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Does Astrology Work for Fictional Characters?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Hi Pandora Astrology blog readers! Sara here again. This month I’m going to speculate about the chart of one of my favorite TV characters. Here’s why. . .

Since I last spoke to you all, I had my birthday! I turned 24 on January 18th, which also happens to be the birthday of one of my favorite fictional characters, Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope (according to the show’s writers). Leslie is a hardworking, idealistic small-town bureaucrat who wants nothing more than to support her community and her friends. Many, many people have told me that I resemble her, and us sharing a birthday is such a validation of that idea! In fact, when I told one of my friends that our birthdays were the same, she said, “That’s the best argument I’ve heard for astrology yet.”

Of course, Leslie is a fictional character, so her chart won’t have the same resonance that a real person’s will. However, I suspect that the writers of the show might have been considering astrology when choosing her birthdate. Amy Poehler, the comedian who plays Leslie and created the show, is a sun-sign Virgo, so I’ll bet they made Leslie’s sun be in an Earth sign to match.

According to the show’s website, Leslie was born on January 18, 1975, in Eagleton, Indiana, next to the show’s setting of Pawnee. Since Pawnee’s a fictional place, I did some research and found a site that figured out the real-world location of Pawnee. Looking on a map, it seemed like the real-life town closest to their location was New Pekin, Indiana. Since the creators of the show didn’t provide a birth time for Leslie (how inconvenient for astrologers!), I arbitrarily chose 12:00 PM, just knowing that I’ll have to ignore her house placements.

Anyway, on to Leslie’s chart, and what my baby astrologer instincts tell me about it. Leslie’s sun is in Capricorn, so, like me and all the rest of you Capricorns out there, she’s very focused on structure and goals. She has one big aspiration: to become the first female president of the United States. To get there, though, she’s set up smaller but progressively larger goals for herself, such as filling in an empty construction pit, creating a park, running the town’s Harvest Festival, and eventually running for City Council. Like Jamie’s post about sun-sign Capricorns said, we get energized by achievable goals and depressed by those that seem out of reach. As Leslie’s ability grows, she’s able to visualize bigger and bigger accomplishments, allowing her to take on larger projects. She can’t work directly toward becoming President – she needs to create small stepping stones for herself along the way.

However, Leslie is not a selfish person. All of the goals she sets for her personal growth involve expressing her love for her community, which is to be expected, given that Venus and Mercury were conjunct on her birth date. She feels love (Venus) by communicating it (Mercury). In fact, she lives this so strongly, she even wrote a book that’s basically a long love letter to her town.

So there you have it – astrology can even work on fictional characters! Provided their birthdays were chosen with care, of course, as Leslie’s obviously was. If any of your favorite fictional characters have exact birthdays, take a look at their charts, and let me know what you see! I wonder how many other writers out there use astrology to help create character types – I’ll bet it’s more than you’d think.


5 Ways Pisces Is Like An Ocean Creature

Monday, February 18th, 2013

You already know that Pisces (February 19-March 21) is the sign of the fish.  This is no accident.  In some ways, Pisceans are like ocean creatures, in some ways they are like the ocean itself.  We’ve all got at least a little* of this sign in us and managing your primal watery nature can be a challenge, Pisces, so here are some tips for the Fish in all of us:

The ocean is the primal symbol for the imagination—and Pisces, you are deeply in touch with your imagination.  You are a visionary.  Your imagination is a rich, lush place that you should visit often and draw on liberally—because there’s always more there and you will never run out of fancies, dreams, imaginings, daydreams, visions and fantasies.  Write them down.  Make them into art.  Share them with people—especially those around you who have forgotten how to dream.

This connection with the ocean blesses Pisceans with oceanic awareness.  It’s a sort of global intuition, which comes from the fact that fish feel in every direction.  Fish don’t use their eyes as much as they use their whole skin surface.  As a Piscean, you feel “vibes” or vibrations exactly as a fish does.  You live in 360-degree awareness, responding to events all around you, whether you know it or not.  This intuition is Pisces’ main superpower.

Your global intuition gives you a special sensitivity to your environment.  It spreads your awareness out, improving your peripheral awareness but making it hard to concentrate your attention and also making you easily influenced by your environment.  Place a Piscean in the wrong environment and watch that person disintegrate, while a Piscean in the right environment will thrive enormously.  Create good environments for yourself, Pisces—it’s worth the effort.

Pisces, when people accuse you of being flaky, remember that by dwelling on land, you’re out of your element all the time.  Have you ever thought about the world of a fish?  A fish is surrounded and supported by the water it lives in all the time while humans live on the ground and are subject to gravity.  A fish never falls down—and has no corresponding desire to build.  The famous Piscean laziness is a natural outcome of belonging in a world without ambition.  It leaves your average zodiacal Fish with an enviable ability to relax and go with the flow.  This means, Pisces, that you are supremely equipped for the magical state we call “flow,” because it’s your home.

Pisces, your imaginative nature makes you highly empathic.  You can easily imagine yourself walking a mile in the other person’s moccasins and your gentle ocean waves can quietly get right inside a person.  You intuitively know how to bond to others, but beware of sucking others in or of unconsciously crossing their boundaries, because not all ocean currents are benevolent.  You could be someone’s undertow and they could get lost in you.  Once you’ve gotten your tendrils of awareness and affection into all the little corners of someone’s life, when you pull away, they may suddenly feel empty, bereft, lost in an empty void that used to be filled with a loving presence—you.  Being loved by you is special—bestow it wisely.

* You don’t have to be a Pisces to be a Piscean type.  That’s because you could be an Aries (or any other sign) yet have a bunch of planets in your chart in Pisces—enough to tip the balance and leave you feeling more like Fish than Ram.

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Saturn Goes Retrograde Today…

Monday, February 18th, 2013

February 18, 2013

“Wake up!” says Saturn.  “I gave you a chance to see your responsibility recently.  Now I’m telling you again:  this is a time of testing.”

Today is a Pivotal Day

When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.

Today, that planet is Saturn.  It’s as if Saturn is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding responsibility forever.  I’m delivering a wake-up call.”

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Why Are Teenagers Cranky?

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

As you know from a good look at your local teen, or your memory of your own adolescent and post-adolescent years, the crankiness of teens can take many forms:  anger, rebellion, shyness, withdrawal, lack of confidence, poor grades, lack of ambition, aimlessness, awkwardness.  It’s the rare teen who doesn’t suffer from several of these.  And most are pretending really hard not to.

But why?  Astrology has some ideas about it.

Through astrology, Mother Nature provides us with a human life cycle.  There are certain years of life (and this is true for everyone) that bring certain kinds of experience.  The specific experiences will differ from person to person but the main feel is the same.  This is connected with planetary cycles.  Why does turning 30 feel so serious and turning 50 feel so painful?  These ages are imbued with meaning which is connected to natural cycles and therefore feels beyond our control, like fate, but we have ultimate control over how we respond to them.

These cycles begin in the teen years and understanding them can give you a powerful look inside your adolescent’s head.  It’s important enough that I’m doing a free teleclass about it.  In this teleclass, you can find out:

  • why teens between 11 and 14 are rubber-banding between confidence and deflation
  • what’s the source of the adolescent pushback against authority (especially one’s parents)—and what to do about that
  • why teens today have to grow up in faster times than we did—and how to help them without insulting their intelligence or their budding competency
  • why people between 14 and 21 would rather listen to their peers than their parents—and why it’s important that they do so
  • how individuals respond to stress in individual ways—and how to predict today the ways your teen will respond to stress tomorrow
  • how people are gathered together into generations with a shared dream and how knowing and supporting the generational dream of your teenager can make all the difference
  • why every human being alive is on a marvelous mission to bring something unique to this world—find out and support your child’s mission and earn his/her respect for life

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Introducing My New Intern, Erica

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

This year I’ve had the wonderful fortune to find not one but two excellent interns.  Erica and Sara will each be doing a Pandora blogpost every month to talk about their experiences and learning.  Here’s the first from Erica:

When I first read that Jamie was looking for an intern for her astrology business, my first thought was, “What an incredibly unique and fascinating opportunity this would be.”  My next thought, however (which I admit reoccurred even after I was fortunate enough to be offered the internship) was, “Am I crazy to commit myself to seriously learning an art and a craft that is thousands of years old (at the age of 42 no less!) and which a good portion of people living in our “post-modern, left-brain dominated society” regard either with pat curiosity or downright hostile disdain?

“If you are going to make a midlife career change, why don’t you do something that has a guaranteed (i.e. legitimate) market potential?!” It was almost as if I could see in my mind a horde of angry and indignant naysayers circling me, ranting menacingly with shovels and rakes and other household items in their hands.  But the fact of the matter was, through the years I’ve always had a continuing interest in astrology and have tracked my sun sign (Virgo) to learn as much as I could about the mysteries of my own personality.

More recently, having gained a deeper understanding of how houses, signs and planets work together in the birth chart through my rather intense Virgoan reading proclivities, I have to admit and accept that having a Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus all conjunct in the 9th house pretty much guaranteed that the allure and pull of the astrological journey would inevitably call me on a quest – whether I was 23, 42 or 85.  Needless to say, I greatly look forward to learning the practice and business of astrology, especially in the 21st century, no matter what the opinions of the naysayers might be!  Cheers!


Jupiter Has Gone Direct

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Jupiter went direct last week on January 30.  It does this every year and when it does, we Earthlings tend to feel a sense of adventure swelling in our hearts.  Jupiter brings good things, and, after several months in retrograde, he’s on the move again.

Jolly Jupiter has spent the months since October 4 traveling backwards.  Now he turns his face forward and re-covers the same ground.  Why should you care?  If he’s passing through a zone where you have a planet in your natal chart, he’s been bringing you growth and confidence this year.  And he’s not done yet.

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