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Solar Eclipse Today: Rearranging the Inner Spaces

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Details About This Eclipse

eclipse art by Kristin PlescowDate:  July 21, 2009
Time of eclipse:
7:35 PM PST
Visible in:
  northern India, eastern Nepal, southern China, in cities like Delhi, Calcutta, Kathmandu and Shanghai.
  29 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agent

This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer, which means it shows us our shadow in the area of emotions, feelings and our inner life.  The funny thing is, this is a solar eclipse, so it’s marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).  So during this eclipse our inner life may be symbolized in the outside world by a physical event.  The eclipse may also stimulate events in Cancerian arenas, such as family (meaning both the family you grow up with and the family you create as an adult), the home or private sphere and one’s emotional life.  The eclipse is total, so it is likely to have a stronger effect on those it touches than the other 5 eclipses this year.  The Shadow Agent for this eclipse is Uranus, acting gently by a harmonious trine.

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Uranus is standing there.  He’s a funny-looking guy, a little cross-eyed, wearing a beanie cap.
You:  I’ve seen you before.
Uranus:  I tend to bring the unexpected.
You:  Uh, yeah, I’ve noticed that.
Uranus:  Don’t worry, I’m acting by trine today, so this won’t be so bad.
He sweeps past you into the house and starts rearranging your furniture.  You’re amazed and more than a little taken aback. When he moves the sofa to a totally different spot, you interrupt.
You:  Hey—I liked that there!
Uranus:  You’d gotten too stuck in your ways.  This will be better.  Trust me.
You fall silent and watch.  In a few swift moves, suddenly he has made everything different.  You sit on the newly-placed sofa and notice that things look very different from this new angle.  They feel different too.  There’s a freshness and you don’t really know what it all means.
Uranus:  You have more space now.
You:  More of something, but I’m not sure what.
Uranus:  That should come clear within a few days.
You:  I’m going to have to get used to this.
Uranus:  Yep.  Sometimes people don’t know what they need until it happens.
You (still in shock):  I can’t tell if this is bad or not.
Uranus:  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  You decide.
He tips his silly hat and goes.

Art by Kristin Plescow.

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Water Types: Are You A Spring, A Lake Or The Ocean?

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Of the 3 water signs, one is Cardinal, one is Fixed and one is Mutable.  When a zodiac sign is Cardinal, that means it sends its elemental energy in a directed way.  If it’s Fixed, then it consolidates and contains its elemental energy while the Mutable signs disperse and diffuse their elemental energy.  What does this mean for the 3 water signs, Cancer (Cardinal), Scorpio (Fixed) and Pisces (Mutable)?  Looking at physical symbols for the water signs is an excellent way to understand them and their relationship to each other.

Cancer, The Mountain Spring
Cancer, the Cardinal Water sign is the first to appear in the zodiacal order.  It represents directed water.  This means moving water, symbolized by a mountain spring, born out of the earth, the freshest of waters and the Water sign with the most drive.  Cancer’s Cardinality carries fresh water to ecosystems that need it, nurturing and growing life.

Cancer combines Water’s fluidity with Cardinal motivation, drive and leadership.  Cancer is the water sign with energy and direction.  Cancer has focus in a way the other two do not.  Think of a busy mother (this is, after all, the mother archetype) involved in her energetic nesting activity or think of a fierce mama bear, defending her cubs.  Think of a mother duck, lining up her chicks and leading them to water for the first time.  This sign has force, motivation and purpose to it.

Scorpio, The Lake
Scorpio is the second Water sign and it’s Fixed.  Imagine that Cancer’s mountain spring has flowed downhill and gathered momentum until it’s become a rushing river.  Now imagine all the force of that river dammed into a lake and you have Scorpio.  Another way to think of Scorpio is to look at a glass of water.  It looks placid and still but actually, the contained liquid is exerting a tremendous amount of force on all sides of the glass.  If there’s a crack in the glass anywhere, the water will find it and press through.  That’s Scorpio.

Scorpio combines the fluidity of Water with Fixed strength, solidity and continuity.  Scorpio has amazing staying power, sometimes obsessively so—in fact, Scorpio has the capacity to use obsession and compulsion to its own advantage.  And Scorpio’s tremendous sensitivity, though often experienced as a problem, is actually an advantage because it is the root of Scorpio’s ability to find weaknesses in the enemy or in the problem that can be used to overcome it.

Pisces, The Vast Ocean
All waters eventually lead to the sea. Pisces, the Mutable Water sign, combines fluid Water with flexible, ever-changing Mutability.  Mutable Water is best symbolized by the vast oceans, filled with eddies, currents and tides.  The ocean is ever-changing and always moving, but never moving in a given direction.  In the ocean, change is the constant.  And so it is with Pisces.

Pisces is the only water sign that doesn’t need a shell to protect itself.  Cancer hides in its Crab shell while Scorpio hides behind a cool exterior (occasionally coming out to sting with its Scorpion tail), but Pisces can defend itself while remaining soft.  This is because Pisces is adept at shapeshifting and mimicry.  How can you attack something when you don’t know what it is?  Pisces meets confrontation indirectly (as do all the water signs) and preserves itself by slipperiness and evasion.  Pisces is the ultimate moving target.

Which of these do you resonate with most?  Are you an energetic, bubbling spring, flowing downhill, gathering force as you go?  Or are you a still-waters-run-deep lake, sensitive to all that touches your surface?  Or are you the huge, ever-shifting ocean—permeable and connected to everything, remaining soft and open to experience?

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It’s Epiphany Day!

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Mercury’s epiphany day is here—have you had your epiphany yet?

If you’ve read my blog much, you probably know by now that Mercury moves in cycles lasting four months, or three cycles a year.  Mercury moves retrograde (or backwards) for about three weeks of that cycle, and forward for the rest.  Twice during each cycle, Mercury crosses (conjuncts) the Sun, once while both are moving forward (but Mercury is faster than the Sun), the other while the Sun continues forward but Mercury is moving backward.  Those days when Mercury conjuncts the Sun are days of epiphany.

The Sun, by the way, is always moving forward, never backward.  If an astrologer ever tells you that you have the Sun retrograde, they are pulling your leg.

The Mercury cycle is great for working on projects.  Using the natural flow of the Mercury cycle can be like getting on a ride that helps your project get done. When Mercury is direct, as it is now, great forward progress can be made.

Today is July 13, 2009.  Mercury is now moving forward, and crosses the Sun this evening around 7:18 PM Pacific time:  today is Epiphany Day. Now is the time to bring your project to a culmination–the atmosphere is ripe for a peak of office energy and efficiency.  Maybe you’ve had your moment of clarity already; maybe there is more to come.  Look for and make use of it!

In the upcoming weeks, Mercury will continue moving forward, but will begin to slow down by the end of August, preparing to go retrograde in its usual way.  At that time, the office energy will be winding down and preparing to hibernate.  So get everything done that you can now, while it’s easy and the astrological weather supports progress.


Are Cancer Men God’s Gift To Women?

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

At the risk of giving Cancer men everywhere a big head, I say “Quite possibly yes.”  And here’s why.

•    Cancer-type men do not see women as weird, alien beings.  They see women as being similar to themselves and thus approach women as potential friends, not just possible sexual partners.
•    Cancer-type men have feelings, just like women!  They are the men most likely to develop emotional intelligence.  They may feel that they’ve had to, because feelings cannot be ignored.
•    Cancer-type men do not object to the ups and downs of a woman’s cycle.  In fact, Cancer men are the most likely of all the sign types to be able to talk with their women friends about menstruation without being condescending or put off.  Cancer men have a way of taking the female cycle as a simple fact of life, much as women do.
•    Cancer-type men have had female friends all along.  Does this make a lunar guy feel like an also-ran at times, as a more alpha male swoops in and steals his best (woman) friend whom he’s been secretly in love with for years?  Sure, that can happen.  Does the Cancer male resent having to hear about said friend’s troubles when she suffers at the hands of Alpha Guy?  Yup.  But is that same alpha man going to be able to maintain a longterm relationship with girlfriend?  Not easily, because he hasn’t spent many years of his life relating with her through thick and thin.  Cancer men are training for marriage and marriage is not for sissies.
•    Cancer-type men know how to comfort a woman.  They understand that sometimes a woman just wants to be listened to and to have her feelings out loud without having her listener try to fix her or the situation.

Note To Cancer Men:
Sure, women may take you for granted and may not always appreciate what you offer them everyday, day in and day out, fine weather or foul.  But after they’ve had a few bad experiences with jerks and losers, the smart ones will begin to see your value.  Also, standing up for yourself and drawing a line here and there wouldn’t hurt either!  Don’t let your women-friends run roughshod over you and use you just because you are inclined to be fond of them anyway.  Any woman who would do that is not worth your time, no matter how enchanting she is.

Note To Cancer Women:
Ladies, you are the unsung heroes of the world, with the tireless energy and unrelenting care you put into everything you touch.  Don’t forget to take a break periodically to put your feet up and be kind to yourself.  When’s the last time you had a massage (like a real, professional one)?  You deserve to have someone take care of you for a change—but to have that you’ll have to remember to let them.

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Jupiter Conjuncts Neptune Today: Let Your Dreams Run Wild

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Jupiter and Neptune meet up among the clouds.  If you listen, you can hear snippets of their conversation.

Jupiter:  Neptune, you & I have been dancing around together quite a bit this year.
Neptune:  Yes, but this is the first time we’ve really come into conjunction.
Jupiter:  I heard a rumor you were the Dreamer planet.
Neptune:  Yep, you heard right.  I’d rather live in the beautiful realms of my own imagination than any “real” world Saturn (the Judge) could devise.  And, as Uranus (the Scientist) is fond of reminding me, according to modern physics, “reality” as humans experience it doesn’t exist anyway.  Dreams have a lot of power, as does the imagination.
(Their voices fade, then return)
Neptune:  Something about being around you makes me want to go on an adventure.
Jupiter:  That’s because to me, life is just one big excursion.  I’m for the wide open spaces.  I’m pretty easygoing and I look past the petty details into the big picture of things.  I search for the meaning, so I can develop a philosophy of life that I can live by.
(Their words are fading in and out)
Neptune:  We seem to agree that details are unimportant.
Jupiter:  Yes!  What matter is a person’s intention.  I can be very tolerant when I sense someone’s intentions are good, despite any incompetence or wrongdoing.
Neptune:  Yes, and I have compassion for how others feel, so I try to understand their motivations.  And I never criticize anyone’s actions before I’ve “walked a mile in their moccasins.”
(Once again, there seem to be a few sentences you’re missing)
Jupiter:  Do you think this makes us, in combination, too trusting?
Neptune:  Are you suggesting we’re downright naïve?
Jupiter:  Too apt to see the positive side of things and give credit where credit may or may not be due?
Neptune:  Maybe.  But I’d hate to think anyone would want to take advantage of us.
Jupiter:  It’s kind of beyond me to think that.
(Incoherent chatter here)
Neptune:  When I get my dream factory going and start creating fabulous dreams and castles in the air, you expand them and make them bigger.
Jupiter (proudly):  That is what I do best.
Neptune:  Do you think together we might be capable of dreaming things that are too big to actually come true?
Jupiter:  Maybe.  Quite possibly.  Yes, I think so.  But who cares?
Neptune:  Might some people use those dreams to escape the harsh reality they live in?
Jupiter:  Is that bad?
Neptune:  I don’t know.  I’ve been told I can be escapist.
Jupiter:  I’ve been told that too—maybe together we could be twice as escapist.
Neptune:  But if people don’t have their dreams, what do they have?
Jupiter:  And if people don’t have hope and inspiration, their lives are devoid of meaning, vacuous and empty.
Neptune:  And without vision and hope, some of the best things in human lives would never exist . . .
Jupiter: . . . because people wouldn’t have had the moxie to create them.  Some of the world’s finest works of art and invention would never have happened without imagination and adventurousness.
Neptune:  We provide a valuable service.
Jupiter:  Indeed we do.
And Jupiter and Neptune link arms and walk off into the sunset, where there’s a fabulous Dream Factory making dreams for all of humanity, and everyone’s ship is just coming in.

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is official today.  It will be felt through the rest of 2009.  While it’s happening, use the Dream Factory (since they’ve left the door open all year) to your best benefit and don’t be distracted by all the things that could be but aren’t.

If you want to read other articles about 2009’s triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter, look here on the Trends For The Year 2009 page.


Lunar Eclipse Today: Count Your Blessings and Accomplishments

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

This eclipse falls in the sign of Capricorn, which means it shows us our shadow in the area of career.  We see our shadows when we are deeply immersed in career-building, ambition or neglecting ourselves for a long-term goal.  Some aspect of our work can show us our shadow during this eclipse.  It’s a lunar eclipse, so it’s marked by an internal, emotionally intense stirring up of feelings (unlike a solar eclipse, which is mostly experienced externally).

Details About This Eclipse

Date:  July 7, 2009
Time of eclipse: 2:21 am PST
Type:  penumbral  (weak in intensity)
Visible in:  eastern Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, North America (except the extreme north).
At:  15 degrees Capricorn
Shadow Agent
:  Saturn

Does It Affect Me?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
December 31-January 20
March 31-April 10
July 2-12
October 3-13

The Shadow Agent for this eclipse is Saturn, acting through a gentle, harmonious trine.  Remember, a lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions.  This particular eclipse may bring up emotions in areas of life where you work hard and feel unappreciated.  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Saturn is standing there, an attractive middle-aged woman in a business suit.  She’s wearing glasses and looks tidy and streamlined.  She nods at you and steps in, seating herself as if she belongs. 
Saturn:  So have you seen it?
You:  Seen what?
She points to the floor behind you.  There, stretched out on it is a dark blotch which is slithering around your feet.  You jump, trying to get away, but it follows you. 
You:  Ick!  Where did that come from?
Saturn:  It’s your shadow.  Everyone has one.  Hey Shadow, wake up!
You:  Woah—it talks?
Saturn:  It does more than that.  Shadow, what do you have to say?
Shadow:  I’m strong.  I’m stoic.  I never whine or complain.  I suffer quietly in the background while others get the benefit of my efforts.  No, no, it’s all right!  I can take it—even though my health is failing.  I overwork because I care about the people around me and I care about doing things right.  I work towards a long-term reward and only endure the present because I believe the reward is coming.  I have deferred pleasure so long that I have forgotten how to have fun.
The more you listen to this, the more despondent you feel.  Saturn looks at you warmly, but you feel she is staring through your soul.  Suddenly you burst into tears.
You:  I am so tired!  I work so hard all the time.  It seems like everyone but me gets the benefit of my work.  Sometimes I feel really hopeless.
Saturn:  Do you feel that you haven’t accomplished anything of substance?
You:  Sometimes, yes, I feel that way.
Saturn:  You have, you know.  Sometimes it’s hard to see, but you have.  Here, let me remind you.
She then waves her hand at a nearby mirror.  Suddenly it’s filled with images of all your accomplishments in the last 5 years. 
Saturn:  Never forget that you have a great impact on your world.  What you do matters.
You sit and watch the images for a few minutes, remembering with pride all you have accomplished.  The pride fills in some of the empty places in your heart, until you can’t help but grin.
Saturn:  You work hard.  It matters.
You:  Wow, it really does matter!
Saturn (smiling):  Now watch this.
She waves her hand again and a different set of images appears.   
Saturn:  These are your blessings.  You don’t need to count them, but you do need to appreciate them.  The more of them you appreciate, the more they will multiply, until your life is so filled with blessings, you won’t be able to help seeing it on your own.  Notice all this in great detail.
You gaze at the images, reminded of all the good things in your life and all that you did to bring them closer to yourself.  You realize you have been taking a lot for granted and that many people don’t have as much as you do.
You:  Somehow I ended up with a pretty good life and never knew it.
Saturn:  Your life is good in certain ways because you made it like that.  Instead of suffering, go out and make the rest of your life good too.
You sigh, lost in thought as Saturn quietly leaves, closing the door behind her.

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