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Happy Anniversary, Galileo’s Telescope!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Today is the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s telescope.  Why did Galileo develop the telescope?  Because he was an astrologer, of course.  He cast horoscopes and attempted to rectify his own chart.  His interest in studying the sky came from contemporary news of a Jupiter-Mars conjunction.*  That interest led, eventually, to the telescope and a good view of Jupiter’s moons.

Humankind began looking into the sky thousands of years ago, on several continents.  Those who did discovered that events in the sky paralleled human experience here on earth.  They studied it and distinguished celestial phenomena for use in navigation and in understanding of human events.  They were called “astrologers.”  Galileo was one, Kepler was another, Brahe was one too.  It wasn’t until the Enlightenment and the Copernican revolution (Copernicus? also an astrologer) that the terms “astrology” and  “astronomy” started to diverge so wildly and gained the distinct meanings we know today.

Galileo’s telescope was not the first of its kind, but it was stronger and lent support to Copernicus’ theory that the sun, not the earth, was at the center of the solar system.  It was heresy to suggest that humanity and our home were not the center of God’s creation, so it was several centuries before the heliocentric view we know today became accepted.  Copernicus’ theory was read in his time, but not accepted; we have Galileo’s telescope to thank for our modern understanding of our solar system.

* see The Fated Sky by Benson Bobrick, page 174.


Virgo The Artisan

Monday, August 24th, 2009

In my travels through life as an astrologer I have found that Virgo is the sign most people would rather not be.  “What?  I have Virgo rising?  No!”  “You mean I’m not really a Libra, I’m actually a Virgo?  I didn’t want that.”  “Virgo is so nit-picky. . . Virgos are nags. . . Virgos micromanage.”  I say, why all the Virgo hate?  Virgo is a wonderful sign with so many good qualities—why focus on the bad ones?

The trouble with Virgo is the perfectionism.  Virgo types have a tremendous sensitivity to order and tidiness, whether they can live up to that or not.  A Virgo who lives in a mess and is constantly overwhelmed is a truly miserable human being because they cannot shut off the need for order, even when they are not able to create it for themselves.  A love of order leads to perfectionism, which can lead to criticism and judgment.  Virgos can be very critical and what you don’t realize is that, while the Virgo in your life may be critical towards you, he is likely twice as critical towards himself.  For every nagging comment that comes out his mouth at you, two have already been directed at himself and the one that landed on you is merely the one that escaped his rigorous self-control.  When I tell Virgos this, their shoulders relax visibly in relief.  It is very tiring to always be the only one who seems to care about quality.

The Virgo type is a perfectionist because Virgo approaches life as an artisan.  An artisan is someone who crafts a perfect, beautiful and functional object.  The difference between an artisan and an artist is that an artist creates objects that carry beauty or meaning alone, whereas to be an artisan is to be a craftsman.  An artisan applies technical skill to ends both artistic and practical.  A well-crafted thing is a delight each time you use it and its beauty and meaning spring from its useful and well-executed design.  This is what Virgo is about:  making the very best thing for the use intended, and then shaping, honing and fine-tuning until it simply can’t be made any better.  And a Virgo type can’t help but apply this sensibility to everything in their life.

What’s a Virgo to do with this obsession?  The story I’m about to tell you contains an antidote to Virgo’s perfectionism.  You may have heard this story before; now you’ll hear how it applies to Virgo.  It’s the story of how Michelangelo came to carve the David.

David by MichelangeloMichelangelo’s David is a study in perfection.  To begin with, the statue is massive, several times the size of a human being at 17 feet tall.  In addition, it is in perfect proportion.  It is the very icon of masculine beauty and glows with archetypal grace.  The story goes that someone once asked Michelangelo how he did it.  “The statue is so amazing, how ever did you create it?”  His answer was revealing.  “The trouble lay not in carving the statue.  The trouble lay in finding the piece of marble that had the statue in it.  Then all I had to do was carve away everything that wasn’t the David.”

When Michelangelo said that, he was displaying a Virgoan sensitivity to perfection, but with an important difference—he stayed focused on what was right and let go of what was wrong.  Virgo’s hypersensitivity to imperfection derives directly from its sensitivity to perfection itself.  Virgo knows when something is imperfect because it hurts, almost physically, to be around it.  If a Virgo type can keep their focus on what is perfect in themselves, others, and every situation, they will be empowered to remove what is not perfect until what is left approximates perfection.  Michelangelo had this one figured out.  Do you think that, as he removed every chip from that block, he paused to criticize that chip for existing?  Did he wander around his studio vilifying all the dross that he’d chipped off the statue?  Of course not.  He stayed focused on the beautiful form within the block and by removing everything that wasn’t that, created a miracle.

The key to living life as Virgo lies in accepting one’s own perfectionism as an asset, as the driver of one’s existence.  It is to practice seeing the perfect form inside the block, to ignore the block and to focus so purely on the perfection inside it that that perfection emerges, almost of its own accord.  There is no criticism, no nagging, no attention at all on what is not perfect.  The carving happens with no effort.  The perfect form within emerges naturally.  That way of shaping is the heart and soul of Virgo.

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Photo of the David is by David Gaya.


Neptune And Chiron Ask You To Bridge Heaven And Earth

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

From May of 2009 to November of 2010, Neptune and Chiron are dancing in & out of conjunction with each other.  They came within kissing distance of a conjunction on May 30, 2009 and will again on November 6, 2010.  Their only true (exact) conjunction will be on February 17, 2010, but since they’re close enough for us to feel it here on earth, I thought I’d better let you know what this is about.

While you are in a dream, you find yourself in a beautiful, ancient forest, filled with tangled trees and brush.  You sit quietly, feeling at peace with the world and your place in it.  Among the trees you spy two beings who must be gods because they are larger-than-life and they glow.  You sit very quietly and watch them from behind a tree.
Neptune is a slim woman, dressed in a flowing garment that is always moving.  Sometimes it looks like water, sometimes mist and sometimes clouds.  As you look at her, you can’t quite get a fix on her position, even though your peripheral vision sees that she is there.  It’s like the way some stars are so faint you can’t see them dead-on; you have to look a little to the side.  She is like that.
Chiron is a little more solid.  He is a centaur, standing strong on his four horsy legs while his naked human torso rises proudly from his animal body.  He seems comfortable with his odd self, which makes you feel comfortable too.
The two are having a conversation, which you are able to overhear.

Neptune:  I have always loved this beautiful green place.  I love how it could be on any continent, anywhere on Earth.
Chiron:  Me too.  What do they call this?
Neptune:  It is the Wood Between The Worlds.
(And if you ever read the Narnia books as a child, particularly The Magician’s Nephew, you now know exactly where you are.)
Neptune picks up her skirts, which go green to match the surrounding leaves and she spins, casting off green sparks of living energy.  Then she laughs and sits on the grass, her skirts gathering around her but still ever-moving.  She reaches out her hand into a nearby pool of water and gently touches its surface, smiling meditatively.

Chiron:  What world is in that pool?
Neptune:  It’s the ideal world of that silly little human over there, hiding behind the tree.
You freeze, wondering how she knew.
Chiron:  She’s a goddess, silly!  That’s how she knew.  You can come out now.  We’ve turned down the volume on our divine presence, so you won’t get blasted.  It’s safe.
You slowly come out from behind the tree.  Neptune is beckoning softly.
Neptune:  Why not have a look?
You:  What am I supposed to do?
Neptune:  Sit here beside me.  Meditate and make your mind very still.  Take the armor off your heart and reach way down into your belly for the last moment of real bliss you felt.  Then, when you’ve done all that, put your hand in the water.
You are nervous, but you obey.  Making your mind still turns out to be harder than expected, and removing the heart-armor is hard too.  After you’ve done those things, feeling the bliss is fairly easy and soon you reach out to the pond.
As your hand slips into the water, you become aware of descending into a beautiful landscape.  As you look around you, you notice it’s just like the everyday world you know, except everything is just a bit brighter and warmer.  There are people in this place, and they are happy—really happy, deep down, not just in a phony way.  You see that they are doing what they love to do and somehow it all fits together.  There is no sign here of all the things you hate and fear:  war, poverty, disease, and the rest.  This is a well-functioning world.  Everything is as it should be; everything is perfect.
You are struck by the disparity between the world you long for and the world you live in and you begin to weep.  You realize that you need to bridge this gap in order to make yourself whole.  With that realization, that there IS a way to this beautiful place, your heart breaks open and you can feel sunlight streaming out from it.  Peace descends upon you.
As you come back to yourself, you realize Chiron’s hand is on your shoulder, touching you reassuringly and giving you strength.

Chiron:  Do you know what you must do now?
You:  I have to create that world, on Earth, in my own life.
Chiron:  Yes, exactly.  You are the bridge.
Neptune:  You are the one, the only one who can do it.  Don’t wait for someone else.  Your world is special; everyone must create their own heaven on earth.
Chiron:  And it’s not a burden, not something you must do, but something you get to do.
You:  Woah.
Chiron:  Yeah, “Woah.”  That’s right.
Neptune and Chiron link arms and stroll away through the wood, leaving you to ponder this.  As they walk away, you can still hear their voices, fading but ringing clear through the trees.
Chiron:  Do you think that one knows what it’s going to take?
Neptune:  Nope, there’s absolutely no clue.
Chiron:  It’s probably better that way.

Neptune and Chiron will be doing their dance in the sky from May of 2009 to November of 2010.  They will make 3 passes.  The first and last pass will be inexact but extremely close.  The middle pass will be exact on February 17, 2010.  If you have any planet in your chart between 25 and 27 degrees of fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio), you are bound to feel this.

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Jupiter & Chiron Ask “Am I Too Big Or Not Big Enough?”

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Jupiter & Chiron have been moving in and out of conjunction (i.e. so close they could be holding hands) in 2009, bringing up some interesting possibilities for healing & growth.
They connected the first time this year on May 23rd, the second time on July 22nd and will contact again for the third & final time on December 7th.  What does this mean?

Jupiter Wants You To Expand
Jolly Jupiter represents archetypal greatness.  He’s the part of human nature that inspires us to grow, expand ourselves and travel beyond our limitations.  He’s the call of the wild, the thrill of adventure that stirs in our souls when we think about traveling to far places.  Jupiter stirs our confidence and our faith in our own potential.  Jupiter also brings opportunities and the luck that naturally comes from the good energy we easily radiate when he is active in our chart.  But Jupiter’s opportunities must be seen and seized, or they will disappear as fast as they appeared.  Jupiter’s message is “Grab that brass ring as it goes by!”

Chiron Wants You To Heal And Evolve
Chiron is the archetypal Wounded Healer.  He brings us opportunities for healing ourselves or others.  Chiron is the mechanism by which the wounded places that lie hidden within us reach out into our lives, creating circumstances where we can feel a pain we’ve experienced in the past, bringing in it up to the surface so healing can occur.  Our job is to convert painful experiences into healing opportunities when Chiron presents them to us.  This is only possible if we let go of our victim attitude and instead view ourselves as in charge of our own healing.

Here’s a little Chiron-and-Jupiter dialogue:

Jupiter and Chiron have met on a mountaintop, where they can see for miles in every direction.  Jupiter is full of enthusiasm.
Jupiter:  I can see such enormous possibilities for humanity, and especially for the individuals I’m sending luck and opportunities to right now.
Chiron:  Yes, but they have so many wounded places holding them back from their own greatness.  I’m going to have to bring those up to the surface, so they can be seen & healed.
Jupiter:  That’s very like you, Chiron.  Always trying to help people be more in touch with themselves.  (Jupiter makes a wry face.)
Chiron:  It’s because I’ve figured out that the hidden wounds people carry make them sabotage themselves and can prevent exactly what they’re trying to create.
Jupiter:  I have something nice to add to the mix:  self-confidence.
Chiron:  How does that work?
Jupiter:  It’s a little something for those who choose to take on their inner demons and look them straight in the eye.  It’s the feeling that you get when you shine a light into the scary corners and know that you can slay this demon.  You have what it takes.
Chiron:  That self-knowledge is healing in itself.
Jupiter:  But what about the folks who have trouble being big?
Chiron:  I know the ones you mean.  They feel uncomfortable taking up space in the world.  They think it’s not ok to be big, or expressive.  They cringe around people who are just a little too loud.
Jupiter:  Yep, that’s what I mean.  How can I expand those folks?
Chiron:  I’ll help you by getting them into situations that will bring those issues to the surface.  They’ll find themselves uncomfortably close to people who remind them of the greatness they desire, and the recognition they deserve and are not getting.  If they’re willing to look at their past and release trauma (even mild trauma) from past experiences where they decided that they needed to keep themselves small, then they can reclaim their own greatness and stop being small themselves.  Release can take many forms:  crying, shaking, raging, or letter-writing (which is powerful, even if the letter is not delivered).  Then the real healing can begin.
Jupiter:  Sounds uncomfortable.
Chiron:  No doubt.  But the rewards are huge.
Jupiter:  And huge is my middle name!

Will This Affect You?
If you were born on any of the following dates, this could be a big deal for you:
February 9-15
May 11-17
August 13-19
November 12-18

And if you happen to know your chart, look for any planet you have in 21, 24 or 26 degrees of fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio).  Those are the degrees of exact conjunctions between Chiron & Jupiter this year.

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Leo And The Limelight

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Sun King by Goldenwolf
Leo types have a deep ambivalence about their public reputation and audience response to their creativity.  They crave audience response—their creativity thrives on it—but this gives them a corresponding extreme sensitivity to the audience.  A Leo will vacillate between extreme self-consciousness and a self-imposed blindness to audience reaction, just to cope on their journey to self-expression and individuation.

Leo’s Time In The Sun
Leos need to bring what’s inside them outside & share it with the world as liberally as the sun shares sunshine.  Their process of expressing their creativity requires the mirroring of an audience.  They are engaged in self-discovery by way of performance.  Audience response helps them to see themselves more clearly and adjust their performance.

While this is a fine mode of self-discovery and individuation, sometimes a Leo type
needs to shift his focus from audience reaction (how am I doing?) to self-expression (am I saying what I want to be saying?).  That’s where true confidence comes from.  If you’ve said what you really wanted to say, if you really got it out there into the world, then if some people didn’t get it, that’s their problem, not yours.

How sad it is when a Leo has a morbid self-consciousness that prevents them from taking center stage.  Sometimes a Leo type has a distaste for looking like other Leos, who can be attention hounds, showoffs and exhibitionists in the extreme.  Leos are drawn to the limelight because Leos crave to move beyond showing off into true creative expression.  Encourage your Leo friends who take up too much stage time to scale it back a little, and encourage your Leo shrinking violets to get a little bigger and louder.

Every Creator Needs An Editor—Accept Criticism With Grace
Like all fire signs, Leo can be brash on the outside, but easily deflated.  Leo has a fragile ego, easily crushed, but also capable of quick recovery and bouncing back just as strong or stronger.  Fire is the element of inspiration and hope—and all 3 fire signs have these qualities in abundance, giving them tremendous resilience in the face of defeat.  But sometimes this ability to bounce back comes at the cost of self-awareness.  Sometimes a Leo type simply ignores the audience’s reaction and goes on looking for praise and encouragement when what the audience actually has to offer is a reality check.  When the gong sounds, it’s best to get offstage quickly, rather than trying to improve a truly bad performance.  The Leo type who can accept criticism in a balanced way, rather than being either crushed (like a shrinking violet) or explosive (like an entitled diva), will grow much faster as a performer and a person.

Learning to accept criticism with grace also eliminates another Leo flaw, which is susceptibility to flattery.  When a Leo craves praise too much, she opens herself up to manipulation by anyone who will praise her, whether she’s producing quality or not.  This has the effect of preventing any useful reality checks that would allow the Leo to improve herself.  And, as any Scorpio or Capricorn type will tell you, when someone praises you too much, they probably want something.

This Leo Is Under Construction
So the next time your friendly neighborhood Leo grabs center stage, remember what they are really doing.  It’s not just a bid for attention, it’s individuation happening, right before your eyes.  And if that involves a teeny bit of ego-grooming along the way, so what?  Leos need to show-not-tell, and are willing to be seen making their mistakes.  They are role models for whatever aspect of life they are working on.  Hiding is not in their nature and their transparency is their gift.

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Art by Christy Grandjean, aka Goldenwolf.


The Sun As Your Creative Center

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Ever wonder why sun sign astrology became so popular, when it’s so silly?  It’s because sun signs are easy to use.  Everybody knows their birth date, so everybody knows their sun sign.  It gives people something to schmooze about in bars and at parties—“I’m a Pisces!”  “I shouldn’t date Sagittarians—they’re my downfall!” and so on.  This makes for fun conversation, but it also has the unfortunate side effect of categorizing us and giving us preconceived notions about people—notions not true enough to be useful and true enough to do damage.  Sigh.  It’s a shame, really, that astrology got diluted this way, but it did get astrology into popular culture, which in my mind is a good thing, being a far cry from olden days when only kings had access to astrology.

As I mentioned in my article You Are Not Just Your Sign, the Sun is just one part of your astrology chart.  But it is an important part.  And here we come to the reason why sun signs are useful at all as conversation starters:  they do work.  Your sun sign is an important and central part of your personality.  The Sun in your chart is the gravitational center of your personality and the sign it’s in shows how you go about the process of individuation, ego formation and discovering your own identity.  The Sun is the center of you in the same way it is the center of our solar system:  it gives light, heat and life force energy to everything it touches.  Your sun sign is the source of your creativity—it’s where you want to shine.

Let’s take a whirlwind trip through the sun signs to answer the questions “How does your process of individuation go?” and “where do you need to express creativity and shine?”  Since we’re in August right now, I’m starting with Leo, the Sun’s very own sign.

Sun in Leo: Ego formation happens via the process of performance and using the response from the audience to revise one’s own behaviors.  Creativity is natural to Leos and expressing themselves is something they must do if they are to be happy.

Sun in Virgo: Individuation is not difficult for Virgos—their natural discriminatory abilities easily detect where their boundaries are.  Virgo’s challenge lies in creativity, because Virgo must learn to be comfortable taking credit and being seen.

Sun in Libra: Libra’s desire for fairness and symmetry will too often have Librans waiting for others to notice them before really allowing themselves to shine and individuate.  This is a shame, because Librans have style and artistry.

Sun in Scorpio: Scorpio, like all water signs, would rather operate under the radar than have attention drawn to itself, posing a challenge for this sign’s individuation.  Scorpio’s creativity is likely to be expressed internally, rather than displayed.

Sun in Sagittarius: Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius is comfortable with visibility and display but can scatter its creative energies.  Sag casts a large aura and tends toward leadership as a form of creativity—when Sag gets focused & chooses a direction.

Sun in Capricorn: Ah, how Capricorn does hold itself back!  Cap types tend to crave the public recognition they need to help them individuate, but they are late bloomers and have trouble accepting praise until after 30, when their finest years begin.

Sun in Aquarius: The challenge to Aquarian ego formation is the deep-seated Aquarian belief that the group is more important than the individual.  Aquarian creativity does best in the form of intellectual genius and sharing of ideas with those of like mind.

Sun in Pisces: How do you individuate when you feel you are not an individual, but a crowd?  So many voices, and Pisces is listening to them all.  But the Piscean imagination is strong, leading to abundant creation & potential mastery in all the arts.

Sun in Aries: Individuation is easy for assertive Aries, the sign voted most likely to fall flat on its face multiple times on the way to success.  The message is clear:  get used to failing fast and draw on Arian hope.  Then watch your creativity soar.

Sun in Taurus: Like Virgo, Taurus doesn’t care about flash and glamour.  Taurus does care about beauty and quality though, and in its deliberate way, will produce fine creative product given time.  Taureans sometimes self-identify with their income.

Sun in Gemini: Geminis can be scattered, losing themselves in an overabundance of ideas, but formidable when focused.  Geminis tend to identify with their intellect, to see themselves as a head with a body attached.  Communication is central to Gemini.

Sun in Cancer: The tendency to identify with one’s feelings or intuitions is strong in Cancer.  The Cancerian form of creativity is in nourishing things, helping things grow from small and weak to strong and formidable.  Cancer, nourish yourself too!

I hope you enjoyed this brief and extremely superficial look at the sun signs.  It’s just a teeny taste of what you’d get in a full, sit-down astrology reading.


Lunar Eclipse Today: Balancing Individual Creativity With The Needs Of The Group

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Today’s lunar eclipse places the Moon in Aquarius against the Sun in Leo, pitting the desire for individual self-expression against the group’s need to spread attention out among its members. Mars acts as the Shadow Agent, mediating the Sun’s bid for individual attention with the Moon’s bid on behalf of the group’s needs.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: August 5, 2009
Time of eclipse:
5:55 PM PST
penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in:
People in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, western Russia and western Asia will see this eclipse begin. People in Africa, the Middle East, Europe (except extreme north) South America and North America (except northwest) will see it end.
13 degrees Aquarius
Shadow Agent: Mars in Gemini

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
December 31-January 10
March 31-April 10
July 2-12
October 3-13

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable. A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions. This particular eclipse may bring up emotions relating to the polarity of individual vs. group. The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door. You answer it. Mars is standing there. Funny how he seems to be in motion, even when he’s standing still. He’s a little bit hyper. Behind him stands the Sun, a jolly looking man in a bright orange jacket. And behind the Sun stands the Moon, a mousy woman wearing gray. They all seem to be having an argument between them, which continues as they enter your house.

Mars (to the Moon): Do you have trouble being seen in groups? Do you struggle to get the attention you deserve? Does it make it hard for you to take action?
The Sun (also to the Moon): Some part of you wants to take center stage. You know you do.
The Moon: Yeah, maybe that’s easy for you to say. You’re comfortable receiving attention. But what about all the other people who deserve attention and aren’t getting any? Sometimes it’s important to back off and let someone else get a chance.
Mars: The logical thing to do is to back off sometimes and to start conversations so everyone can be heard. Then there will be room for the individual and the group too. Don’t you see?
The Sun: Mars, you get a little weird when you’re in Gemini. All talk and no action. Where’s your drive, your initiative?
Mars: When I’m in Gemini, I find I have to think before I act. Otherwise I just fritter my energy away in nervous activity that accomplishes nothing.
The Sun: Hrumph. Look, my point is, I’m just not willing to make myself small to make other people comfortable. It’s important to express oneself in life. Individual creativity is crucial to the community.
Mars: Why don’t you shut up and give the Moon a chance to speak?
The Sun: Since you ask directly, instead of covertly, sure, I’ll shut up. Moon, what do you have to say?
The Moon bursts into tears.

Mars: Now you’ve gone and done it. He pats her back awkwardly. There, there—it’s not so bad, is it?
The Moon: I was just thinking of the Star Trek moment when Spock is dying and he says, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few—or the one.”
The Sun: Outrageous! That’s a ridiculous notion, promulgated by a few who want to interfere with self-expression!
Mars (through clenched teeth): Zip it!
The Sun actually becomes noticeably smaller.

The Moon: When one person’s self-expression becomes too large, it takes away from the voices of others. If the individual is willing to diminish himself just a little, so many more perspectives can be heard!
The Sun: But not at the cost of squashing the individual!
The Sun here gets so large that the Moon begins to fade away. Mars places himself between them as the Moon starts to breathe heavily, as if she’s having an asthma attack.

The Sun (to the Moon): Why do you have to be so passive aggressive? All I want is space to be myself.
Mars: You need a little more awareness of your impact on others.
The Sun: I’m not the only one! She needs to get that groups are made up of individuals, all of whom have an impact. And if the individual is stifled out of fear of expressing himself, the group suffers.
Since the argument has turned into a shouting match, you stand on a chair and interrupt.

You: Quiet, everybody!
There’s silence. You actually have their attention.

You: I want to know why you are all here. Why are you arguing in my home?
Mars: Isn’t it obvious? We have a message for you.
You: You do? All of you? Together?
The Sun nods and the Moon stops breathing heavily long enough to nod also.

You: Well, out with it then!
Mars: It’s that you need to let your creativity be guided by what the group actually needs. Are you giving what you want to give, what will feed your ego rather than what will serve the collective best? Let go of the need to stand out from the crowd. Instead, allow yourself to be embraced by your networks of like-minded people, let your soul find a home and a purpose there. Serving that will fill a place in you that ego never could.
The Sun: Hmm, now there’s some food for thought.
The Moon actually breaks into a smile. The three of them leave quietly, while you meditate on their messag

For more about this year’s eclipses, see this:
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9 Ways A Leo Is Like A Cat

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

To understand the Leo type’s nature, you need look no further than the closest feline—the cat (whether great or small) is a very apt symbol for Leo.  In honor of the fabled 9 lives of  cats, here are 9 ways Leo is like them.

1. Cats love attention.  They love to place themselves in the human visual field.  Have you ever seen a cat get into the middle of a project you have spread out on a table, or crawl into your lap at the most inconvenient time or curl up on top of the television?  Have you ever seen a Leo who is getting the attention she wants and a Leo who is . . . not?  Getting the right amount of attention (not too much, not too little) and in the right area (not, God forbid, the wrong area!) is a central pursuit of Leonine existence.

2. A Leo, like a house cat, is self-possessed and autonomous.  This feline trait can be off-putting to dog people, who are used to their pets licking them enthusiastically in greeting.  Cats are more subtle and hard to read and more comfortable on their own.  Leos too, are subtle in their enthusiasm.  A Leo would never think of embarrassing herself with puppyish behavior.  Self-consciousness and dignity prevent it.

3. A Leo is easily embarrassed.  Every Leo has behaviors that mask their embarrassment—as do cats.  There’s a novel about the inner life of cats, called The Abandoned (by Paul Gallico) that shows a boy who was recently turned into a cat learning how to behave like one.  His feline mentor says, “When in doubt, wash!” and if you watch cats, you’ll see this is exactly what they do.

4. Leos love being petted.  Cats (and Leos) are very sensual creatures and capable of great enjoyment.  Anyone who lives with a cat learns from that cat how to relax, receive affection and simply enjoy being in a body.  Leos share this trait and love to luxuriate in sensory experience.  And praising is merely verbal petting which Leos are also pleased to receive.

5. Leos radiate confidence.  Does your cat remind you of a lion or panther?  Your cat is a domestic version of its greater-sized relatives, carrying all the arrogance and self-possession of that species.  As the arrogance of a domestic cat outsizes itself in ways reminiscent of their great cat relatives, so also can a Leo sometimes appear confident beyond the social footprint they actually occupy.  Deep in the heart of every Leo type (and with some it’s right on the surface!) there’s a longing to be famous.  Your friendly neighborhood Leo likes to indulge his tendency toward fame by dressing for attention, eliciting preferred treatment or obtaining rock star parking.

6. Like a cat, a Leo type looks like a loner but is in fact social.  There may be much of hierarchy in Leo social behavior, but Leos are profoundly social and care deeply about how others respond to them.  Cats form colonies—given the chance, they do not prefer to live isolated from their own kind.  Like cats, Leos are territorial and will defend their turf fiercely.

7. Leos, like cats, prefer high places.  Cats put themselves where they can have a lofty view of their surroundings; similarly, Leos like to place themselves high up also, but in a more metaphorical sense.  Every Leo knows she belongs at the top in at least one area of life, and he won’t stop till she gets there and garners the recognition she deserves.  A Leo,  like the Sun, (Leo’s planetary ruler) is a gravitational force and will eventually end up at the center of things.

8. The love of a cat is marked by choice, not compulsion.  A dog cannot help but love you (and this is exactly what dog-lovers appreciate about them) while a cat seems to have the choice whether to love you or not.  For this reason, cat-lovers find the love of a cat special.  Like a cat, Leos love by choice and where they choose, they love thoroughly, proudly and in a large way.  When a Leo (or a cat) loves you, you cannot help but know it and find it special.

9. Obviously, a Leo is king of the jungle.  Somehow, felis domesticus seems to maintain this attitude despite their small size.  Deep down, a Leo senses his own royal nature and understands noblesse oblige, i.e. his “nobility obligates” him to be kind and generous with all that he has and is.  And a generous Leo is a gift to the world.

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