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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice—Saturn In Scorpio

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The last time Saturn changed signs, I wrote about it here in the Pandora blog.  That was in July of 2010.  Now Saturn is finishing up the tail-end of Libra (his favorite sign to occupy) and entering the dark, mysterious regions of Scorpio, to travel there from Oct 5, 2012 to Sept 17, 2015.  How might this sojourn feel to us here on Earth?

Saturn is the Father-Figure, the Adult, the Elder.  He’s the archetypal symbol of Authority.  When you feel that you must take things seriously, must be responsible, have to grow up, that voice of the Inner Judge pricking your conscience is Saturn.  The sign Saturn is in will affect how that Inner Judge behaves, and what he’s preoccupied with.  He’s now turning his attention to Scorpionic things.

Saturn in Scorpio will demand that we face our demons, our obsessions, our addictions and wrestle them to the ground.  Saturn will demand that we gain control over the uncontrollable, and that we shape and mold it into something that helps us, rather than sabotaging us.  Saturn in Scorpio plays with power.  This is heady stuff and it reminds me of the story of the sorcerer’s apprentice.  It’s from a poem by Goethe (read it here with a good English translation alongside) and you may remember the Disney version*, featuring Mickey Mouse as the apprentice who is tired of fetching water.  While the sorcerer is out, he casts a spell he heard which causes the broom to animate and fetch water for him. The broom fetches water and fetches water until the apprentice wants it to stop—but has forgotten how to break the spell.  The apprentice then attempts to destroy the broom, but succeeds only in breaking it into pieces, each of which springs to life and proceeds to fetch water until the house is in a flood.  The terrified apprentice cries out for his master as if to God.  When the sorcerer returns, he is angry, but undoes the spell with a word and doesn’t punish the apprentice too harshly, because the apprentice is already terrified enough of the power he wielded and how easily it went entirely out of control.  The apprentice thus learns important lessons about power and maturity.  In Scorpio, Saturn’s smackdown is swift and hard.

Here are some ways this could show up in human lives, so watch for them in the news:

  • dreams of power and glory become overblown and lead to ruin
  • investments, using the power of financial leverage, fail and destroy the lives of many people beyond the one who actually made the investment
  • somebody abuses their political position sexually or otherwise
  • trust is breached, secure or confidential documents get released
  • corruption is revealed. . .  and who knows what more might happen?

Do you have things to learn about power and how to wield it maturely, in full awareness of what you are doing?  If so, Saturn may bring these things up in the next two-and-a-half years.  And if you feel you are alone in this, please know you are not—we’re all in it together, experiencing our own version of it.

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* Because Disney will periodically purge YouTube videos of their works, this link may not lead you anywhere, but new copies are popping up all the time, so just search YouTube for “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and you will no doubt find it. Then you can enjoy this timeless classic, featuring Mickey Mouse and a whole lot of brooms!


Uranus and Pluto Topple The Great Edifice (Part 1)

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Uranus and Pluto are involved in a momentous, years-long square in the sky right now.  This is a really big deal and I want to tell you why.

Every pair of planets in the sky has a cycle they go through together, like the cycle of the Sun and Moon that makes the Moon phases we are familiar with.  When the Sun and Moon are conjunct, the Moon appears dark.  We call this a new Moon and it’s the beginning of a month-long cycle.  As the Moon travels on through the zodiac, the Sun also moves forward a bit, and after about a week, they form a 90-degree angle in the sky.  That’s called a square and the Moon appears half-full because the Sun’s light is illuminating it from that 90-degree angle, so we see the half of it that’s nearest the Sun.  Have you ever wondered why a “first quarter” Moon appears half-full?  This is why.

The Sun and Moon then continue travelling until they are exactly opposite each other in the sky (an ‘opposition’).  This is when the Moon appears full, because it’s on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun and we see the sunlight coming from behind us to illuminate its whole face.  After the Full Moon comes the Third Quarter Moon, which again appears half-full and is another 90-degree angle between Sun and Moon, a square.  Finally, yet another week later (for a total of 4 weeks or about a month), the Moon catches up with the Sun and is again new, ending the old cycle and starting another.

Uranus and Pluto are doing this dance also, except their time-frame is much, much larger.  This square is the first time they’ve met up again in the sky since their conjunction (or ‘new’ phase) in the middle of the 1960’s.  That conjunction of Uranus and Pluto was the 1960’s—it defined the times.  It brought the previous, hundreds-of-years-long cycle to a close and ushered in a new era.  Uranus rules revolution and Pluto rules psychological change—these two principles were blended throughout the sixties.  There was tremendous social change, racial integration, draft evasion, encounter groups were invented, hemlines went up, and young people listened to music that terrified their elders.  And I haven’t even mentioned the sexual revolution.  That’s Sexual (Pluto) Revolution (Uranus).

So right now, Uranus and Pluto are in their First Quarter square.  This stressful square lasts from 2012 to March of 2015.  During these several years it will peak in its intensity several times.  When the peaks happen, I’ll try to write blogposts that may give you a feel for this thing and it’s enormity.  Unless I’m too busy experiencing it in my own life, of course.  The following script shows how it might feel to us here on Earth.

Human Being has wandered from his sleeping body and is roaming the great astral plain.  There he spots a sort of dark block, far away at the horizon.  He turns towards it and, as often happens in dreams, suddenly he is standing next to it.  The edifice is black, shiny, massive, monumental, a tower as huge as an Egyptian pyramid.  Human cranes his neck but cannot see the top, which reaches into the sky and blots out the stars.  On its face climbs a small figure, hanging from a cord.  The figure quickly rappels down the face and greets Human.  It is Pluto, dressed in black and masked, like a ninja.  He is almost impossible to see against the dark, deep black of the structure behind him.    

Pluto:  What are you doing here?
Human (shrugs):  I’m one of those who can see things others can’t. (points at the edifice) What is it?
Pluto:  I don’t know, because I only see the archetypal.  What we’re looking at is the dream-world image of the thing.  The thing behind the thing.  It’s an edifice, a great big one.  I don’t know how it actually manifests in the physical world.  Maybe it’s a government.  Maybe it’s a corporation.  It’s an institution of some kind, that’s for sure.
Human:  Why are you climbing on it?
Pluto:  I’m looking for fault lines.
Human: What will you do when you find them?
Pluto:  I’ll press on them until they break open. Then this structure will have to change.
Human:  That makes me nervous.  And why are you dressed up like a ninja?
Pluto (proudly):  I look like a character from Mission Impossible.  No—I look like James Bond!
Human:  But you’re a god!  Aren’t you beyond that?
Pluto:  Yeah, sure I’m a god.  But I still like looking like James Bond.
Another figure appears at the bottom of the building.
Human:  Who’s that?
Pluto cranes his neck to see.
Pluto:  Oh that’s Uranus.  Who invited him to the party?
Uranus is wearing a fiery orange coat. He’s concealing something inside of it.
Pluto:  Hey, Captain Obvious!  Go away.  Can’t you see that if this tower is to come down, it has to be done by stealth?
Uranus:  Ridiculous.  If true change is to occur, everyone has to see it happen, or else it won’t stick.  Things will just go back to the way they were.
Pluto:  Absurd.  I’m going for nothing less than a full-on, cellular-level metamorphosis.  That can only happen in darkness.  Going to transform this puppy into something really useful.
Human:  Uh, do you know what that useful thing is yet?
Pluto:  Heck no!
Uranus:  I have a plan too.
Pluto:  Of course.  What is it?
Uranus:  I plan to break this thing down into its tiniest pieces, then reform them into something better, something bigger, something more all-inclusive.
Pluto:  Perhaps we should work together then.
Uranus:  Sounds good—how about you find the fault-lines and I’ll plug them with the explosives I brought.  Then we’ll blow the thing open and search the rubble for whatever meaningful endures.
Human:  Um, guys—have you thought about what this structure is?
Pluto:  All I care about is that it’s decrepit, decaying, dying and I must destroy it.
Uranus:  All I care about is that it’s forgotten how to remain flexible and I must replace it with something more progressive.
Human:  Have you thought about what humans will do without this structure while it finds its new shape?
Uranus and Pluto look at each other in delight.
Uranus:  Probably lots of chaos, don’t you figure?
Pluto:  Disorder, change, disruption.
Uranus:  Sounds good to me!
And back to work they go.

If you think this story bears some resemblance to the events of September 11, 2001, you would be right.  But that’s not why I wrote it this way.  It’s just a metaphor, not a prediction.  The edifice represents institutions of all kinds, and the social structures behind the physical buildings.

What changes will occur as Uranus and Pluto do their work?  I don’t know, but chances are good we will look back at this period as interesting times.

The story continues here.


5 Ways Saturn Can Accelerate Your Career And Gift You With Mastery

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Success, thy name is Saturn.  Yet Saturn is such a boogeyman, an object of terror for astrologers, their clients and those of the general public who understand what Saturn demands of us.

Feeling trapped?  Guilty?  Obligated?  Pressure to perform?  Blame Saturn.  Then roll up your sleeves and get to work because when you do the work Saturn is demanding of you, the reward he promises is sure to follow.  It is a simple, if arduous, contract.

Saturn’s purpose is to press you to work, sharpen, hone, structure, build and persist until you master the very thing you fear the most.  He’s nobody’s bosom-buddy but with time he can become a staunch friend.

Here are 5 ways, based on the Buddhist language of the Eightfold Path, that Saturn can accelerate your career.  If you let him.

  • Right Livelihood.  The position of Saturn in your natal chart tells you what you should be doing.  Paradoxically, that very thing is also your greatest fear.  By pushing through your fear, persisting and taking responsibility for it, you win through to your greatest success.  You also, along the way, discover what you came here to build and give back to the world.
  • Right Reputation.  Your Midheaven in your natal chart describes your public face, the image you present when you are seen in your career, your place of business, in the public eye or even on TV.  Cultivate this side of your personality and you can shine in public, even if you are normally shy and reserved.
  • Right Response.  Transits of outer planets (Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus) to your Saturn are times of career-building activities.  Sometimes that involves career-breaking activities or career-explosion activities.  Knowing when they are due and understanding their nature can leave you responding to events powerfully while they are happening.
  • Right Practice.  Transits of Saturn to your natal planets and houses answer the question “where are you supposed to be working hard this year?”  Saturn spends about 2-1/2 years in a given sign or house, allowing ample time for practice in the area of life symbolized by that sign or house (i.e. creativity, relationship, communication, etc.).  Knowing where Saturn is can help you identify and practice the things that matter and stay on target.
  • Right Timing.  Your 29-year Saturn cycle is nature’s best gift ever for helping you create and build your long-term goals.  The 29-year period between your first and second Saturn Returns is the most fertile period of your career history.  You can learn to use its phases to time important steps in the development of your career, reaching for success in exactly the times when it’s reaching for you.

And why do all this?  It’s so much easier to go with the flow of life—why bother struggling and pushing toward something so difficult?  Saturn’s gift is mastery.  It’s really simple—you do the work, and you get the reward.  And the satisfaction that comes from a reward worked for and earned beats the satisfaction that comes from merely having it given to you.  Excellence must be worked for—so that when you achieve it, you value it and you can teach it to others.

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Underworld Journey Ends For The Year

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Our old friend Pluto turns direct again on Monday, September 17, and he’s bringing to a close this year’s underworld journey by showing up, right on schedule, to take out the garbage.  Pluto has traveled several degrees backwards and today turns his face forwards again.  He will now retrace forwards the same steps he made backwards during the last few months, bringing a death-and-rebirth experience for everyone who is having a Pluto transit this year.

(read more. . .)


Chiron and Pluto at the Alchemical Pool of Healing

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

We find Chiron and Pluto in a dark cave, by an underground pool that glows with a magical light.  Chiron appears as a gentle, matronly woman with a kind face, dressed in green, flowing robes.  Pluto is dressed in flowing magenta robes and is wearing a fond, open expression that softens his harsh, hawk-like features.  They are beside the pool, stirring it with long staffs, occasionally tasting its contents with small spoons they carry in their pockets.

Pluto (putting his spoon away in a pocket):  That’s a very good blend, if I do say so myself.
Chiron:  Yes, this should work nicely.  Oh look, here comes the next one.
A Human Being, eyes closed and deeply asleep, shambles into the chamber.  
Pluto:  I’ve got this one.
Pluto takes Human Being by the arm and guides him to stone steps that lead down into the pool.  When he’s fully immersed, Pluto seats him on a stone bench built into the pool that brings the water just to his neck.
Human Being (sighing deeply):  I didn’t know this was possible.
Chiron (whispering to Pluto):  They always say that.
Pluto:  Yeah, they just don’t get that change is possible.  Do you know that’s one of the biggest questions humans go around asking themselves and each other?
Chiron:  Which question?
Pluto:  “Is it possible to change, really change in a deep way.”  They habitually doubt it.  It’s like an epidemic down there on Earth.
Chiron:  They also doubt that it can be done without pain, and they don’t believe trauma and wounding can really heal completely.
Pluto:  It makes me sad.  My business is change—
Chiron:  —Well do I know it!
Pluto:  —and it’s frustrating to do all my good work in the world and have it go unseen and unappreciated.
Chiron:  Humans are mere mortals.  They have such tiny life-spans.  Your 250-year cycles are too long for them to make use of.  They can barely make use of my 50-year cycles.  They don’t have time to come to understand themselves through your long-term alchemical process of change.  At least they try.
Pluto:  They die trying.
Human Being stirs, murmurs, his eyelids flutter.
Chiron (grabbing Pluto’s sleeve):  Hey, I think something unusual is happening!
Human Being wakes up and looks around himself in alarm.
Human:  Where am I?
Chiron (takes his hand calmly):  You’re in the Alchemical Pool of Healing.  It’s going to be all right.  You’re only changing.
Human (fearfully):  I’m changing?!
Pluto:  Yes, for the better.  And it won’t hurt.  You could have slept through it.
Human:  Can I do that while awake?
Chiron:  You are one of the unusual ones.
Pluto:  Yes, but most people don’t want to.  Even if it doesn’t hurt.
Chiron:  Most people don’t want to change at all, anyway, anyhow.
Human:  I do.  I’m ready.  Please tell me what I can do to help it along.
Pluto and Chiron look at each other in surprise, then back at Human Being.
Pluto:  Well, ok.  It begins with a full-being scrubdown.  It happens on all levels—emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  It goes way deeper than words.  I’m in charge of that part.
Chiron:  You have to trust and be vulnerable for that.
Human:  No kidding!
Pluto:  It’s about purging and letting go of the old.
Chiron:  You have to find the old thing that’s still stuck today.  That’s my department.
Human:  How do I do that?
Chiron:  It’s usually disguised as something painful that’s happening right now, a sort of trigger-point.
Pluto:  You’ll know because it’s a place in your life where you feel like a victim, where you haven’t taken your power back.
Chiron:  Then you have to get clear on which aspects of the experience are current and which are old, crusty grime from your past.
Pluto:  Then you have to remove that old grime.
Chiron:  —but gently!
Pluto:  —and you have to really let it go, along with resentment about it.  You can’t afford to continue holding onto resentment, entitlement or victimhood.  These are the final things that hold you back when you try to grow your power and initiative.
Chiron:  When you let it go, the new thing that’s bothering you in the present—the thing that triggered you and set you off—will go with it.
Pluto:  Then you have to practice not passing it on to someone who reminds you of yourself.
Chiron:  True.
They pause to stir the pool a little, then tuck their staffs into a notch at the side of the pool.  
Pluto:  A human being is a library of experience.  You can take an old book off the shelf anytime.  You call this memory; we call it the eternal Now because we know there is no difference.  The past, present and future are all one thing wrapped up together, written in your heart and in your very cells.  Your body remembers—ask it.
Chiron:  To survive, you’ve had to press down the pain.  Now it’s hardened—is it dross or diamond?  It’s up to you to recover it and find out.
Pluto:  I see we’ve made you think, but don’t think too long—take action.
Chiron:  Yes, take action towards your own healing, because we don’t usually operate as gently as this. If we have to come back and do surgery, you won’t like that very much.
Pluto:  Are you sure you want to be awake for this?
Human Being climbs out of the pool and puts on a robe that’s lying there.
Human:  Yes.  I’m ready to go back to my life and do the work.
Chiron:  Then you have our blessing.
Pluto and Chiron touch Human’s forehead, and show him the way back to his everyday life.


5 Tips For Raising A Happy, Secure Child (No Matter What Kind Of Child You Got)

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

5 tips from an astrologer on raising not just any child,
but the one you got

You want the best life for your child, but it’s hard to know what that is, and parenting is loaded with moments of urgency, moments where something important needs to be done right now.  It’s hard to get your head above water for long enough to get perspective and form a big picture of what you are doing.

Astrology can help.  How?  Your child was born with a clear life-plan that he is trying to live out—his astrology chart, which elsewhere I’ve called “an owner’s manual for life.”  Knowing what his life-plan is can make all the difference between living from one emergency to the next and relaxed, patient, fun parenting.  Here are some of the things astrology can help you do in your parenting:

1. Know what’s nature and what you can nurture.
In the huge, centuries-long debate between what is simply part of our human nature and what can be taught and nurtured, your child’s astrology chart offers real, useful information about who he is and what he came here to do.  This is not the same as fate, but it does lead to specific kinds of life experiences that you can anticipate and prepare for.  The reason your child’s chart is not his fate is that your child has freewill in how he responds to the experiences his life presents.  And while his chart may not show his fate, it does show his temperament.

2. Know your child’s temperament.
Chart in hand, you can find out your child’s natural talents and cultivate them.  You can also watch your child’s natural challenges emerge and begin early to help him over the rough spots.  A little attention focused on the right areas is much more powerful than a lot of attention focused on the wrong areas and spending time flailing about looking for your child’s aptitudes is a sheer waste when you could just get the owner’s manual and get on with it.  Your child is growing quickly and you can keep up with him or stay ahead of him by anticipating where his interests may go and dealing with the discomfort it may bring you before it even happens.  This brings us to. . .

3. Know your own temperament.
Nothing offers perspective on yourself like parenting.  Who are you as a person?  What are your needs?  What did you come into this life to do?  Many generations of parents, mothers especially, have sacrificed their dreams for their children, and then pressed their children toward the living of those dreams.  You can be a better role model for how to live life well if you parent lovingly and also pursue your own happiness.

In the absence of real knowledge about who your child is and how he differs from you, the natural tendency is to assume he is like you in every way until he shows a difference.  It’s natural to think he’s “a chip off the old block” and to feel betrayed when he turns out to want to go in some direction you’d never have chosen (i.e. he’s an extravert, likes sushi, moves to Japan, wants to study engineering in college, etc.).  But you can avoid the lion’s share of the betrayal by knowing those differences before they emerge—and welcoming them.

4. Be willing to be “big.”
Your child will grow up and eclipse you soon enough.  Give him this time, while he is small and helpless, to feel the security of your grander understanding of the world.  Your purpose is not to own your child, but to orient him to life and shepherd him through the first years of it.  Providing healthy structure and limits, to enable him to discover himself inside the at-first-small-but-ever-expanding world you create for him, is the greatest gift you can give him.  This means you have to be willing to be the bad guy sometimes, saying “no” when he wants to explore something that’s attractive but beyond him.  It’s hard work, but when you come into it already knowing your child’s best way of developing the self-discipline he’ll need as an adult, you’re way ahead of the game.

5. Back off.
When your child shows that he’s ready to take on the world in his own way, let him do that.  Step back, take a little distance, but stay engaged.  Parenting means you’ll always feel your child’s presence—you have a connection that’s permanent.  Give your child space to discover his own world at his own pace, without pushing him to do it slower or faster, like you do.  Some things you adore may not interest him at all, other things that don’t at all call to you will fascinate him.  Help put him in the way of experiences he needs to become himself—not a small copy of you.  When you know his chart, you can do this with confidence, even if the territory he wants to explore is completely foreign to you.

Here’s what I mean. . .
Let me illustrate these ideas with an example.  Let’s say you’re a Fire parent with a Water child.  One thing that benefits Water people is to place themselves physically in or near bodies of water.  When you find this out, it occurs to you that your Water baby might love to go to the pool.  But you, as a Fire person, don’t really like to have to deal with the pool—everything about it irritates you (getting wet, having to wash your hair after, how the pressure of the water around your body slows you down) and you’d never go to the pool if it were up to you.  But you’ve noticed how your little boy lights up at bath time and thinking about his watery nature, this makes sense and it could be a great exploration for him.

Consider what it costs you to give your child an experience that’s really meaningful to him and that gives a lot back to him, even though you don’t share his enthusiasm for the water.  Knowing your child’s chart can help you choose the best places to spend your efforts.  You might even expand yourself!  He’s only going to be small for a few years. Perhaps parenting him can be an occasion for you to for you to try some things that are new to you, just for those few years that he’s with you so much of the day.

It’s worth doing—and you can thrive with it.
If you think back to your own childhood, you can probably think of ways your parents fell down on some of these points, despite their own best efforts.  Don’t you want to improve on the parenting you received and pass on the best of your family’s wisdom to your little ones?  If you have really heavy family karma to deal with (i.e. alcoholism, abuse, abandonment, etc.) and you feel discouraged at how very hard it is to hold back the tide of pain and not pass it on, just remember that your job is to make your kids’ childhood better than yours was.  And if you succeed at that, even just a little, you’ve done your job and can feel good about it.

Parenting is an expanding experience, and we let ourselves be expanded because we know our children are not ourselves.  They are teachers for us.  It’s our job to teach them how to live while they are teaching us how to be.  Fortunately, you’ve got access to your child’s owner’s manual (his chart) and can help him towards his finest, most exciting life.  And isn’t seeing him light up the best reward ever?!!

If you want to know more about your child and how she or he fits into your family, here are two ways to do it:
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In this extended-length reading, I talk briefly about the parents as individuals and the aspects of their relationship that most affect the children.  I also talk at length about the temperament of each child, along with suggestions about aptitude and needs in important areas of life (scholastic, social, sport, structure, self-soothing, etc.).  Add $60 and 30 minutes per additional family member included (additional children, grandparents, nannies and other caretakers).

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Your kids are the most important people in your world.
Enjoy them while they’re small.
And let me know if I can help you with this.
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