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5 Ways Aries Remains Forever Young

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

It’s springtime again, and to celebrate, I’ll share with you how spring babies, the Aries types among us, remain forever young.  As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries (March 20-April 19) represents birth and newness.  The Aries temperament is a great example of how to cultivate freshness and the ability to begin again, no matter what the circumstances.  Here’s how Aries does it:

1. Be athletic.  If you’re an Aries, you need to move your body–plain and simple.  You may have been sporty in grade school and high school years, but in adult years it’s all too easy to channel that fiery drive into projects until you suddenly wake up to discover you actually have (gasp!) fat!  For an Aries, this is unthinkable.  In every Aries’ mind, he is a bead of pure energy moving through space:  unstoppable, inexorable and completely devoid of baggage.  When he’s not moving his body, he loses touch with his own sense of himself.  To regain it, he needs to “get physical” on a regular basis (yes, sex counts as exercise!).

2. Push for what you want.  Aries is nothing if not pushy.  This is not a bad trait—it’s very useful, especially in a world based very much on competition.  Aries in a woman’s chart represents her inner Warrior Woman.  This part of a woman is reviled and like Mary Wollstonecraft (who had a strong Aries influence), the Aries female might well be called “a hyena in petticoats.”  But if you’re not willing to push for what you want in this world, how will you get it?  For Aries, pushing means hoping, and without hope, all is lost.

3. Live in the now.  For Aries, it’s natural to forget about the past as soon as it’s over.  Letting go of the past is as easy as letting your attention be grabbed by the next shiny thing.  Naturally, this can come back to haunt Aries when they think they have moved on but find that the past unexpectedly rears its head.  But to really be in the present, fully and completely, simply acting from your transparent truth is what Aries does best—making life immediate and vital.

4. Keep moving.  Aries never gets stuck for long—which is a feat, considering that Aries comes with a built-in challenge-seeking missile.  Aries perpetually seeks obstacles so that they may be overcome.  No other sign is as hard-headed, driven and impatient as Aries.  If there’s anything Aries can’t stand, it’s waiting for things.  Those of this sign type need to keep moving much as a shark does—without motion, stagnation sets in and death soon follows.

5. Relish life’s challenges.  “Battle frenzy” is what they call the altered state you get into in the midst of a fight.  It is a state of high arousal where you are loaded with adrenaline and endorphins.  You have a lot of energy and you feel no pain.  Now I’m not saying you should consume masses of caffeine and painkillers, but I am saying that when life throws you challenges, you can enjoy the alertness that the situation draws from you.  Years ago, I recall a friend describing the amazing feeling she got in her women’s self-defense class:  “I almost want to meet an attacker in a dark alley,” she confessed, “If I could fight for my life and win just once, then I wouldn’t have to be eaten up by anger anymore.”

You don’t have to be an Aries to try on these attitudes.  Every human being alive has at least a little Aries in them.  Cultivate yours and stay young!

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Avoid Future Expense By Becoming A Granddaddy

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

(Rate Change Coming)

As of May 1, my fee-structure will be changing, offering more reading time and more resources for particular, theme-focused readings.  Readings focused on career, relationship, family and also the initial reading, will cost $225 and will last 100 minutes instead of 90.  They will also include free audio recordings, videos or other bonuses for you to absorb before the reading.  This will add tremendous value to the readings by eliminating some basic astrological explanation that I usually have to do, thus buying us more time to talk about your life, in all its glorious detail.  Preparing for the reading ahead in this way will also allow new clients to jump in at the deep end by skipping an initial reading if they wish, and going straight to the theme they want to focus on in their first reading with me.

As always, returning clients will be grandfathered in at their old rate.  Present clients (from 2012 and before) will receive 90-minute readings at $180, as always, for ever and anon.  And the loyal clients who first saw me in 2009 or before will always receive their special rate of $150. 

If you are a newsletter reader but not yet a client and you’ve been putting it off, you might want to jump in now, because the old rates are still effective through April 30.  This is your chance to lock in the old rate for yourself by establishing yourself as a pre-rate-change client.   You’ll be grandfathered in, for ever and anon.

You can book your “granddaddy” reading for anytime in the future at all, as long as you book it between now and April 30.  And this is a good thing because as of now I’m usually booked 2 weeks to a month out all the time.

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The Challenge of Saturn

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

by Erica Bridgeman
(Pandora Astrology Intern)

I’ve always known that the sun sign was a significant marker within the birth chart, the representative of the personality, the ego, the personal sun which gives life and sustenance to the individual self. But learning about the characteristics of each of the planets within our solar system, I discovered a major player lingering in the shadows of my chart, affecting me in subtle and not so subtle ways since the moment of my birth. That major player is none other than Saturn—astrologically, a planet most people willingly avoid at best and severely repress at worst (although Pluto often gives Saturn a run for his money where repression is concerned).

My interest in investigating Saturn’s influence on me began after I received a Life-Long Love reading with Jamie where I discovered that Saturn was transiting my natal Venus in the 10th house from September 2012 to about August 2013, during which time relationships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones, would become a challenge. But as Jamie and Liz Greene (author of the book Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil) emphasized, if I remained open to the process and engaged consciously the work that it would take to both look at both my own patterns in relationships as well as what may be going on with potential mates, I would emerge from the transit with a greater capacity for self-knowledge and loving self-compassion. So I accepted the challenge.

In my reading of Greene’s book as well as meditating on the birth chart that I received after my astrology reading, I had a major realization, one that had remained hidden in its significance but whose impact on me underscored a lifetime of feeling creatively stunted and insignificant while also feeling that I was the casualty of intense romantic disappointment and heartbreak. Saturn was in the fifth house of my natal chart, which is traditionally thought of as the house of the Sun’s rulership. It is also known as the house of children, creative self-expression, and love, or as Greene refers to it, “the house of romance” because “this also is an area where the individual may express – or project – his [or her] own identity without interference, and through the experience of love of this kind he [or she] may get a glimpse of his [or her] own inner centre.” Ultimately, in the cosmic point of view, the goal of intimate relationships is not so much happiness and security but “to complete something that is incomplete within the psyche of the self. It is to become healed and whole unto the self while realizing unity within the universal One.

So to have Saturn in this house, can mean that the expression of all that the Sun represents—self, identity and will within the world and within the individual, self love and love for the other, innate creativity, and the reproduction of life either literally or figuratively—is eclipsed. Thus, chronic feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt plague the psyche of the individual, leading to either a depressive and even fatalistic outlook or, more hopefully, the making of the decision to break the limiting restrictions that Saturn embodies and move forward with consciousness, guidance and patience; slowly peeling back the facade that shrouds one’s inner light.

For me, what this realization has meant is to be willing to engage in the continual process, all the days and nights of my life on this planet called Earth, not to reject or repress but instead to fully accept and integrate my shadowy and rather base aspects as well as my own shining brightness, so that I am not living a life of duality but of wholeness. To realize my inner yin and yang merging in the infinite cosmic circle/spiral. For this, I am utterly grateful to the planet that has been called “the devil.” For, having accepted his ultimate challenge, I find Saturn offers me the key out of my own personal hell.

Read Erica’s introductory blogpost as a Pandora intern.


Ignite! 4 Ways Astrology Can Help You Discover and Pursue Your Inspired Career

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

In my Rocket-Fuel Your Career teleclasses this year, I’ve been talking about how astrology can help you get on track and pursue a career that’s right for you in a self-disciplined way.  So far, we’ve been focusing on Saturn and things have been rather heavy, but they’re about to get a whole lot lighter.  In the upcoming teleclass, I’m going to talk about how astrology can help you get inspired and find meaning in your career by pursuing what you love and radiating so much enthusiasm that you become a natural leader that others want to follow.  There are 4 ways your chart can help.

Jupiter, the Charismatic Leader in You
The red giant in your chart shows your natural leadership capacity—and any factors that may be restricting it or holding you back.  Jupiter is the planet of abundance, good fortune, hope, optimism, possibilities and sheer luck.  Luck is no accident—Jupiter is strong in the charts of individuals who just seem to have it easy, and (since everyone has Jupiter somewhere) you can learn to do what they do—but in your own way.  Jupiter helps you find your style of authentic leadership and because Jupiter’s great for marketing, promotion and sales, it’s an especially good thing for entrepreneurs to know about.

Neptune, the Visionary in You
Neptune in your chart shows your wishes, hopes, dreams and fantasies.  It’s easy to allow the Neptune side of you to remain a lazy dreamer instead of taking action on your visions, but once you become aware of your dream, you may find yourself caught up in its magic and inspired to take it on.  Neptune also speaks to the dream of your whole generation and your chart shows how you can incorporate that dream into your career, so you can reach (and positively impact) the people who share it with you.

Big Voice/Little Voice
Your chart reveals the natural tone of your Little Voice, the intimate voice you use to connect with other individuals in one-on-one interactions.  Your Little Voice helps you discover the message you are here to share.  Your chart also reveals the tone of your Big Voice, your broadcast-to-a-crowd voice, the one you should use when speaking to inspire a large group.  Your Big Voice is useful for marketing, promotion, sales, and gaining more visibility in your field.  This is another great piece for entrepreneurs and I’ll show you how to separate the two, so you can use each for what it’s good for, and also how to combine them to create powerful marketing materials for your business.

Who’s Your Daddy?
Every field of endeavor has a particular astrological “ruling planet” which brings life-experience, wisdom and very specific timing, offering you a clear path to success in your field.  In the teleclass you’ll have an opportunity to find out which planet is in charge of your field and find out what that planet wants from you.  Then you can cultivate or “worship” that principle in your life in ways that will get you unstuck and help you progress and thrive.

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Saturn Sextiles Pluto: Conditions for Success and Deep Change

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

We return to the Mutual Reception, where Saturn and Pluto are off in a corner, eating canapés and hammering out their agreement for how they’ll work together while they occupy each other’s signs this year.  

Saturn:  This year we are in a harmonious sextile to each other and can easily come to a mutually beneficial agreement.
Pluto:  True.  It’s wonderful how two such different—and strong—personalities can align during a transit like this.  Let’s talk about how you and I can help each other best and what that means.
Saturn:  I think it comes down to conditions.  What conditions do I need you to adhere to, so I can work with you, and what do you need from me?
Pluto:  As long as things are doable and fair, I’m game.
Saturn:  Pluto, I need you to take responsibility for the results of the changes you create.  Who knows what the repercussions will be?  What matters is your integrity, and your ability to respond to those changes in a mature, adult way.
Pluto:  I can line up with that.  Saturn, I need you to be willing to go deep.  I need you to be willing to really, truly change.  I’m not talking about something superficial here, but a deep restructuring down to the very bones.  I’m talking flatten the building and begin again with a new foundation so it can be truly solid.
Saturn:  I like solid of course!
Pluto:  Yes, of course you do.  But are you willing to submit to big, mysterious changes that you won’t understand while you’re in them, in order that things may become more solid?
Saturn:  Sounds like a paradox:  change creates solidity?
Pluto:  Definitely a paradox.  How are we going to do this without becoming a pair of total control freaks?
Saturn:  I don’t know.
Pluto:  Maybe we shouldn’t try.
Saturn:  Control-freaking is rather a strong suit for both of us.  It’s one of the few things we naturally agree on.
Pluto:  Ok, so it’s going to be ok to be a control freak for the duration.  Good—that’s a relief.
Saturn:  As long as it works.
Pluto:  Yes, exactly.  And we may be fundamentally very different, but if we can’t do this together, nobody can.  During our mutual reception, all of humanity will feel the willingness to change their old, entrenched ways because we make it easy for them.  They’ll be able to make pain-free change to ancient traditions that are deep-rooted.  It’s a pretty good offer we’re making them.
Saturn:  I agree.
Pluto:  Thought you would.
Saturn:  Then I can say with confidence that anyone who is willing to—
Pluto:  —to look beneath the surface—
Saturn:  —yes, and take responsibility, be an adult, be professional, be mature and have integrity. . . will be able to—
Pluto:  —change, transform, metamorphose, destroy and rebirth—
Saturn:  —anything they want to.  No matter how entrenched.
Pluto:  No matter.
They shake hands.
Saturn:  Can I pour you a nice single malt scotch?
Pluto:  I prefer bourbon myself.
Saturn:  On the rocks?
Pluto:  You know me—cold and rocky.  You like it neat, I assume.
Saturn:  Yes, sir.
Off they go to the bar, disappearing in the crowd.

This is part 2 of a 3-part thread that began in December of 2012:
Saturn sextiles Pluto at the (Mutual) Reception