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It’s Time You Know I’ve Gone Troppo

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Aloha everybody,

I’m writing to you from the beaches of Kaua’i, possibly the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands.  Now that I’m here I realize my plan of continuing to post to my blog was the product of an insane, city-dwelling mind and that there’s no way it’s going to happen.  I’ve gone troppo.  I’ll be here for another week and will be making no blogposts, no newsletter, no Twitterfeed until the stars guide me home.




Solar Eclipse: Relationships Call For Integrity

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

This demanding solar eclipse brings out the tough, career side of us.  Venus acts as its Shadow Agent, bringing in themes of relationship integrity and contractual obligation.  During this eclipse, life goes best if you follow through on what you say you’ll do.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: January 14, 2010
Time of eclipse:
11:11 PM PST
Type: annular (weak in intensity)
Visible in: People in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia will see this partial eclipse. At: 25 degrees Capricorn
Shadow Agent: Venus in Capricorn

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
January 10-20
April 10-20
July 13-23
October 13-23

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Venus is there:  she’s an attractive, trim and serious-looking woman in a business suit.
Venus:  Hi, I’m your business coach.
You:  I don’t remember hiring one of those.
Venus:  I come with the package.
You:  What package?
Venus:  The package called “Your Life.”  Freebie.
She sashays past you and into your living room.
Venus:  Where’s your desk?
You:  At work of course.
Venus waves her hand and suddenly you are at your workplace.  She shimmers into existence and tugs her suit jacket down, just like Captain Picard.  She looks so official you decide to pay attention.
Venus:  Ok, time for a drill.  Hup-two-three-four!
You:  What am I supposed to be doing?
Venus:  Working on your relationships.  Your business ones, to be precise.
You:  Why would I want to do that?
Venus:  Because without relationship, you cannot advance in your career.  Tell me about your promises and agreements. How good are you at keeping them?
You:  Oh, pretty good, I guess.
Venus:  Pretty good?  You think that’s enough?
You:  Well, I never really thought about it.  
Venus:  And that would be the problem, wouldn’t it?
She produces a very long document, which drags on the floor as she reads it.
Venus:  I have here a list of all the promises you’ve ever made.  Do you know how many you’ve broken?
You:  Um. . .
Venus:  How do you expect people to take you seriously if you can’t take yourself seriously?  Become a person of substance!
She smacks you on the back.  You stagger a little.
Venus:  Integrity, my dear!  Your career depends on it.  You want people to take you at your word, right?  You want them to take you seriously, right?  You are an adult, aren’t you?
Each question brings her closer to you until she is literally breathing down your neck.  She removes a monocle from her pocket and scrutinizes you closely.  This is an uncomfortable process.
Venus:  Mind your P’s and Q’s!  I’m watching you.
And with that she stalks out.


Saturn Goes Retrograde: What’s Your Unavoidable Responsibility?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

“Wake up!” says Saturn.  “I gave you a chance to see your responsibility recently.  Now I’m telling you again:  this is a time of testing.”

Today is a Pivotal Day
When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.

Today, that planet is Saturn.  It’s as if Saturn is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding responsibility forever.  Today I’m delivering a wake-up call.”  If Saturn is touching a planet in your chart this year, this message is for you and it will have very specific meaning, depending on what planet that is.  That planet, and the part of you it represents, is being asked to take responsibility.  Today is the peak of possibility of Saturn’s wake-up call, but it could happen anytime within 5 days surrounding today.

Initiation Leading to an Inner Journey
Sometime between now and the beginning of last October Saturn showed us an area of life in which we need to take more responsibility.  What he delivered was an initiation and it was our first chance to catch a clue about the changes coming.  That clue may have been obvious or it may have been subtle, but we’ve been shown a place in our life that would benefit from sustained hard work and a more serious attitude.

Did we notice?  It’s human to go into denial after a clue is delivered.  During the autumn we may have said to ourselves, “Maybe I don’t have to do anything about this.  Maybe it was just a one-time thing.  Maybe I can just move on.  Maybe I can get away without paying attention to this.”

Or maybe not.  Today Saturn turns up the volume and gives us a reminder.  “That responsibility you need to take?” he says, “You’d better figure it out and start doing it.”  This is a wake-up call.  Today, Saturn’s retrograde journey begins and with it begins our journey inward to discover what responsibility we need to take and how it will benefit us to do so.  Saturn’s retrograde journey lasts until the day it turns direct, which is May 30, 2010.

Where must we take responsibility?
The sign Saturn begins its backwards journey in matters, as well as the sign it moves backward into.  Saturn has been in Virgo for the last 2¼  years.  In 2010 it moves forward into Libra.  Its retrograde journey takes it back into Virgo for a few brief months before making the commitment to forward motion into Libra.

Virgo represents the phase of life in which we become a full adult.  In Virgo we assume adult status, enter the workforce and groom ourselves for life as a grown-up.  Libra, falling next in zodiacal order, represents relationship.  In Libra occurs the encounter with the Other, the Beloved.  In Libra we meet our match.

But before we move on to the domain of relationships, Saturn is telling us we need to get our house in order as individuals.  He tells us this by moving back into Virgo for a brief time before then moving forward into Libra.  This will be a period of grooming, cleaning, perfecting.  If you have organized things and structured your health or personal habits over the last 2 years, this is your last chance to complete that process before Saturn shifts out of Virgo’s perfection realm into Libra’s relating realm.  Virgo is a period of preparation to meet the Beloved, a period of finding oneself before entering into relationship with another in Libra.  It is that last moment you spend in front of the mirror before leaving the house.  “Is everything in order?” Saturn wants to know.  The next few months are your last chance (for many years to come) to make it so.

Is this story your story?
If this resonates for you, it may be that you are personally touched by this transit.  Saturn may be triggering a planet in your own chart, thus bringing these themes up for you.  This year Saturn is covering the space between 27 degrees Virgo and 4 degrees Libra.  If there is anything in your chart in 27, 28 or 29 degrees of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces, you will feel this.  Also if you have anything in 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer, you will feel this.  And knowing it can explain feelings you may be having of guilt, seriousness, obligation, duty or feeling trapped or limited.  Saturn may be trying to tell you something important, and if you listen, your discomfort will ease and a clear path to action can open up before you.

What area of your life is being affected?
Good question.  It will have to do with the planet in your chart that’s being triggered by Saturn.  If it’s Mercury, Saturn is asking you to sharpen, hone and focus your mind, so this could be the right time for studying hard.  If it’s Venus or Juno, Saturn is testing your relationships for strength and resilience.  If it’s Jupiter, your hope and faith are being tested.  But whatever it is, that feeling of heaviness, oppression, limitation and the pressure to take committed action are present.  That’s Saturn.  He’s nobody’s favorite planet, but because he lives in each of us, the job gets done.

Want to know more about how this Saturn transit affects your life?
Contact Jamie at
to schedule a reading.


Love Is Reborn

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Last year you may remember a series of posts I wrote about the myth of Inanna, called Descent Into Love’s Darkness.  That was about the Venus retrograde period happening at the time, using the story of Inanna and her descent into the underworld as a metaphor for the conscious vulnerability that real love requires of us.

Venus has a full yearly cycle, which begins and ends when it conjuncts the Sun.  Today is the alpha and omega of that cycle.  Today, last year’s relationship journey ends and this year’s begins.  Venus will proceed direct (i.e. forward) until October 8, when it will move retrograde (i.e. backwards) again for six weeks, sending us all on another deep journey into the heart of relationship.  At that time I’ll write a post on another myth about love’s darkness, that of Eros and Psyche.  This is one of my all-time favorite myths.  I’m looking forward to it already and hope you are too.

In the meanwhile, one relationship journey has ended; another begins.  This does not mean relationships have to end.  Quite the contrary—now is a time of fresh starts and there is a sense of newness, a scent of spring about it.  The testing time is long past.  Love has been reborn.  Now is a great time to fall in love with those you care about, all over again.


I and Thou–Again

Friday, January 1st, 2010

This morning, at the dawn of the new year I woke up burning with the desire to recommit to this blog and the deep conversation that it is with you, my fellow human being.  I am actually composing directly into WordPress (rather than writing elsewhere and posting after my thoughts are perfectly composed).  I am habitually meticulous, so this is unusual for me.

I want you to know that I LOVE the many opportunities I have had to touch people’s lives through astrology in 2009.  I have had more sessions than ever before, with more interesting, growing, exciting people than ever before.  I have had a lot of requests to join my newsletter list and am very excited at how this ongoing conversation about how we humans can take charge of and change our lives using astrology as a power tool is expanding.

To mark my excitement, I am recommitting to this blog.  In 2010 I will continue writing timely, relevant posts designed to help you apply astrology’s wisdom to your real, actual life.  I write to you, my intelligent, motivated audience.  To remind us both who you are and what our relationship is, I am reposting one of my very first posts, called “I And Thou” in which I wrote our relationship into being.  I hope you are as inspired by it as I am by you.

Here is what I said to you on April 3, 2007.  After blogging for 2 and 3/4 years, it is even more true today.

*     *     *     *     *

“If you hallow this life, you meet the living God.” -Martin Buber, I and Thou

The Necessity of Imagining an Audience
Every writer needs an audience. That audience is of necessity a fabrication, at least at first. It is invented out of pure imagination. In “inventing” you, I am adding you to my waking dream.

I am setting a high bar for myself. I know you are intelligent, discriminating and thoughtful. I know you are practical and desire more active participation in your own life. I need a reader just like you. I become a better person just thinking about you and the vast worlds we have to talk about together.

Here and now I get the opportunity to determine what you are like, but I also know that if I am to hold your attention I must remember that you have a reality beyond my imagining. So I choose to see you as a real person of stature and solidity, a person who is my equal (a Thou to my I) and a person who is capable of surprising me in a way a fiction can never be capable of. I have put out the shoes. If they fit, step into them.

You are adding me as a character in your dream by reading this and volunteering yourself for the relationship with your attention. You will self-select in or out of being here according to your needs. I trust you to do that.

Now that you’re here, please—pull up a chair. Join me here, at the fire.

Fireside Chat: Can I Be Frank With You?

I speak to you as to someone who understands, someone who “gets it.” We share certain values. You are spiritual but grounded. You have one foot in this world, one in a very different world. You are a spirit and a body and very interested in both. You are smart, subtle, psychological, metaphysical, but also motivated and driven. You are going somewhere in life (as I am) and don’t have patience or time for beating around the bush. You appreciate practical approaches to metaphysical matters. You’ll reach for whatever will help you move forward but if I am too woo-woo or new-agey you will get bored. I know that you are choosy and that I need to stay interesting or I will lose you. I respect that. It is a sense of discrimination I share.

Here, in this conversation, which is just between you and me, the medium is the message. Sometimes I will speak sharply; sometimes with infinite gentleness. It is my job to remind both of us again and again that life is marching on and each moment is too important to waste.

I keep to the realm of the universal, the classic. I talk about small, subtle experiences and large, general ideas. Things that pertain to you when you see how they apply to your life. All of it is useful. You find more here than you can use at one time, so you come back later to absorb the parts you couldn’t take in before. You are learning astrology despite yourself. Perhaps you came because you know some astrology and you want to learn more and you stayed because I’ve shown you new ways of thinking about it. You will never be the same.

I have very little use for knee-jerk negativity and “helpful criticism.” For this reason, I am letting you know now that I won’t have interest in comments that are critical but suggest no helpful change. But I am deeply interested in comments that add value to this conversation. In my view, you are an excellent person with much to say and useful experience to draw on. If you dilute that respect by speaking drivel it will be a loss for both of us. Mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I would say, “if you can’t say anything useful, wait to speak until you can.” Please don’t waste my time. I promise not to waste yours.

Hello, Thou. Who Are You?
You are adventuresome, growing, not judgmental, leveling, able to hold what I say gently in your mind. Your mind is open and curious. You are willing to consider any idea that might help you in your life.

You are an experimental person. This is because you’ve come to realize that there are no test runs in life, so your life is one big laboratory and you like to try things in it. You’ve had enough life-experience to trust your own assessment of the workability of ideas. You’re willing to grow-as-you-go.

You are a self-aware person. You notice your impact on others and your impact on life. This too enables you to experiment. When your experiments drive others away from you, you notice and perhaps change course. But you’re brave enough not to change course even if others are uncomfortable, in the times when you are sure you’re on the right track.

You have an idea where you are going, maybe sometimes only a general idea, but most importantly, you’ve got some kind of intuitive mechanism that lets you know when you are on-track, and when you are off. You pay attention to that. This gives you freedom to explore because you know that when you get off-track, you will eventually restore your course.

You are in the prime of your life but perhaps you don’t know it, because sometimes you’d rather be somewhere else. You have much more power than you’re using. You are at a nexus, a crossroads, a fork in the path. What you choose now will affect the whole future. New paths will open up, existing ones will close. There is no time but now for you to create the life you really want to live, to carve it out of the block before you. You are looking for what will help uncover the meaning of your life. What I’m writing will help you. At times it is exactly what you need. You are happy to have found me. I am grateful to have found you. We now have each other.

You look at your life differently because of what I have said. You are someone willing to do that. You are willing to change your whole life now, today, because of something that happened this moment. You are open to wild insight and willing to suspend disbelief long enough to entertain crazy ideas. You are willing to rearrange your brain. You are not stuck in ideas. You are also not stuck in a rigid “flexibility,” an ungrounded state that cannot find anchor or center and cleaves to nothing. You know your center when you’ve found it. For this reason, I can speak strongly to you. Thank you for that.

Thank you for listening; I see you are on the edge of your seat. That’s good because it’s your life we’re talking about here. Even when you are skeptical or the subject doesn’t grip you, you read to the end anyway, because you’ve learned to trust me. You know it will be just for you again very soon and you are watching eagerly for that moment.

What I Plan To Do With Your Attention
The conversation has already been going on. Somehow we entered in the middle of it. Our relationship? We are human beings. Sometimes we are up off the planet observing phenomena in ourselves, each other, other humans, the world; sometimes we are down in the thick of it, immersed in our lives, our points of view, our perspectives. Sometimes taking strong positions, sometimes not so much. We immerse ourselves, then pan out and look at the big picture. We are always deriving value from the comparison between the subjective and the objective.

I tell the truth and tell it often: on myself, on you, on others, on life. You respect me enough to hear it and to select what you need to hear from among the things I say. Sensibly, you discard the rest. You give me the infinite gift of changing your life because of what I’ve said here. I galvanize you; you allow yourself to be galvanized.

I respect you, I know your strength and I’m standing for it. I won’t tolerate you being a wimp. In speaking to you this way I am saying “I know you are already conscious, although sometimes you look asleep. Look at your life and take charge of it. It’s yours—no one else’s.”

Now I see others have joined us here at the fire. That’s ok—they can listen. This is still just between you and me, but if others benefit from it, that is very, very good.

Look at the fire. That fire is the urgency we feel: life is being lived now, here, whether we are paying attention or not! The dancing flame is never the same twice: in every moment comes another chance to change it all. In every moment comes another chance to leap in and shape this life according to our joy. To do that we need to give up resentment and discontent, accept how things are and then find the hope to move.

If you are still reading, then you belong here. You and I are connected, as we always were, as we always will be. This ever-existent connection has lain dormant in the back of our consciousness, waiting to be born in this moment, when you showed up and read to the end of the entry. And this, dear reader, is the beginning of our relationship.