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How Does Sagittarius Love?

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Sag heart 1Do you love a Sagittarius?
Are you a Sagittarius in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Sagittarius in your chart (or its ruling planet, Jupiter) will result in distinctly Sag (pronounce it “Sadge”) experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Sag OR if you have Venus or Juno in Sag, this article is just for you.

Are you a Sagittarius in love?
You are?  Frankly, that’s surprising.  No other sign has as big a case of the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” syndrome.  Sagittarius longs for what he doesn’t have.  Remaining focused on a relationship is the hard part.  Finding a way to feel free while you’re also committed is just as difficult.  Am I just feeding your ego when I say everyone wants to date you and you’re easygoing and willing to give it a try, but you don’t feel “lit up” by just anybody?  You bring your own happiness to the mix but you are vulnerable to those you can make happy.  But you’re more than just a vaudeville act, Oh My Sagittarian, and entertaining others will never satisfy you for long.  So . . . where to find satisfaction, where oh where?

How to manage your relationships as a Sagittarius. . .
Begin by finding someone who can hold your attention.  That might take a while.  Your best choice is someone who believes in you and who agrees with you about the things that bring life meaning.  However, there’s a pitfall here—if your partner agrees with you too much, you will be allowed to lazily meander through life instead of using your Sagittarian fire for the good of all, which is what you pledged to do by being born under this inspiring sign.  So best find a partner who can question you when you stray from your own best path, kick your butt when you need that, and who will also quickly return to a state of dewy-eyed worship when you’re back on the straight and narrow.  Got that?  Right.  A rare breed, I know.

Do you love a Sagittarian?
Then you have chosen a life of adventure.  I hope you have sturdy luggage because your Sag will not be done exploring this wide earth until she croaks (even if it’s done from the safe confines of an armchair).  If you look deep into her eyes and it looks like she’s somewhere else, she probably is.  Beware of confining her to a humdrum existence—when she starts to wear a chronically trapped look, she’s likely to do some damage.  Also don’t let her do that to herself, because she’ll likely make a sudden exit and blame you.  Does it sound like a Sag requires more care and feeding than you thought?  Yes.  But mostly it’s like having a golden retriever—an active mobile creature who simply needs a good run every once in a (short) while.

If you have Venus or Juno in Sag in your chart, the chances of you dating Sagittarians is very high.  How to handle the Sagittarius you love. . .

  • Tell him you trust him and give him enough rope to hang himself with.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly he comes back, and doesn’t get into trouble at all.
  • Laugh at her jokes and enjoy the show, but in the quiet moments, when she’s entirely deflated, remind her why you believe in her.  How you respond to her when she’s not trying to be upbeat will make all the difference.
  • Encourage him to speak to groups.  Watch him expand, expound and inspire.  There’s a big personality there, itching to come out (if it hasn’t already).
  • Keep up with her.  Be active, mobile and energetic.  Don’t hold her back or jerk on the chain too much.
  • Play with him, freely and unselfconsciously, like a couple of carefree kids.  He’ll feel seen.
  • Never accuse your Sag of having bad intentions.  Always assume her intentions are of the finest, even when she’s just made a mistake of a gargantuan order (or perhaps especially then!).  A gentle correction that speaks to what she was trying to do, rather than what actually happened, will achieve wonders where all the punishment in the world fails to create anything other than a sullen, cynical human being.  And a sullen, cynical Sag is a sorry thing indeed.

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How To Search For Your Birth Time

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Why is an accurate birth time important?
The birth data that’s needed by an astrologer is your date of birth, your birth town or city, and the exact time of day you were born.  Much of the information in your chart is dependant on the accuracy of your birth time to the minute, and here’s why. . .

The positions of the planets in the sky that give rise to differences in personality move quite quickly and make a perceptible and meaningful shift every 3 minutes.  Traits move from the foreground to the background and back again so that with a difference of just 15 minutes I (the astrologer) could easily be talking to a radically different personality.  That’s confusing enough, but it gets worse:  predictions are based on very specific timing of fast-moving points in your chart.  If your time is off by even a few minutes, the dates of events and experiences in your lifetime could be off by months, or (easily) even years.  The prediction could describe a time period accurately but be off by years and any astrologer worth her salt cares about that kind of accuracy.

Brief rant
Astrology is a precise discipline, and an astrologer’s ability to interpret should never be tested using poor data.  Yet, that’s what astrologers have had to deal with for centuries.  We are told that what we do is intuitive and not scientific, yet we are expected to prove astrology’s veracity with inaccurate or incomplete birth data, because hospitals have no concept of the importance of accuracy in this matter.  Most hospital staff do not know that the official time of birth from the standpoint of astrology is the first breath.  That’s the moment when the baby takes oxygen into its cells and begins to be an entity independent of the mother.  I have found that many clients’ birth times are questionable and in need of a little testing and rectification.  So first breath is the moment that should be recorded, at least for the sake of astrology.  But that is not well-known.

This leads to poor data and astrologers—and astrology itself—are judged by how well our system works with poor data.  Where’s the sense in that?  OK, rant over.

Why your mom’s memory is not the best source
Your mom may have the best memory in the world, but even she is just reporting what someone told her or what was written on a piece of paper.  This is because no mother alive is watching a clock at the moment her child is born.  I’m an astrologer and a mother and even so, it was my husband and my very kind Ob/Gyn who noted the precise time of my daughter’s birth, not me.

Your search begins with the hospital
Begin by calling the hospital you were born in. Get the Records dept. Ask them the procedure for getting a copy of your birth record.  That is vital medical information which belongs to you and is confidential. They will probably need you to mail (or better yet, fax) a copy of your driver’s license or ID and a letter stating your birth name and that of each parent, including mother’s maiden name. They will tell you exactly what they need and where/how to send it.  Ask how long it will take to receive the record.  It is very likely they will need to dig through a lot of records to find yours and they may need weeks to do that.

It’s possible the hospital no longer has the records–they may have been transferred to microfiche (remember microfiche?) or similar media and moved to the county seat, in which case the hospital may point you in the right direction.  If the hospital has burned down, flooded or endured a war, you may be pretty much out of luck and your search may end there, so you’ll need to search the memorabilia as I describe below.  But even though the hospital is an uncertain route, it is still best to start there.

Were you a home birth?
If you were born at home via midwife, you might try the midwifery to see if they have records or if they transferred anything to the county.  If you’re lucky, they still exist, are findable and still have the records.

Do it now
For all of these reasons above, it’s best to begin searching for your birth time as soon as you realize you will want an astrology reading at some point in your life.  The records can be lost or destroyed at any time.  Don’t leave your only access to this valuable information up to chance.

Search the memorabilia
Another thing you might try while you are waiting is to ask your mom to search for any written record of any kind from the days after your birth. I have had clients find a birth announcement, baby book, hospital bracelet, hospital bassinet card and even handwriting on the back of a newborn photo.  Any of these can be a fine source, so search the memorabilia.  Even if your mom is the rambling kind, you may be surprised at what you can unearth when you press for written information.

No luck at all?
If you have nothing more than a solid birth date and a span of time that day when at least one relative assures you you were born, then rectification is possible.  (I have received inquiries from clients who don’t even have a certain birth date and whom I have had to reluctantly turn away.)  Rectification, which means “making right,” is the process of moving your birth time back and forth and finding a time when everything clicks together:  your personality and your history.  You feel that the astrologer is describing you and your experience.  It’s a very distinct sensation when it happens.

Rectification is a lot of work for the astrologer and I avoid it, or simplify it, whenever possible, because more tedious work for me means greater cost for the client and if the client can find their birth time and save us both the effort, it’s well worth it to do so.  Searching out your birth time is definitely the first course of action and rectification only a last resort.