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Sexy, Melty, Mergy Goodness: October 2014’s Solar Eclipse

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

This is a highly sensitive yet also very relational New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  Watery types will prefer to stay home and process emotions with those they are intimate with—not a bad idea if you approach it with real vulnerability and the intent to clear, let go and move on. See and accept your partner for who they truly are, and present yourself as lovable, flaws and all. Use this eclipse for bonding and your relationship will transform into a more deep, true and real version of itself.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: October 23, 2014
Time of eclipse:
2:57 PM Pacific Time
Type: partial (weak in intensity)
Visible in: North America and eastern Asia
At: 0º Scorpio
Shadow Agents: Venus in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces
Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
October 18-28
January 15-25
April 15-25
July 18-28

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  There stands Venus in Scorpio, a ravishing creature in a deep, wine-colored dress, holding hands with Neptune in Pisces, who is wearing a long cloak and a mask.  Venus sashays into your living room, tugging Neptune gently behind her.  They are absorbed in conversation and don’t even see you as they pass by.
Venus:  But don’t you understand—I don’t want that!
Neptune:  That’s what I don’t get.  Why wouldn’t anyone want that?
You decide to interrupt, as they are, after all, on your territory.
You:  Can I help you with something?
Neptune (to Venus):  All I want is to be what you want.  And I can.
Neptune’s mask melts in and reshapes itself.  The robe melds to his body and suddenly he is a virile, heroic-looking man with a chiseled face and a strong chin.  Venus can’t help but feel the tiniest bit melty, just looking at him, though she’s trying not to.
Venus:  But I don’t know who you really are!
Neptune (in a strong baritone):  Does it matter?  I know what you like.
Neptune reshapes himself and now looks like a lovely wood-nymph, with garlands of magnolia flowers in her hair and a faintly woodsy smell.  Venus melts a little bit more.  The two join hands and are just about to kiss when Venus shakes herself.
Venus:  Damn it, fooled again!  What if I just want you to be yourself?
Neptune (in a rich, throaty alto):  I don’t have a self.  And I don’t care about having one.
You:  Pardon me for interrupting, but if someone I was attracted to said that to me, I’d run for the hills.  That’s a dangerous relationship.
Neptune:  Sure it is, among humans.  But we are gods, we are larger-than-life archetypal principles.  I don’t go around telling Venus not to be sexy or to control her attractiveness—
Venus:  As if you could!  (and she bristles at the very idea.  And then, with some pride)  As if I could!
Neptune:  —and she shouldn’t tell me not to be amorphous.  Because it’s just the way I am.  And I don’t want to be any other way.  Here, look at this. . .
Neptune reaches up to her face and pulls away the mask, showing blankness underneath.
Neptune:  There really is nothing there.  I enjoy trying things on, because there’s nothing to me.  I am all things and I am nothing in particular.  It’s just my nature.  Can you accept this?
Venus:  I suppose I can, since you show me so clearly.
Neptune:  And what I really want is for you to desire something from me.  Then I can become it, I can try it on.  I want to do this many times, over and over again.  Then I come to understand all things, because I have lived and expressed them.  And that is you fulfilling my desire.
Venus (snuggling closer):  Oh, that makes me so happy!
You:  But how will the humans reading this benefit?  Because humans are not that way.  We have selves, we have identities.  We need to know who we are when we enter into relationship.
Venus:  That’s true.
Neptune:  True, indeed.  But there’s a little of each of us inside each of you.  And a little of each of you inside each of us.  How else can I try out the immense varieties of experience, so that I can come to have compassion for all life-forms?
Venus:  And humans get to be different from each other—how else can I awaken love in the human breast, if there is not enough difference to make the Beloved fascinating?  So we are glad that you humans are not pure types of us.  I mean, I may be fantastic, but does the Universe really need another Venus?  (She flips her hair casually.)
Neptune:  Of course not, my dear.  It would be simply too much.
Just then, the door opens and the Sun walks in, wearing a long, flowing robe in deep shades of rust.
Sun:  I couldn’t help overhearing, but I was busy being eclipsed.  I got here as fast as I could.  Do I hear a crisis of personality going on here?
You:  On the part of the whole human race.  If we listen to Neptune, we’ll merge and blend and lose ourselves entirely.  If we listen to Venus, we’ll fall in love with love.  And if we listen to the both of them together, we’ll have codependent relationships and live in a real mess.  Been there, done that.
Neptune:  I suppose the problem is that in water signs, we agree far too much.
Sun:  Allow me to add that one must always come back to oneself.  Forays into the realm of intimate relating are delightful and soul-deepening, but without a self to return to, how can relating even happen?
Neptune:  And without self, how can there be the wonderful loss-of-self that happens in religious experience—
Venus:  —or in love?
Sun:  Exactly.  Merging is to happen for a time only, and Venus is here to show you how.  Surrender and loss-of-self is also to happen for a time only, and Neptune is here to show you how.  This eclipse is an excellent time to practice.  But remember that the Sun, even though periodically eclipsed, will always come out again.
Neptune (rising and sending a conspiratorial look at Venus, who blushes):  That said, I think it’s time we. . .
Venus (also rising and taking his hand):  I completely agree.
Neptune passes through several shapes as they head through the door, each one making Venus blush afresh.  The Sun beams at them both, then gives you a wink and takes his leave.

Read about current year’s eclipses.

The effects of an eclipse last for about six months.
If you’re feeling this eclipse

and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above,
contact Jamie for a reading.


How Does Scorpio Love?

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Scorpio heart 3Do you love a Scorpio?
Are you a Scorpio in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Scorpio in your chart (or its ruling planet, Pluto) will result in distinctly Scorpion experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Scorpio OR if you have Venus or Juno in Scorpio, this article is just for you.

Are you a Scorpio in love?
How does Scorpio love?  That’s easy:  passionately.  Headlong.  Fervently.  To distraction.  Or not at all.  If you’re a Scorpio in love, you have my sympathy and my celebratory back-slap.  The sympathy is because you probably feel helpless and in the grip of feelings much, MUCH larger than you are.  You are capable of a grand passion which sometimes sweeps through your being like a tidal wave.  What to do?  Get on top of the wave and enjoy the ride.  How?  By surrendering to it.  Which brings me to the congratulatory back-slap.  Because if you are newly in love, you are on the brink of doing what you came here to do—and that’s intimate relating.  Terrifying?  Yes.  But it’s also the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  No, I mean off.  No, I mean on.  You get the picture.

How to manage your relationships as a Scorpio. . .
I gotta say it:  Boundaries.  Get some.  If you’re like most Scorpios, you’ll learn this the hard way.  When you fall for someone, your first impulse will be to engulf them like the tidal wave I mentioned above.  You’ll want to pull them all the way into your life and you’ll find the tension of unspoken desire and unacted-on passion to be almost more than your body can hold.  But don’t be impulsive or you may get into something that’s not good for you and end up in a world of pain.  Then you end up with someone you can’t trust and it may be hard to know clearly whether they were untrustworthy or you were unable to sink into the relationship.  Getting close to someone slowly is the answer, but it comes with practice.  Excruciating practice.  Sorry, but I’m telling you true.

Do you love a Scorpio?
Ah, you’ve been caught in the gravity well of your local Scorpion.  See ya.  Goodbye.  You’ll be disappearing for a while.  But I can’t possibly begrudge you the time you’ll be spending away from all your usual friends and hobbies in the bed of that amazing Scorpion, because you’re about to experience connecting like you’ve never known before.  It reminds me of the song by the Police, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (by my favorite “honorary Scorpio” Sting, who is actually a Libra without a stitch of Scorpio in him, but has Pluto rising).  In that song the singer is blissed out on sex hormones and is quite convinced that the object of his affections is the cause, instead of looking inside himself at his own capacity for blissful passion and desire.  Beware this kind of projection—being told you’re magical is delicious and addictive.

If you have Venus or Juno in Scorpio in your chart, the chances of you dating Scorpions is very high.  How to handle the Scorpio you love. . .

  • Reassure.  Reassure.  Reassure.  Expect that your Scorpion feels perpetually pulled off-center and so will pull you off-center to compensate for his own feelings of vulnerable dependency.
  • Don’t give her what she expects, but give her something better.  She’ll expect you to read her mind and to come and go at her beck and call.  Instead, give her clarity on what you’ll do and won’t do in the relationship, so her expectations are set accordingly.  Then, when you cross your own boundaries to make her happy, she can appreciate it instead of taking it for granted.
  • Batten down the hatches:  there will be drama.  Plan to enjoy it and don’t let your life be wrecked.
  • Take responsibility for the contraception.  (Did I actually say that?  Yes, I did.)
  • If you’ve got strong Water in your chart (Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer), then take off your mask, play full-out and be vulnerable.  Nothing less will do and you will get—and give—the most satisfaction this way.
  • If your Scorpio is male, let him dominate you in bed.  That will be the most fun for everyone.  If your Scorpio is female and you’re not a virile guy, just run.  Now.  She will eat you for breakfast and you won’t even mind.

How to find out more:
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Somebody Stop Me! October 2014’s Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

This Full Moon (also a Lunar Eclipse) is loaded with vitality and sheer fun. Uranus, Mars and Jupiter team up to form a Grand Trine in Fire signs. During this Moon, Fiery people may be feeling quite full of themselves, not very open to feedback and apt to argue with those who would burst their bubble—try not to be one of those insufferable people. Instead, spread enthusiasm and good intentions far and wide, while remaining considerate of others’ experience of you.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: October 8, 2014
Time of eclipse:
3:51 AM Pacific Time
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: Most of Asia, Australia, Oceania, North and South America and Greenland.
At: 15º Aries
Shadow Agents:  Uranus in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
October 3-13
January 1-10
March 31-April 10
July 2-12

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  There stands the Moon in Aries, with Uranus in Aries right behind him. Mars in Sagittarius is also crowding in the door, pushing past Jupiter in Leo to get by. The whole crew may be only four deities, but it has the energy of a large crowd. The Sun in Libra is in the background, attempting to shush them, but no one is listening to her.
Moon: Bring the keg! It’s time to paaaarrrr-TAY!
Uranus rolls the keg in and sets it up in a corner. It’s the biggest keg you’ve ever seen.
You: What’s in there?
Uranus: Ambrosia of course! Nectar of the gods! You’d better not have any—it’s strong stuff. It intoxicates us, so it would kill you.
You: Gee, thanks for bringing something I can’t have.
Uranus (oblivious): You’re welcome.
Mars (to Jupiter): General Bash-Em, reporting for our meeting.
Jupiter: We haven’t set up the War Room yet. (aside, to Uranus) I don’t have the heart to tell him this is a party, not a battle. (to Mars again) Where is your encampment?
Mars: My men have made camp outside. We have discovered that there are many pleasant grassy areas around here where we can pitch tents. The mess tent is right over there. (points)
You look out the window in the direction he’s pointing and see that he’s set up a large tent right over your herb garden and that your lawn is covered with small tents and soldiers in various states of battle array. The army extends as far as you can see, covering all your neighbors’ lawns too.
Jupiter: Well, invite them in!
You: Oh boy, this is going to really piss my neighbors off. I need all of you out of here—and your soldiers too!
But they ignore you and continue setting up party decorations. The Sun in Libra steps delicately around them and walks up to you. She is wearing a beautiful (and obviously very expensive) designer outfit with a gorgeous hat to complete the ensemble. Her hair is in a tasteful and classic French knot.
Sun: You don’t have to put up with this, you know.
You: I don’t want to put up with this, but what can I do about it? They’re gods and I’m just a puny little human.
Sun: This is an eclipse, remember? The Moon is about to go dark. He could get emotional, and very loud, but you don’t have to put up with this crap.
It strikes you as funny that a deity as well-appointed as the Sun is today should use the indelicate word “crap” but you put that aside and listen. The Sun reaches up and pulls a giant hatpin out of her hat, with a large pearl on the end.
Sun: Watch this.
Meanwhile, the festivities have begun and the Moon is at the center of things, zooming around like a comet, filling glasses, laughing and generally living it up. Jupiter is in the middle of a cosmic joke and Uranus is trying to make a spark come out of the electrical wall-socket. About 30 soldiers are spread around your living room, spilling beer everywhere and completely unconcerned. You could swear that Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and the Moon have literally expanded since they walked into the house. You can hardly believe they still fit in the room, they’re so large. The Sun somehow cuts directly through the fray and pokes the giant Moon with her hatpin. The Moon’s mouth forms an “O” of surprise, then the wailing begins.
Moon (louder than you ever thought possible): I NEEEEver get to have my own way!! I just wanted to have a paaaarrrrrty! I don’t want to go home! I’m having fun! Go away! This is MY party! I’ll cry if I WANT TO!!
Then the Moon simply. . .  deflates. Like a balloon, he shrivels up and become a little flat moon-shape on the floor.
Jupiter (deeply disappointed) You broke him!
Sun: Actually, I didn’t. He’s in a Fire sign. He’ll be fine.
You: Thank god the drama is over.
Sun: I’m the god you can thank for that.
She steps over the Moon, who is already starting to re-inflate, probably because Uranus and Mars have pulled out a pump and are pumping him up with hot air.
Uranus: You can do it!
Mars: Up and at ‘em, soldier!
Jupiter: Think of your pride, man!
Moon: Oh, I’m starting to feel ok. I think I’ll be all right. After all, tomorrow is another day!
All of them together burst into song.
Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars: The sun’ll come out. . . tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow. . . there’ll be sun. Just thinkin’ about. . . tomorrow. . . clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow. . . till there’s none!
The Sun is leaving, but on her way out the door, she hands you the hatpin.
Sun: I think you’re going to need this. Cheers!
Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars: Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a daaaaay aaaaah-waaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!
They all take a bow and slap each other on the back in congratulations. You sigh. It’s going to be a long night. 

Read about current year’s eclipses.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above,
contact Jamie for a reading.