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There’s Still Time To Be A Hero

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Still dealing with lingering anger and resentment from the Mars retrograde period that lasted from January 21 to March 10?  Still coping with anger, impulse control or wanting to resurrect your energy and drive?  Mars will continue re-hashing these issues through May 17.  Why?  Mars is demanding heroism of us.

Mars themes include anger management, awakening your drive, wielding your power and generally being a hero.  We’re currently in a period where all these themes may be present.  This year’s Mars retrograde period may already be over, but its influences don’t pass until after May 17 because, although Mars is no longer moving backwards, it is now re-covering the ground it had retrograded through.

While retrograde (i.e. moving backwards), Mars covered all the ground between 0 and 19 degrees of Leo, a very big swath of sky for a retrograding planet.  Its passage affected everyone with something in their chart in 0 to 19 degrees of any Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).  And while the retrograde part only lasted 16 weeks, the whole journey—consisting of Mars’ passage from 0 to 19 degrees, backwards from 19 to 0 and then forwards a final time to 19 degrees—lasts from Dec 20 to May 17, a period of over 5 months.  It has been a period of deep examination of the areas of our lives where we need to be more heroic.

This highly challenging transit tends to affect Aries people more than other types, because Mars is the ruler of Aries.  I’m an Aries myself and in fact, it affected me so much that I couldn’t do all the blog posts I wanted to do about it.  Too busy fighting those inner demons.  So I’m finishing them now, before Mars is done.

“Does this affect me?”
If you have anything in your chart in 0 to 19 degrees of any of the Fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus), then the answer is yes.  If you want to find out if this affects you, send me your birth data and I’ll tell you at no cost.  Just email me at Pandora at pandoraastrology dot com and include your name, your date of birth (including the year), your birth time as accurate as you can find (the birth certificate is usually the best source) and the city you were born in.  Be sure to add the question:  “am I being affected by this year’s Mars retrograde transit?”

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Saturn opposed Uranus: Governmental Reform

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Saturn and Uranus are still slugging it out in the skies, as they have been since November of 2008.  Today, April 26, 2010, is peak 4 of 5 in their ongoing struggle for control.  They won’t be done until July this year.  Here are some snippets from their argument:

Uranus:  You’re in favor of centralized power.
Saturn:  Absolutely.  The people don’t know what they want.  Someone has to be in charge.  Someone has to set the rules.
Uranus:  But what about when the people rebel?  What about the times when I create revolutions?  There’s no flexibility here for progress and change.
Saturn:  People should know that their government is trying its best to manage things so the people don’t have to.
Uranus:  When allowed its own way, government quickly becomes a tottering edifice of bureaucratic tangles.  Haven’t you ever seen the movie “Brazil?”
Saturn:  A ridiculous, trumped-up set of cinematically persuasive lies.  I don’t like science fiction.
Uranus:  I love science fiction.
Saturn:  Only one of the many areas where we part ways.  Please stay on the point.
Uranus:  Which is?
Saturn:  What government can’t take care of, privatization can.
Uranus:  Now you’ve really lost me.
Saturn:  Big business has the tools to handle problems government can’t.
Uranus:  And who pays in the end?

A planetary battle like this has a scale that is both grand and small.  You’ll see these Saturn-Uranus dilemmas playing out in news headlines that shout about public life and you may well see the same dilemmas playing out in your own personal life on a very immediate level as you struggle for self-discipline but wonder whether you are sacrificing your own genius.

“Does This Affect Me?”
If you have anything in your chart in 27, 28 or 29 degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) or in 0 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), yes—this affects you.  If you want to find out if this affects you, send me your birth data and I’ll tell you at no cost.  Just email me at Pandora at pandoraastrology dot com and include your name, your date of birth (including the year), your birth time as accurate as you can find (the birth certificate is usually the best source) and the city you were born in.  Be sure to add the question:  “am I being affected by this year’s Saturn-Uranus opposition?”

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5 Reasons Why Aries Gets More Done Than Anybody

Friday, April 9th, 2010

In celebration of the birthdays of all the Aries Rams out there, I’ve come up with 5 reasons for their astonishing efficiency.

Aries is action-oriented. Your friendly neighborhood Aries understands the secret behind true effectiveness:  “Just Do It.”  Nike wasn’t the originator of this idea—every Aries type since the Stone Age has had the urge to act immediately on a good thought.  Keeping Aries from acting—now that’s an entirely different issue.  Sometimes impulse control is a concern!  But the Aries ability to take action and to act now, without waiting for undue consideration, means that Aries has access to spectacular timing and often shows up first in line.

Aries is the rugged individualist. Aries is willing to do it herself and often feels nobody else would do it fast enough, soon enough or efficiently enough (a trait they share with Capricorns & Virgos).  It’s just plain easier to simply do the thing and get it done, and the mere idea of showing someone else how to do the job and then standing aside while they do it (most likely badly) frustrates Aries to tears.  The Aries tendency to believe that no one else could do the job better or faster than he can is sometimes off-putting, but who can argue with results?  On the other hand, here’s a hint to the Aries types out there: if you want to grow a business, you must learn to delegate.  Nuff said.

Aries has drive. Mars types have abundant energy—more than they need.  They must use it up somehow.  Regular exercise is the key to keeping the Aries person in balance both in body and mood.  Aries men and women must find ways to burn off that excess drive, otherwise irritation and anger can dog this upbeat, driven person, creating contentious social circumstances that make it hard to progress in love or career.  “When all you have is a hammer,” etc. etc., but who wants to volunteer for the position of nail?   Oh, and another whisper to you Aries types:  don’t live in a constant state of excitation (however good that might feel), or you’ll burn out your adrenals.

Aries can start over. There’s nothing like the hope that dwells in the Aries soul—it’s made of iron.  This sign gifts its natives with the ability to begin again after even the most crushing blows life can deal out—and to begin again with a freshness and innocence that makes the Aries type seem almost untouched by the past.  Scorpio hates this Aries trait, because Scorpio holds onto resentment longer than anybody, but Scorp also has to admit that the resulting freshness seems to keep Aries types young in body and soul.

Aries cuts away the dross. Garbage, waste, loose ends—these all have no place in the Aries existence.  How can such vestigial trappings even stick to someone who is moving so fast?  Aries is unattached to and easily lets go of anything in the way of forward movement.  The Aries type streamlines every space simply by barreling through it.  You want to get the job done?  Hire an Aries.  You want a fresh start?  Live with an Aries.  You want love to be reborn every spring?  Marry an Aries.

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Pluto Goes Retrograde–What Part Of You Is Dying?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

“Wake up!” says Pluto.  “Recently I initiated some part of you into a death-and-rebirth experience.  Now I’m telling you again:  this is a time of profound change.”

Today Is A Pivotal Day
When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.  Today, that planet is Pluto.  It’s as if Pluto is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding this change forever.  Today I’m delivering a wake-up call.”  If Pluto is touching a planet in your chart this year, this message is for you and it will have very specific meaning, depending on what planet that is.  That planet, and the part of you it represents, is being melted down to its essence.  After this period, that part of you will be fundamentally changed.  Today is the peak of Pluto’s wake-up call, but it could happen anytime within 5 days surrounding today.

Initiation Leading To An Inner Journey
Sometime between now and the end of last November Pluto showed us an area of life in which we are due for a change.  What he delivered was an initiation and it was our first chance to catch a clue about the profound metamorphosis to come.  That clue may have been obvious or it may have been subtle, but we’ve been shown a place in our life that would benefit from letting go of control and accepting that the old way of being must go so that a new way may be born from its ashes.

The clue was delivered, but did we notice?  It’s human to go into denial.  During the winter we may have said to ourselves, “Maybe I don’t have to do anything about this.  Maybe it was just a one-time thing.  Maybe I can just move on.  Maybe I can get away without paying attention to this.”

Or maybe not.  Today Pluto turns up the volume and gives us a reminder.  “That metamorphosis you’re going through?” he says, “You’d better get with the program.”  Today, Pluto’s retrograde journey begins and with it begins our journey inward to discover what part of us needs to be allowed to die and how we can accept that death and grieve its loss.  Only after we grieve can new life spring from the old.  The upcoming few months of Pluto retrograde will demand that we trust our own process and allow things to unfold as they must.  Pluto’s retrograde journey lasts until the day it turns direct, which is September 13, 2010.

Where Must We Face Death, Loss And Change?
The sign Pluto is in tells us how it will affect us.  Right now Pluto is in Capricorn, a practical, ambitious Earth sign.  While traveling through Capricorn, Pluto will transform our relationship to structure, discipline, order and career.  Pluto asks, “How do you handle structure?  Are you self-disciplined?  Do you have good, healthy order in your life?  Are you on a meaningful and purposeful career track?  Are you building something real, concrete and useful to leave behind when you die?”

Pluto says, “There are things you need to let go of.  Things that aren’t serving you.  Places where you stop yourself from having the discipline, integrity and ambition you really want to have.  I’m taking those things away from you now.  You don’t need them anymore.  You won’t know that at first–in fact, at first it will feel like you yourself are dying.  But you’re not.  You’re just changing.  Let go of those things you don’t need.  Grieve them.  Then watch new life spring from the old.  This is always my promise to you:  new life comes from the passing of the old.”  Pluto says, “This is me helping you get out of your own way.”

Is This Story Your Story?
If this resonates for you, it may be that you are personally touched by this transit.  Pluto may be triggering a planet in your own chart, thus bringing these themes up for you.  This year Pluto is covering the space between 2 and 5 degrees Capricorn.  If there is anything in your chart in 2, 3, 4 or 5 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries, you will feel this.  And knowing it can help a lot if you’ve been feeling like you’re melting down and like you want to hide under the covers and you’re generally more sensitive this year than usual.  Pluto may be trying to tell you something important, and if you listen, your discomfort will ease and the change you’re in can begin to flow instead of paining you.

What Area Of Your Life Is Being Affected?
Good question.  It will have to do with the planet in your chart that’s being triggered by Pluto.  If it’s Mercury, Pluto is metamorphosing your mind and killing off old ways of thinking.  If it’s Venus or Juno, Pluto is metamorphosing your relationships, giving you the possibility of a whole new way of being in relationship in the future.  If it’s your Sun, the very core of you is being melted down and reshaped into a whole new person you will not even recognize.  But whatever it is, you’ll have that feeling of emotional intensity, grief and loss and a powerful need to assert control as everything around you melts down.  That’s Pluto.  He’s a Big Scary Monster to meet in a dark alley, but his gifts are great.  Because he lives in each of us, we all have the ability to leave behind our caterpillar ways and become the butterfly we always meant to be.

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