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Mercury Watch

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

About the Mercury Cycle
Astrologers look at the position of Mercury to analyze the current mental chemistry of human beings.  Mercury tells us about how the day-to-day details of life will be handled and how office relations will go.  When Mercury is fast, such things proceed swiftly with few obstacles.  When Mercury is retrograde there are obstructions and snarl-ups.  Mercury forward (which astrologers call “direct”) is for forward motion and starting new projects; Mercury retrograde is for rest and contemplation and cleaning up old projects.

Every year Mercury goes through its normal cycle three times.  This cycle has several parts:  first we see Mercury race forward ahead of the Sun.  Then it slows down and turns retrograde, or backwards.  The Mercury retrograde period lasts for about 3 weeks, during which the forward-moving Sun will pass backward-moving Mercury, and they will greet each other in a day of illumination.  After another week or so, Mercury will slowly turn and start moving forward again.  Then it will speed up and race to catch up with the Sun, greeting the Sun as it rockets past.  Finally, it will slow again and turn retrograde.  The whole of Mercury’s cycle lasts about 4 months, while the retrograde part of that is only 3 weeks.  Naturally, this means Mercury goes through this cycle 3 times a year.

Mercury’s Current Status:  Efficiency is High
During November of 2009, Mercury is moving forward at a swift pace.  This helps us handle details smoothly and stay organized.  It’s a great time for meeting deadlines, planning long-term projects and generally getting a lot done.  You won’t find yourself facing the kinds of snarls that come up when Mercury is retrograde.  This condition continues through March, until Mercury slows down in the middle of April, preparing to turn retrograde on April 17.  But that is then and this is now, so enjoy the easy ride by getting as much done as you can and by handling and clearing as much paperwork as possible during February, March and early April.