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How Does Capricorn Love?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Do you love a Capricorn?Cap heart 4
Are you a Capricorn in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Capricorn in your chart (or its ruling planet, Jupiter) will result in distinctly Cap experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Cap OR if you have Venus or Juno in Cap, this article is just for you.

Are you a Capricorn in love?
Great.  You got over the hump.  But the next question is, does the object of your affections know you care?  The reason I ask is, being vulnerable is almost as hard for Capricorn as it is for Scorpio, but for different reasons.  Scorps go around feeling hyper-vulnerable all the time, and compensate by being grouchy with the ones they love the most.  Capricorns just plain get calcified from the sheer emotional pain of life.  You see the difference?  After that first flush of adolescent love—and the attendant rejection—it becomes harder and harder for Capricorn to open up again.  By the time true adulthood is attained, there are usually some walls around the heart for a Capricorn to dismantle.  But doing so is worth it, Capricorn, because the world wants to love you.  Yes, let me say it again:  the world wants to love you.

How to manage your relationships as a Capricorn. . .
Who has broken into your inner sanctum?  Who has braved your dragons and your briar hedge, O My Prickly One?  Give that person a medal because they have seen the real you and persisted.  Now that they’re in, don’t make them work so hard next time.  If you thought opening yourself up to love was hard, wait till you try practicing that emotional openness over time.  Again I say:  It’s completely worth it.  The feeling of being loved and lovable is so blissful, it’s fills in all the little corners of your soul and reminds you  why you work so hard, why you do all the wonderful things you do.  Without that feeling, life doesn’t mean as much and ambition seems empty.  And with that feeling, life has vibrancy, excitement and you are buoyed up with purpose because supporting those you love is what you were made for.  No kidding.

Do you love a Capricorn?
Then prepare to spend your time softening up what is essentially a crotchety, curmudgeonly creature.  Not that your Cap wants to be that way—not by a long shot.  It’s just that suspicion, criticism and judgment are Cap’s first reaction to love.  Don’t take this personally, because it’s not about you.  Also don’t be surprised if it creeps in slowly over time because a habit like this is hard to break.  Here’s the key thing that will surprise you and help you manage your Capricorn with finesse:  treat him as if he’s much more sensitive than he looks or acts.  In addition to that, your Capricorn feels most loved when his burden is eased.  Promises mean nothing; actions mean everything.  Jumping cheerfully into the trenches with your Capricorn can bring a tremendous relaxation of spirit.

If you have Venus or Juno in Cap in your chart, the chances of you dating Capricorns is very high.  How to handle the Capricorn you love. . .

  • Does my description of Capricorn above sound like Scrooge?  Well, wouldn’t you be grumpy if your birthday was so near Christmas that you never got the attention that others seem to get for their birthdays in other seasons?  Pay special attention to his birthday but stop short of embarrassing him.
  • When your Capricorn criticizes others who are not present, take a step back and ask yourself if she’s pushing human warmth away.  Remind her that no one is perfect and help her learn how to manage her sensitivity to other people’s flaws.
  • Assume your Capricorn is driving himself way too hard.  Encourage relaxation and watch for that look of longing.  Your Cap has forgotten how to relax.  Show him gently and without shock to his hard-working system.
  • Work as hard as she does.  Or free her up to be the family provider—but only if she really wants that and not if she’s doing it because she secretly thinks you’re incompetent.
  • When the tough façade cracks, be gentle.  Be very gentle.  Go on being gentle, loyal, steadfast and kind with him for years and years at a time.  No emotional wall can bear that.
  • Praise and respect what she does, but love who she is.  Unconditional love combined with conditional praise is great learning for the little Capricorns and great medicine for the adults.

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Pandora’s New Astrologer In Residency, Liam Carey

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

If you’ve had an astrology reading with me lately, you may have already met Liam. He’s been auditing my sessions and watching me work. Liam has been a student of mine since July of 2013. I have invited Liam to join my practice because I like the way he thinks about astrology and because, despite the difficulty of setting up and running an astrology practice, he’s deeply committed to doing so. During audited sessions, Liam has given insights to the client that wouldn’t have occurred to me and that were powerful and useful. I think you’ll like him just as much as I do. And now, I’ll let Liam speak for himself. . .
-Jamie Kahl Miller

Hello to the Pandora Astrology Community!
by Liam Carey

Liam headshotI’m very happy to be here and honored that Jamie has invited me to be a part of her great work and enterprise. I am Liam Carey and I am an astrologer in private practice in San Francisco under the banner of Trinity Astrology ( as well as an astrologer in residency here with Jamie at Pandora. Going forward, I will be writing feature articles for Jamie and Pandora Astrology readers, writing tweets and other social networking tools, and join her in doing readings for those who elect to go deeper into their charts.

I have been a student of astrology for 5 years both formally and informally and started reading charts professionally in 2012. I was deeply drawn to astrology around my third Jupiter return, a transit that occurs about every twelve years for an individual and symbolizes, among other things, the evolution of one’s understanding of truth and aspirations. I found that astrology had something of both for me once I was able to feel the depth and breadth of its symbolism. Realizing astrology’s power, I earnestly embarked on a path of discovery.

I feel that astrology is a poetic language of symbolism that can map or verify synchronicity and, as such, belongs in the realm of art rather than the often mistaken classification as a science. I use astrology, as a tool of self-growth and navigation. I have been able to grow by understanding my particular “fate” (i.e. “the cards I have been dealt” or my birth chart) and using that knowledge to forge my destiny (the way I play my cards). As a navigational tool, astrology gives insight into the meaning behind present events and helps me prepare for possible future ones.

In this way I am very much a free-will astrologer. There are some things about your make-up that are certain; however, the way you engage with and use those influences is in the your own hands. With astrology on your side, you manage those influences better and live a finer, better life.

I very much look forward to working with you all in whatever capacity you make use of. Whether it’s simply you reading what I write, responding to what I write or through personal readings, the goal for me is growth and evolution personally and encouraging/aiding the growth and evolution of others in whatever small way I can.

Thanks for welcoming me to Pandora Astrology!