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5 Lies That Conceal The Most Powerful Human Potential Tool From You

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

What’s the most powerful human potential tool?  Astrology, bar none.  It’s good for helping individuals understand themselves and for helping helpers help others.  Why haven’t you availed yourself of it?  Chances are you’ve been told some untruths about astrology.  Like these:

Lie #1:  Astrology is bunk.
Untrue.  This is the first, and the biggest lie, passed on by those who have never tried astrology and have some kind of stake in “debunking” it.  In fact, astrology has become practically the gold standard for bunk.  But those who say “astrology is nothing more than a parlor trick done by charlatans who only want your money” are passing on a false rumor as if it were information.  Most have never given astrology a serious try.  When you sit down for a real reading by a respectable professional whom you’ve paid good money to for their expertise, you begin to realize that astrology can (in the right hands) be a stunningly accurate descriptor of human personality and human experience.

Lie #2:  Astrology is something psychics use.
Also untrue.  Astrologers need to be intuitive, but they don’t need to be psychic, and if your astrologer is getting all woo-woo with you, leaving you more mystified than you were when you arrived, you’d best find a different astrologer.  Astrology can be practical and concrete.  The best astrology is done by those who specialize in it (hint: if the “astrologer” also does tarot, palm-reading and reads auras, and especially if they have a store front with a neon sign advertising these things, please look elsewhere!).

Lie #3:  Astrology reveals your fate and your fate is scary.
This is a two-part lie.  First of all, astrology reveals the trends of your life and the timing in which you’ll go through particular phases, which can be described before they happen and can be timed with startling accuracy.  But you have freewill and choice about how you live out those trends.  Your future is not carved in stone and a good astrologer will help you handle any difficult changes to come with power and grace, rather than leaving you feeling powerless, afraid and confused about how to cope with your situation.

Lie #4:  Astrology is used by superstitious people.
Actually, you’d be surprised how many hard-headed, practical, former skeptics there are among my clientele (and among the ranks of astrologers themselves).  In fact, the highest proportion of my clients are rational, grounded, sensible people just like you.  These are exactly the people who can benefit most from the useful advice of a good astrologer—by taking it out into their lives and acting on it, instead of living in fear and superstition, passively waiting for their fate to reveal itself.

Lie #5:  Astrology is complicated, technical and hard to learn.
This lie has some truth to it.  Astrology is technical and it’s definitely harder to learn for some people than for others.  But anyone can learn enough of the basic principles of astrology in a single day to improve all their relationships and add to their own growth process.  And learning astrology gives you the keys to your own kingdom—direct access to the very Owner’s Manual of your life, jam-packed with useful instructions to live as the one and only You. . . and be the successful, happy person you were meant to be.

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Strike Now If You Want It To Be Easy–The Water Grand Trine of 2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

This year going with the flow brings success and fun:
Astrologers are very good at making dire predictions—but what use is that unless they can also tell you when is the BEST time to pursue new ventures?  I’m just the astrologer to let you know that this year, from June of 2013 to June of 2014 is a great time to start a new business or any project you want to go really smoothly.  And that’s because there is a very auspicious alignment of planets building up in the sky.  I’m telling you about it because it’s approaching its peak and I want you to be able to take full advantage of it before it ends.

The alignment is a set of harmonious aspects among five planets:  Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and Pluto.  Each of these planets has at least two harmonious connections going on right now with others of the batch.  This piles goodness upon goodness so that the summer and fall of 2013 is a very lucky and auspicious time for new enterprises of all kinds, and that goodness flows right into the spring of next year.  Most of this harmonious activity is happening in Water signs, with Pluto in an Earth sign connecting nicely with those Water signs and adding some dynamic tension too.

What these planets are up to. . .
Neptune is in Pisces
, a sign it loves to be in, bringing a tremendous sense of flow to this dynamic.  Because Neptune is involved, we have access to oceanic feelings of communion and connection, and our imaginations are fueled.  Our powers of manifestation and “dreaming things real” is at a peak.

Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio.  This combination is called a “mutual reception,” as each planet is in the sign the other rules, making them “mutually receptive” to each other’s agendas.  This alignment is all about power, purging corruption, doing the hard work of vulnerable leadership, and living each moment as if it was your last.  I’ve written more about it here.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is in Pisces, bridging the gap between material and spiritual worlds, carrying information from the physical to the metaphysical planes and back again.  You can take advantage of this through prayer, manifestation and other practices that get you into alignment with your spiritual guidance.

And finally, Jupiter will move into Cancer on June 25, 2013, and will quickly get into trine with Neptune, Saturn, then Chiron, completing the Water circuit.  Jupiter will also oppose Pluto, and bring just enough tension into the dynamic to spur all that lazy Water to action.  Jupiter in Cancer is in its all-time favorite sign to occupy, bringing a warm, nurturing feel and encouraging growth gently, as a summer rain encourages flowers to bud and open.

How does this affect me?
If you have a lot of Water in your chart, this astrological activity should feel really good, as if the rest of the world is aligning with the flow that is natural to you.  You may find yourself experiencing luck and being noticed in ways that don’t make you feel overexposed.  If you have lazy Water habits (such as living in codependent relationships, overpowering others with your emotions or draining yourself dry to serve and nurture others), these habits may be indulged this year and you could end up with no progress.  But if you decide to live your Watery side in the best way possible (by being conscious of your feelings but not dramatic, and being intuitive without being invasive), you could find yourself at the top of the heap with very little effort.

And the really good news is that if you are starting a business this year, or having a baby, you can look forward to your “project” having oodles of good karma.  Some kinds of businesses are better suited to this than others; you can see me for a consultation if you’re ready to know more.

This time period is especially good for:

  • healers
  • artists
  • nurses and caretakers of all kinds
  • midwives, doulas, ob/gyns and those involved with birthing
  • hospice workers and those who to assist peaceful death
  • any job that requires compassion and human kindness
  • spiritual and psychic helpers
  • anyone who works with children
  • financial analysts and investors, anyone who works with debt but especially those who assist people in trouble with management of their debt, including bankruptcy lawyers
  • therapists, counselors and coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
  • hypnotherapists
  • . . . and the list goes on.

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Jupiter in Cancer: Endless Summer

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

June 2013 to July 2014

Our old friend jolly Jupiter is about to move into Cancer—today, in fact.  This is such good news I had to tell you about it.

You might know that every planet rules a sign of the zodiac, which is called its “home” sign.  A planet is very comfortable when at home and it can express itself purely there.  But what you might not know is that every planet also has an exaltation sign—a sign in which it expresses itself the best.  In its sign of exaltation, a planet’s better tendencies are brought to the fore, while its worse tendencies are muted.  For Jupiter, that sign is Cancer.  But why?

At first glance, Jupiter and Cancer would seem to be incompatible.  Cancer is the stay-at-home type, while Jupiter is the wanderer.  Jupiter has a devil-may-care attitude, while Cancer bonds deeply and feels keenly.  Jupiter is fiery and extraverted; Cancer is watery and introverted.  To Jupiter, Cancer’s family ties may seem like shackles, while to Cancer, Jupiter’s inability to stick with things can cause feelings of abandonment.  In fact Jupiter’s home sign, Sagittarius, and Cancer share a difficult quincunx aspect, suggesting that they are as alien to each other’s ways as possible.

All this is true, and is even more reason why occupying Cancer solves some crucial Jupiter problems.  Like the tendency to roam and roam but never stick anywhere.  Like the perpetual sensation that the grass is greener somewhere—anywhere—other than right here.  Jupiter, when placed in loving, nurturing, bonding Cancer, retains all the warmth of the Big Red Planet’s gregarious personality, while gaining the ability to have fun with deeper human connection, instead of feeling trapped by it.  Jupiter in Cancer people love family life and make great parents.  They have a natural tendency to nurture the small beings around them into bigger, stronger ones—and they enjoy doing it.  If you are in a “12 year” this year (meaning you are turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84), this could mean you.

This summer and fall (of 2013) there’s a fantastic lineup of planets falling into a Grand Trine in Water.  Jupiter completes that circuit and will bring luck, charisma and opportunities to those who are born under it and those who incept businesses under it.

Those of you lucky enough to be Cancers will get a personal hit of Jupiterian self-confidence, expansion and growth especially if your birthday falls between July 1 and July 12.  In fact, the Aries, Libra and Capricorn people born in a similar week in their own month will have a similar experience:

Arians born March 30-April 9
Cancers born July 1-12
Librans born October 3-13
Capricorns born December 31-January 10

Jupiter in Cancer feels like endless summer, like those long summer days where you feel you are sitting in a field and you could lazily open a palm and ripe fruit at the very peak of its perfection will just drop into it.  You can feel the warmth and safety sink into your bones and you relax.  Deeply.  It’s like sitting in the lap of the Universal Mother, knowing all things will come to you in their time, and in the meanwhile, you can just be.

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The Best and Worst of Cancer (or Why Are Cancerians So Lovable?)

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

What makes Cancer sign types (usually born between June 21-July 22) so lovable?  And on the other hand, why is it that so many Cancerians languish in the singles pool while their more glamorous Leo and Gemini friends seem to get all the dates?  Cancer offers substance, not style, and this is exactly the charm of this Water sign.  But how do you get others to appreciate it?

Cancer, when you’re at your best. . .
. . . you are nothing if not devoted to those you care about.  You would rather pour a lot of loving attention into a few special people than spread yourself out thinly over a large group.  Networking is not for you and this is because you come at things heart-first.  You may not be flashy upon first glance, but once you’ve gotten into somebody’s heart, you’ll quickly gain a lock on their affections.  Your emotional intelligence gives you an edge in all kinds of social situations, and your intuition keeps you out of trouble.

. . . and at your worst. . .
Your ability to care and to feel are your finest strengths and your attraction to those who are weak, small or in need is a reflection of this.  Is it any wonder that you wake up some days to find that your home is overrun with stray animals, your life with stray people and your attention with gone-astray family members?  Sometimes a line simply must be drawn.  Your time is valuable because when you give, you give completely.  Is it also any wonder that you get attached, sometimes too attached, to those you care for?

Handling your Cancer nature
Make your home into the perfect nest for you to enjoy and to share with a special someone you can build a family with.  Your home is absolutely your castle and when it’s as you like it, you are sustained, supported and invigorated.  When it’s not, you’re drained, plain and simple.  Also, when your relationships don’t give back to you, you absolutely must pull back from them and begin taking care of yourself.  Forget about blaming others for not reciprocating—frankly, your standard of care is higher than theirs.  Oh, and please draw a line with those crazy family members you’re always trying to save.  It’s a wasted effort that drains the friendships you have with those who are more deserving.

Clueing others in about you
Let them know you’re shy.  Still waters run deep and yours are among the deepest.  Be choosy in all your friendships.  Really bond with your friends and let them know how much you treasure these few special people you’ve carefully chosen to let into your life and heart.  And when you go crazy over the next relationship in your life, don’t ditch your friends for your “new hottie”—you’ll need those friends someday, whether to cry with or laugh with, as soon as you get past the honeymoon.  Be sure to cultivate your connections with the Scorpios and Pisceans in your life: they get you like nobody else and instead of being bothered by your sensitivity, they understand and value it.

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5 Reasons Why Most Hobbyist Astrologers Will Never Practice

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Why do people who love astrology—maybe they’re even obsessed with it—continue doing it as a hobby, rather than taking their passion to the professional level?  Here are some reasons:

Reason #1:  Sincere astrologers are deeply spiritual people who often hate marketing on principle.  They see marketing as sleazy, slick and manipulative, and they want no part of it.  Because of their strong spiritual bent, they are reluctant to accept money at all for what they do, even though what they do is powerfully helpful and mysterious to non-astrologers.  They hope to develop a practice through word-of-mouth only, but that’s hard to do without marketing at all and it can take many years to build a clientele.

Reason #2:  The lack of prominent, accessible degree programs and certification programs leaves most student astrologers confused about how to get on a career track with astrology.  It’s easier (and more conventional) to just go to college like everyone else and get a degree anyone can understand.  These programs do exist, but the general public has no idea that they do.  You have to have a special interest in astrology to find them at all.

Reason #3:  Astrologers who identify with the history of Western astrology (perhaps by remembering past lives spent as astrologers) carry the burden of a perpetual low-level fear of attack.  They are attacked by skeptics all the time, sometimes from people very close to them.  This can trigger past-life memories of being burned, drowned or otherwise murdered for “knowing too much.”  This fear, left unidentified and un-dealt-with, has stopped many an excellent student astrologer from taking their studies further and perhaps making a brilliant contribution to the world.

Reason #4:  The astrologers who insist on pursuing astrology despite the above obstacles are deeply stubborn people who may have rejected the values of the majority society for so long that they simply don’t know how to act normal and are resistant to learning.  They may secretly love being weird.  They may have become so accustomed to not being accepted that they have gone full-tilt in the opposite direction, and are flying their freak flag—hard.

Reason #5:  Being a professional astrologer requires being an entrepreneur and building a practice-based business, two things that are hard enough even if 1) you have a degree or certificate in something socially validated, 2) your degree or certificate program taught you how to build a practice, 3) you are naturally self-confident and promote what you do easily and 4) you know how to stay organized, keep your financial books and you are a good communicator.  Because to be an astrological entrepreneur means your boss is you.  No one is going to crack the whip over your head.  At the end of the day, the one to create the structures you live by, and then occupy them, is you.  You have to be able to make promises to yourself and keep them.  You have to have integrity with yourself.  You have to motivate yourself.

If this is you, and you’re sick to death of it and ready to make a serious move towards practicing astrology professionally, I have options for you.  Because the world needs more serious, dedicated astrologers.

If you are a beginner and you’re ready
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Neptune and Saturn Launch A Bubble of Useful Magic Energy

Friday, June 14th, 2013

This transit runs from October of 2012 to July of 2013

Saturn is hanging around on top of Mount Olympus, when he comes upon Neptune, who is playing with magic energy.  She is casting swirls of sparkles into the air, launching comets of light and beauty, and creating distant explosions of delicious loveliness. 

Saturn:  That’s very nice stuff you’re doing there.
Neptune:  Why thank you.  It’s my specialty.
Saturn:  But it could be improved.
Neptune:  How is that?
Saturn:  By making it physical.  Here try this–
Saturn produces a paintbrush and a palette, loaded with colors, and a large canvas, already stretched.  Neptune picks up the brush and dabs it into the paint, swirls color onto the canvas.  The results are lovely.
Neptune:  Wow, this is good stuff.  What is this?
Saturn:  They make it on Earth.  It’s called paint.
Neptune:  Oh yes, Earth, I’ve been trying to get there for ages.  Human beings never listen to me.  I’d kind of stopped paying attention.  Where is it again?
Saturn points down to a very dark area below the rarified atmosphere of Mount Olympus.  They gaze at Earth, a sphere of darkness and tears.  The cries of humanity are audible.
Neptune:  Why do they have to suffer?
Saturn:  Because they’re in the material world.
Neptune:  That doesn’t look very appealing.
Saturn:  Not for someone as idealistic as you, but for me it’s a wonderland of possibility.
It’s a super-dense plane where you can build stuff.  When you build it, it stays for a pretty long time.
Neptune:  What, a couple hundred years?  Not very impressive.
Saturn: Not by our standards maybe, but by human standards, yes, impressive.
Neptune:  There’s a catch, though.  Sure, you can build things, but you have to deal with a lot of limitations, restrictions and (ugh!) hard work while you’re doing it.
Saturn:  That’s true.  It takes ambition to build things and ambition is built on fear.  If people don’t know they have limitations, why would they work to overcome them?  I remind them of those limitations, and the strong people rise to the top.
Neptune:  That’s harsh.  My contribution is different.  I provide a dream-world people can retreat to.  It’s a gentle place where the artists can find solace and fuel their imaginations.
Saturn:  Sounds like a haven for lazy people.
Neptune:  I find physical existence inherently repellant.  My dreams and visions can’t stand the weight of gravity.  They are crushed by it.
Saturn:  I understand.  You and I have very different priorities.  I like the crushing weight of physical existence and I thrive off the necessity for hard work and the opportunity to shape the material world.
Neptune:  Whereas I am uninterested in all things material—they just make me feel trapped and I’d rather exist in the non-physical, where things happen instantly, with just a thought.  We do have one important thing in common, though, and that’s a desire to make things different than they are.  I like to imagine how things could be different, more ideal.
Saturn:  While I like to work to build something better.  And what wonderful things we could accomplish together, if you were willing to allow your dreams to be infected by gross materialism and I were willing to allow my material world to be permeated by lazy, ineffective and purposeless dreams.  If we work together, we could do some very nice things for those people down there.
Neptune:  Point well taken.  Ok, what do we have to do?
Saturn:  Let’s try this, for starters. . .
He reaches out into the air and grabs some of the magic, colored energy Neptune has left there.  With a swift gesture, he shapes it into a block, which immediately turns a dark color and crashes to the ground.  Neptune blows on it, until it assumes a rounder shape and gently lifts off the ground.  It is now a beautiful, iridescent bubble with shape, texture, weight and beauty.
Neptune:  Wow, that’s actually quite nice.
Saturn:  Yes it is.  Now we just need a Human Being to deliver it to Earth.
Neptune snaps her fingers.  A Human Being appears, looking confused and disoriented.
Neptune:  You wouldn’t happen to be an artist, would you?  A visionary, a dreamer, something like that?
Human Being:  Well, yes, I suppose I am.
Neptune:  We’ve got something very nice just for you.  It’s a lovely dream. . .
Saturn:  . . .  that you can make real!  It’s a goal. . .
Neptune:  . . . inspired with true vision!
Dazedly, the Human Being allows the bubble to settle on his open palm.  Saturn snaps his fingers and the Human Being disappears.  
Neptune: (giggling) Whatever are they going to do with this?
Saturn:  I have no idea.  But it will do credit to us both.  Let’s make more!
They busy themselves at making a huge variety of the bubbles and wafting them down to Earth, where they burst over the heads of a couple million creative people.  

Are you one of the creative people who is getting a download of useful visions this year?  Saturn and Neptune are cooperating to make it easy for you.  This lovely trine between them began in October of 2012 and ends next month in July of 2013.  This means that business ideas that come from intuitive sources can be turned into dreams-come-true.  Now is the time to start or develop a business with heart.  Better take advantage of the possibilities now, while you can!


Is It Your Turn To Walk Between The Worlds?

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

This year Neptune goes retrograde on June 7, 2013

“Wake up!” says Neptune.  “Recently I showed you that there is more to your life than what can be experienced with the physical senses.  I demanded that you look deeper.  Now I’m telling you again:  it’s time to re-dream your life.”

Today Is A Pivotal Day

When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.  Today (June 7, 2013), that planet is Neptune.  It’s as if Neptune is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding this change forever.  Today I’m delivering a wake-up call.”

(read more. . .)