristic world where humans and aliens grappled with issues of power, domination, diplomacy, negotiation and, hopefully, peace. Star Trek was more than a television entertainment show that brought a message. It was a cultural and technological time marker.

Star Trek Went Where No One Had Gone Before

In 1969, the same year of the last broadcast episode of Star Trek, the U.S succeeded in landing the first humans on Earth’s Moon. Although I was never into the “technical” aspects of rockets like circuit boards and cooling systems, I was taken by the notion of traveling and living among celestial bodies. With the announcement that Roddenberry’s cremated ashes will be put into orbit around the Sun in November 2014, along with the remains of his wife, Majel, and James Doohan, who played Scotty, the chief engineer on the Starship Enterprise, I started thinking about the creator of Star Trek and what his birth chart might reveal.

Gene Roddenberry natal copy 4Roddenberry, A Creative Leo

Television writer Gene Roddenberry helped to usher numerous generations into the humanitarian Age of Aquarius with his legendary characters from the Starship Enterprise. As creator of Star Trek, Roddenberry’s natal chart shows a man with enormous creative energy who could penetrate deeply into imaginative worlds with profound passion, spirit, and energy. Amazingly, four planets and two asteroids reside in the playful and performance-oriented sign of Leo – the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Pallas Athene, and Ceres (circled in red) – indicating a strong, creative personality with strategic initiative and drive and the ability to communicate in a down-to-earth manner that affirmed his personal purpose and mission. In fact, I venture to say that taking strategic visionary action was also a very important way to heal past life trauma that was incurred in the area of career as indicated by these celestial bodies in Leo trine both the South Node and Chiron in Aries in the tenth house (circled in blue).

Watery Nostalgia, Uranian Rebellion

Roddenberry was born with Pluto in Cancer.  The Pluto-in-Cancer generation (b. 1913-1938) had an enormously strong identification with nostalgic images of the past (“the way it used to be”), the childhood home environment, and rather provincial, if not entrenched, social and family roles and responsibilities. For Roddenberry, however, his Pluto conjunct a Cancer rising ascendant in the first house (circled in green) trine to a Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus (also in Pisces) in the ninth house (circled in silver), suggests that Roddenberry felt a strong emotional urge to rebel against the status quo and mainstream for a greater life philosophy that was inclusive of all kinds of people, not just those found at home—and the harmonious trine between these Pisces and Cancer planets assured he would give himself permission to act on those urges.

Adventures Far From Home

Uranus conjunct the Moon in Pisces in the ninth house also indicates that Roddenberry had an imaginative spiritual depth blended with an instinctive urge for autonomy that led him on travels through different cultural world and cosmic perspectives. It was Roddenberry’s sense of adventure and love of the unknown and unexpected, along with a sense that “all is one” that allowed him to be able to portray his diverse characters, both human and alien, with enormous respect, care, and dignity. The theme of relating what is “home” to what is “far away” is repeated again in Roddenberry’s Cancer rising ascendant (circled in pink) trine his Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the ninth house.

A Teller of Archetypal Tales

Finally, Roddenberry’s Pisces Midheaven (ruler of movie and television film and circled in yellow) ensured that his deep emotional sensitivities and capacity to imagine terrestrial and cosmic worlds would combine with his fiery creative passionate self-expression to enable him to give birth to fictional characters that would become archetypal heroes and heroines in universal stories. Roddenberry lived out his potential with panache and flair and, in the process, created the first major television franchise by endearing millions to his timeless creations.


Finding Intimacy through Vulnerability and Embracing Change

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

by Pandora Astrology intern Melanie Rose­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Greetings Pandora Astrology blog readers! My name is Melanie and I’m a new intern around here. I thought I’d write a little something about relationships and intimacy and some of the challenges I’ve faced with them. So, if you happen to have Venus in any aspect to Pluto you may find this resonating with you.

Today my relationship is emotionally strong. I trust completely. Most days I feel safe and loved within, so I feel that way in my relationship too. My partner accepts me for who I am and loves me and I him. Going through many challenges together was taxing but it ended up making us stronger and able to be a team instead of opposing forces. I no longer have a fear of losing him.

It wasn’t always this way. Relationships used to be much more difficult and when I discovered that I have Venus in Aries opposition Pluto in Libra, it all became much clearer.

In the past my relationships were run on a lot of fear. There was great passion and intensity but the fear associated with those emotions made me miserable. I would get fearful of losing the person, begin feeling over-exposed, clingy, jealous, dependent, extremely emotional, and I had major trust issues. When I experienced each one of these feelings I could feel myself slipping and losing a grip on everything that I knew to be stable. Then I started to panic that I was starting to panic! How could I suddenly feel so weak and vulnerable when I just felt so wonderful and secure? I was so afraid of losing this person who I loved so much and who knew so much about me. The feelings were confusing and messy, not logical, and they didn’t always make sense. At times I felt sick to my stomach with worry. But slowly I realized that when I’m experiencing uncomfortable feelings it’s a good indicator that something is trying to be healed and/or my intuition is telling me something isn’t quite right.

Learning about my Venus opposition Pluto has taught me that I don’t like to be in a breezy fly-by-the-seat relationship or casually date. I require an involved and intense relationship to breathe! Relationships definitely help me to live authentically and face and overcome many issues within myself. I’m 34 years old now and I’ve been in three major life-changing and long-term relationships since I was 15.  I’ve learned a lot through them and continue to learn through the 13 year relationship I’m in now. But astrology helped me and us to really zone in on the difficulties and issues we were having and led us to question our reactions to each other.

The hardest part of changing wasn’t seeing or discovering my faults. It was learning how to recreate myself and to chip away the ingrained thought patterns, emotions and tendencies that I had become accustomed to. With some help from astrology I was able to pinpoint the emotion or tendency and become more aware. I learned to think before I spoke, analyze the negative before I acted, and take a serious look at why I felt the way I did.

Astrology helps me with self-reflection which I think leads to transformation because it can help highlight tendencies I may have with different aspects of life. It’s led me to question many things. The things that were accurate and resonated with me I wanted to change right away. Of course it didn’t happen overnight and it’s a process. But after I started the process I became more aware of some of those aspects that I wanted to change and could catch myself if I saw/felt/heard that I was leaning more into the negative of that aspect and not the positive. It helps aid me on my journey of being the most balanced, loving, giving, compassionate human I can be and I’ll use it as a tool of growth for the rest of my life.

I hope astrology can do the same for you!

~ Melanie Rose


The Challenge of Saturn

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

by Erica Bridgeman
(Pandora Astrology Intern)

I’ve always known that the sun sign was a significant marker within the birth chart, the representative of the personality, the ego, the personal sun which gives life and sustenance to the individual self. But learning about the characteristics of each of the planets within our solar system, I discovered a major player lingering in the shadows of my chart, affecting me in subtle and not so subtle ways since the moment of my birth. That major player is none other than Saturn—astrologically, a planet most people willingly avoid at best and severely repress at worst (although Pluto often gives Saturn a run for his money where repression is concerned).

My interest in investigating Saturn’s influence on me began after I received a Life-Long Love reading with Jamie where I discovered that Saturn was transiting my natal Venus in the 10th house from September 2012 to about August 2013, during which time relationships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones, would become a challenge. But as Jamie and Liz Greene (author of the book Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil) emphasized, if I remained open to the process and engaged consciously the work that it would take to both look at both my own patterns in relationships as well as what may be going on with potential mates, I would emerge from the transit with a greater capacity for self-knowledge and loving self-compassion. So I accepted the challenge.

In my reading of Greene’s book as well as meditating on the birth chart that I received after my astrology reading, I had a major realization, one that had remained hidden in its significance but whose impact on me underscored a lifetime of feeling creatively stunted and insignificant while also feeling that I was the casualty of intense romantic disappointment and heartbreak. Saturn was in the fifth house of my natal chart, which is traditionally thought of as the house of the Sun’s rulership. It is also known as the house of children, creative self-expression, and love, or as Greene refers to it, “the house of romance” because “this also is an area where the individual may express – or project – his [or her] own identity without interference, and through the experience of love of this kind he [or she] may get a glimpse of his [or her] own inner centre.” Ultimately, in the cosmic point of view, the goal of intimate relationships is not so much happiness and security but “to complete something that is incomplete within the psyche of the self. It is to become healed and whole unto the self while realizing unity within the universal One.

So to have Saturn in this house, can mean that the expression of all that the Sun represents—self, identity and will within the world and within the individual, self love and love for the other, innate creativity, and the reproduction of life either literally or figuratively—is eclipsed. Thus, chronic feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt plague the psyche of the individual, leading to either a depressive and even fatalistic outlook or, more hopefully, the making of the decision to break the limiting restrictions that Saturn embodies and move forward with consciousness, guidance and patience; slowly peeling back the facade that shrouds one’s inner light.

For me, what this realization has meant is to be willing to engage in the continual process, all the days and nights of my life on this planet called Earth, not to reject or repress but instead to fully accept and integrate my shadowy and rather base aspects as well as my own shining brightness, so that I am not living a life of duality but of wholeness. To realize my inner yin and yang merging in the infinite cosmic circle/spiral. For this, I am utterly grateful to the planet that has been called “the devil.” For, having accepted his ultimate challenge, I find Saturn offers me the key out of my own personal hell.

Read Erica’s introductory blogpost as a Pandora intern.


Does Astrology Work for Fictional Characters?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Hi Pandora Astrology blog readers! Sara here again. This month I’m going to speculate about the chart of one of my favorite TV characters. Here’s why. . .

Since I last spoke to you all, I had my birthday! I turned 24 on January 18th, which also happens to be the birthday of one of my favorite fictional characters, Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope (according to the show’s writers). Leslie is a hardworking, idealistic small-town bureaucrat who wants nothing more than to support her community and her friends. Many, many people have told me that I resemble her, and us sharing a birthday is such a validation of that idea! In fact, when I told one of my friends that our birthdays were the same, she said, “That’s the best argument I’ve heard for astrology yet.”

Of course, Leslie is a fictional character, so her chart won’t have the same resonance that a real person’s will. However, I suspect that the writers of the show might have been considering astrology when choosing her birthdate. Amy Poehler, the comedian who plays Leslie and created the show, is a sun-sign Virgo, so I’ll bet they made Leslie’s sun be in an Earth sign to match.

According to the show’s website, Leslie was born on January 18, 1975, in Eagleton, Indiana, next to the show’s setting of Pawnee. Since Pawnee’s a fictional place, I did some research and found a site that figured out the real-world location of Pawnee. Looking on a map, it seemed like the real-life town closest to their location was New Pekin, Indiana. Since the creators of the show didn’t provide a birth time for Leslie (how inconvenient for astrologers!), I arbitrarily chose 12:00 PM, just knowing that I’ll have to ignore her house placements.

Anyway, on to Leslie’s chart, and what my baby astrologer instincts tell me about it. Leslie’s sun is in Capricorn, so, like me and all the rest of you Capricorns out there, she’s very focused on structure and goals. She has one big aspiration: to become the first female president of the United States. To get there, though, she’s set up smaller but progressively larger goals for herself, such as filling in an empty construction pit, creating a park, running the town’s Harvest Festival, and eventually running for City Council. Like Jamie’s post about sun-sign Capricorns said, we get energized by achievable goals and depressed by those that seem out of reach. As Leslie’s ability grows, she’s able to visualize bigger and bigger accomplishments, allowing her to take on larger projects. She can’t work directly toward becoming President – she needs to create small stepping stones for herself along the way.

However, Leslie is not a selfish person. All of the goals she sets for her personal growth involve expressing her love for her community, which is to be expected, given that Venus and Mercury were conjunct on her birth date. She feels love (Venus) by communicating it (Mercury). In fact, she lives this so strongly, she even wrote a book that’s basically a long love letter to her town.

So there you have it – astrology can even work on fictional characters! Provided their birthdays were chosen with care, of course, as Leslie’s obviously was. If any of your favorite fictional characters have exact birthdays, take a look at their charts, and let me know what you see! I wonder how many other writers out there use astrology to help create character types – I’ll bet it’s more than you’d think.


Introducing My New Intern, Erica

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

This year I’ve had the wonderful fortune to find not one but two excellent interns.  Erica and Sara will each be doing a Pandora blogpost every month to talk about their experiences and learning.  Here’s the first from Erica:

When I first read that Jamie was looking for an intern for her astrology business, my first thought was, “What an incredibly unique and fascinating opportunity this would be.”  My next thought, however (which I admit reoccurred even after I was fortunate enough to be offered the internship) was, “Am I crazy to commit myself to seriously learning an art and a craft that is thousands of years old (at the age of 42 no less!) and which a good portion of people living in our “post-modern, left-brain dominated society” regard either with pat curiosity or downright hostile disdain?

“If you are going to make a midlife career change, why don’t you do something that has a guaranteed (i.e. legitimate) market potential?!” It was almost as if I could see in my mind a horde of angry and indignant naysayers circling me, ranting menacingly with shovels and rakes and other household items in their hands.  But the fact of the matter was, through the years I’ve always had a continuing interest in astrology and have tracked my sun sign (Virgo) to learn as much as I could about the mysteries of my own personality.

More recently, having gained a deeper understanding of how houses, signs and planets work together in the birth chart through my rather intense Virgoan reading proclivities, I have to admit and accept that having a Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus all conjunct in the 9th house pretty much guaranteed that the allure and pull of the astrological journey would inevitably call me on a quest – whether I was 23, 42 or 85.  Needless to say, I greatly look forward to learning the practice and business of astrology, especially in the 21st century, no matter what the opinions of the naysayers might be!  Cheers!


Introducing My New Intern, Sara

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

This year I’ve had the wonderful fortune to find two excellent interns.  They will be doing a Pandora blogpost each month to talk about their experiences and learning.  Here’s the first from Sara:

Hello Pandora Astrology readers! I’m Sara, one of Jamie’s new assistants. I started working for Jamie at the beginning of the year and have been loving it so far – it’s amazing to see a real astrologer at work.

I first got into astrology about a year ago, at the urging of a friend. At first I was skeptical, but I soon realized that astrology was so much more than newspaper predictions. I was amazed at how well my chart seemed to describe me. My sun sign is Capricorn, I’m a Leo rising, and my north node is in Pisces. Just as that would suggest, I’m a deeply practical person who can appear very bubbly and kind of bossy at first, and I get the most fulfillment out of work that involves helping and understanding others. Looking at my entire chart was a revelation – I had always felt like my sun sign by itself didn’t fully fit, but seeing all the pieces come into place really helped me to understand who I was and how the various aspects of my chart contribute to my life.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of Jamie’s internship, because it helps me to develop many parts of my life. I get to fulfill my earthy side by accomplishing business tasks, I get to learn more about astrology, and most importantly, I get to develop my skills as a future astrologer. I’m really looking forward to doing readings of my own, especially for young people who are looking for direction. I’m 24 and seeking a life purpose myself, and astrology has really helped me hone in on what will be truly fulfilling. I can’t wait to help others use astrology to do the same!