Pandora’s New Astrologer In Residency, Liam Carey

If you’ve had an astrology reading with me lately, you may have already met Liam. He’s been auditing my sessions and watching me work. Liam has been a student of mine since July of 2013. I have invited Liam to join my practice because I like the way he thinks about astrology and because, despite the difficulty of setting up and running an astrology practice, he’s deeply committed to doing so. During audited sessions, Liam has given insights to the client that wouldn’t have occurred to me and that were powerful and useful. I think you’ll like him just as much as I do. And now, I’ll let Liam speak for himself. . .
-Jamie Kahl Miller

Hello to the Pandora Astrology Community!
by Liam Carey

Liam headshotI’m very happy to be here and honored that Jamie has invited me to be a part of her great work and enterprise. I am Liam Carey and I am an astrologer in private practice in San Francisco under the banner of Trinity Astrology ( as well as an astrologer in residency here with Jamie at Pandora. Going forward, I will be writing feature articles for Jamie and Pandora Astrology readers, writing tweets and other social networking tools, and join her in doing readings for those who elect to go deeper into their charts.

I have been a student of astrology for 5 years both formally and informally and started reading charts professionally in 2012. I was deeply drawn to astrology around my third Jupiter return, a transit that occurs about every twelve years for an individual and symbolizes, among other things, the evolution of one’s understanding of truth and aspirations. I found that astrology had something of both for me once I was able to feel the depth and breadth of its symbolism. Realizing astrology’s power, I earnestly embarked on a path of discovery.

I feel that astrology is a poetic language of symbolism that can map or verify synchronicity and, as such, belongs in the realm of art rather than the often mistaken classification as a science. I use astrology, as a tool of self-growth and navigation. I have been able to grow by understanding my particular “fate” (i.e. “the cards I have been dealt” or my birth chart) and using that knowledge to forge my destiny (the way I play my cards). As a navigational tool, astrology gives insight into the meaning behind present events and helps me prepare for possible future ones.

In this way I am very much a free-will astrologer. There are some things about your make-up that are certain; however, the way you engage with and use those influences is in the your own hands. With astrology on your side, you manage those influences better and live a finer, better life.

I very much look forward to working with you all in whatever capacity you make use of. Whether it’s simply you reading what I write, responding to what I write or through personal readings, the goal for me is growth and evolution personally and encouraging/aiding the growth and evolution of others in whatever small way I can.

Thanks for welcoming me to Pandora Astrology!



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