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Your Moon Sign, Key To Self-Soothing

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Today’s post is in honor of the Sun’s passage through Cancer (ruled by the Moon) and all the Cancerians out there.  Here I’ll be describing why and how to nurture yourself according to your Moon.

The Moon in a chart is connected with a person’s emotional life.  It is like the small, tender inner child in all of us, which is there inside even the most toughened adult.  If you want to re-parent yourself, you need look no farther than your Moon to find out what is needed to do that.  Your Moon Sign describes what you need to feel safe, secure and well taken-care-of.  It also tells you how to access your intuition and which bad, security-based behaviors to beware of.  What does this mean for you personally?

If You Have. . .

Moon in Aries
You need honesty and directness, both in yourself and from others you can trust. You need to be able to be your real self, without apology or pretense. You also need to be in touch with your gut, so right action is your path to intuition. Beware of acting too impulsively and then defending yourself with a fiery blast when others attempt to correct your course. Believe me, they have no idea how sensitive you are under the bluster.

Moon in Taurus
For you, emotional safety is linked to physical safety. Filling your bank account & your fridge goes a long way toward reducing anxiety but beware of using food or shopping for comfort. Your body is the key to your intuition, as long as you are eating right for your body type, not indulging in bad foods or purging with bad diets. Put good habits in place because you are likely to maintain (set & forget) them. Gardening & cooking soothe you.

Moon in Gemini
You love stimulation. You probably read in bed, to comfort yourself so you can sleep.  You have little tolerance for people who won’t talk with you and the “cold shoulder” affects you greatly. Watch out that your nervous energy may make you a chatterbox—sometimes you’ll need to slow down and just feel a thing without putting it into words.  Soothe your soul by keeping a journal, where your inner conversation can thrive.

Moon in Cancer
You are a very sensitive soul with a strong tendency to give nurturance & care to others.   Be careful not to drown them in affection and attention and also to avoid hidden contracts where you are giving in expectation of repayment in kind. Not everyone is as capable of giving endlessly as you are. If you’re unhappy with your childhood, become the parent  that you wish you’d had. Soothe your heart with frequent trips to large bodies of water.

Moon in Leo
Attention is the key to your soul. When others pay attention to you, your heart feels nurtured and fed, when you are ignored or not noticed, it cuts you deeply. Remember that your creativity is your own, not dependent on whether others see it or not. Your best intuitive compass is to follow things that make you expand and avoid things that make you contract. To soothe yourself, stare into a candle flame or a campfire.

Moon in Virgo
You have a deep sensitivity to order in your environment and it’s important for you to take charge and create order in all the ways that have meaning for you, instead of giving up and surrendering to entropy, which depresses you no end. Nothing satisfies you like a clean, fresh area, ready for use, so make that happen on a regular basis. Try not to impose your standards on others because they may not care about these things as you do.

Moon in Libra
Fairness is one of the most important things in your world and you can become quite paralyzed when you feel discriminated against. This being said, you must not wait for the world to deliver what you deserve—you must go out and get it. You’re a relater, so get into partnerships (business and personal) because your intuition is founded in how other people’s ideas make you feel. The feel of air moving across your skin is soothing.

Moon in Scorpio
It’s hard to imagine a more passionate or sensitive soul than you. Once a Moon in Scorpio person learns that gaining control of their circumstances can lead to a feeling of safety, they soon discover that no amount of control is enough. You’ll have to give it up, but be judicious about where you give up control and surround yourself with people you love and trust. As with Cancer & Pisces, make periodic visits to large bodies of water.

Moon in Sagittarius
The thing you need above all else is freedom and the room to expand.  Live in a home with high ceilings and lots of light and air.  Or live in a tiny, well-ordered place that you can carry with you, like a turtle.  This is my way of saying that travel soothes your soul, so get out into the world and explore it! Play early and often. Your adventurous soul needs scope, not rope, and tying you down creates a very sad & sorry Tigger.

Moon in Capricorn
What really makes you feel secure is to be recognized for your achievements, because you’re convinced, deep down, that nothing you do is ever enough. Other people sometimes need to beat compliments into you. Absorb praise, take it in and remember to create an inner praising voice loud enough to sometimes drown out the inner judging voice. When you need soothing, go sit with the most ancient tree you can find.

Moon in Aquarius

Friendship is the highest value you hold and so it may be hard to understand why sometimes people would want more from you than that. Go ahead & prize your intelligence, but don’t let it get in the way of connecting with others. Wear your geek badge as an attractant, not armor. Be warm and really connect with people emotionally, rather than intellectually, and this will give you the social contact your soul needs.

Moon in Pisces
Perhaps the most important need you have is for dreamtime:  meditation, visualization, prayer, whatever you call it, it means time to let your imagination run free. When you are feeling escapist, this is what you’re longing for. Set up ways to get it that don’t damage your body or your focus and you’ll be in good shape. Hang around people that feel right, because you are your moral compass. And remember to visit those large bodies of water.

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The Glorious Potential of King Henry VIII, As Shown In His Astrology Chart

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

My skirts rustle as I find myself back in Henry’s hall.  What will I say to him today?  I’ve left him quite despondent in my last 3 visits.  I had to hammer on him some, to push through his arrogance and charm (did you see him try to slip a hand up my skirt?).  Today I aim to show him his potential, in all its glory.

The King You Could Be

You, sir, can be a brilliant monarch.  Your ability to think outside the box (oops, Henry’s never heard that phrase before) can lead you to make changes to the benefit of all your people, undermining corrupt authority and giving the little guy a chance (Sun in Cancer opposed Uranus in Capricorn).  You could do this out of a genuine caring for others, an attitude of stewardship (Sun in Cancer).  Your rebellious streak (Uranus opposed Sun) has led you to uproot the Catholic church in England and to assume the position of head of the new Anglican church.  But have you really thought about the consequences of throwing a nation into religious uproar, simply so you can divorce and gain the heir you so desperately need?

The Man You Could Be

Sir, you have a seemingly endless store of vital energy (Mars square Jupiter), but must dedicate yourself to an ideal (Mars square Neptune) lest you become angry and disillusioned as you age and discover that the world is a harsher place than it pretends to be.  Living into an image of knight in shining armor could soothe your soul.  Also, you have a talent for expressing your feelings in words that are charismatic and engaging (Mercury trine Moon in fire signs).  Shape and hone that talent into fine writing (Saturn opposed Mercury) by use of a good editor (Saturn) who will check your more impulsive ideas.

The Lover You Could Be

You hold love as the highest ideal.  Beware of worshipping the woman you love, because a pedestal is a wobbly thing and if she falls from it, your revulsion is likely to be as strong as your passion.  Choose a wife who is your intellectual equal (Venus in Gemini) and then treat her as such.  Choose a wife who will make a great queen and then devote (Vesta rising) yourself to her.  Let her be your chief advisor and give her the power to rule in your stead (Juno square Pallas-Athene) when you are abroad.  And your highness, you must go abroad, for your life-purpose lies in journeying to foreign places and expanding your tolerance for people who live differently than you do (north node in Sagittarius).

The Father You Could Be

Your frustrations around producing a male heir (Saturn in the Fifth House and also ruling it) have wounded you deeply (Chiron squares Saturn).  Why, sir, must you be so stubborn (they are in Fixed signs)?  If you were willing to cultivate Mary and love her as a future monarch, you could vest your frustrated fatherly affections in her and she would not grow up to be so bitter.  Those of us who know your history are aware that you did eventually father a son, but that he died very young, leaving the crown to Mary and finally Elizabeth.  Paradoxically, you produced one of the greatest English monarchs that ever lived (Elizabeth I) and if you could get past the fact that your two oldest children were female, you could see their fitness for rule and that your line is well established.

Ultimate Departure
I leave the mid-sixteenth-century with regret.  After all, Henry, for all his flaws, was brilliant and brought his whole self to the ruling of his country, leaving behind him a reformed church and a solidly established Tudor line.  The Renaissance has already started in Italy and will spread northward toward England over the next hundred years.  Henry, your quest for an heir was ultimately fulfilled and the Tudor name is cemented in the annals of English history.  Dear sir, please rest in peace.

If you want to read a good biography of Henry & his wives, look here:

This article is part 4 in a 4-part series about the astrology chart of Henry VIII of England.
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What Henry VIII’s Astrology Chart Shows About His Relationships With Women

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

I’ve just stepped out of my time machine and back into Henry’s court.  I love the dresses I get to wear here:  loaded with brocade, embroidery and so much gold thread I can hardly move.  But I don’t care about mobility because I look great.  The king must think so too, because he hasn’t had me dragged off to the Tower yet.  Here he comes now, ready for his daily reading.

Henry VIII chart 3

Henry’s Relationships With Women
I recalculated Henry’s chart, adding the asteroids I regularly use in my astrology practice, expecting to find some intriguing things about his views of and responses to women.  I was not disappointed.

Sir, I have to tell you you are not suited to monogamy (Vesta rising).  You’re difficult to catch and are drawn to have affairs with women who hew to your ideal of purity.  This despite the fact that you are absolutely the marrying kind (Juno conjunct Sun) and you individuate best through the medium of marriage.  Does that seem like a contradiction?  Yes, it is.  You contradict yourself, sir.  You contain multitudes (oh, it’s no use quoting Whitman—he hasn’t been born yet).

You are drawn to women who are strong and independent and who want autonomy and free rein for their intelligence (Juno square Pallas), but this brings you into conflict with them.  You, sir, are surrounded by uppity females!  Your reaction to them can be quite strong (Uranus in T-square with Sun, Juno, Pallas).

Beware of your tendency to overindulge your senses.  You eat to stave off negative feelings, and you do so impulsively (Ceres conjunct Moon in Aries).  You love intense living and you love the life of the senses, but blended together with some of the bodily sensitivities I mentioned before (in part 1) and with your love/hate relationship with your body (Chiron in Taurus), this can spell a life of hedonism and ill-health.

Departing Again

Sir, I must take my leave.  But I see you are downcast and I want to give you hope.  I have visited you three times, each time speaking mostly of your negative traits.  I will return again tomorrow, for one last visit, in which I will speak about your glorious potential.  Have hope, sir—all is not lost.

This article is part 3 in a 4-part series about the astrology chart of Henry VIII of England.
Part 1: The Astrology Of Henry VIII—A Portrait Of Charisma, Charm & Arrogance
Part 2: A Deeper Look At Henry VIII’s Chart
Part 3: What Henry VIII’s Astrology Chart Shows About His Relationships With Women
Part 4: How Henry VIII’s Chart Shows His Glorious Potential


A Deeper Look At Henry VIII’s Chart

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

That Time Machine Again
After I returned to my own time, I recalculated Henry’s chart, adding in the modern planets, the ones that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  Henry’s astrologer didn’t know about these, so I may have interesting and fresh insights to give the king.  Once again, I’m setting my time machine for a quick getaway, just in case I say anything untoward.  After all, hindsight is 20/20 and I know what the man is capable of.  I also know I have a big mouth sometimes (being an Aries, myself).

Henry VIII chart 2

What Happens When We Add The Modern Planets?

Yesterday, your highness, I said you are a very vital man.  This is true, but you are also prone to various constitutional weaknesses and ailments that can be mysterious in origin and cure (Neptune square Mars).  You should be certain to get enough sleep and to pay attention to your body’s sensitivities.  Also, the piece I said yesterday about you being uncertain of your virility?  Underline that.  You’re actually a rather sensitive guy and if you don’t feel you can afford to be that way (because you’re king) then you’re in rather a pickle, aren’t you?  Gracious!

Yesterday, sir, I had no idea how you struggle with relationships (Pluto and Neptune both quincunx Venus, forming a yod).  Your fantasies about the ideal woman (Neptune quincunx Venus) interfere with your ability to love a real woman, with all her human flaws.  And your sometimes-compulsive sex drive (Pluto quincunx Venus) make you feel that it’s unfair how much power a beautiful woman can have over you.  You enter the battle of the sexes feeling you have already lost.  This is especially hard on you because you take love quite seriously (Venus trine Saturn) and do, in fact, have a restrained, even prudish, streak (Virgo rising).

You have a lot of genius, but tend to be unstable (Uranus opposed Sun).  You are trying to find the balance between passion (Cancer Sun) and responsibility (Capricorn, which Uranus is in), but you have a strong rebellious streak that causes you to buck any authority but your own (Uranus in Capricorn).  You are likely to act with confidence and fortitude on your rebellious ideas (Mars trine Uranus), ignoring those people who disagree.

Um, Running Away Now!
Ok, he REALLY didn’t like that stuff.  Better run away now.  Be back next time with a look at his chart with the asterioids (Ceres, Pallas-Athene, Juno, Vesta) and Chiron in it.

This article is part 2 in a 4-part series about the astrology chart of Henry VIII of England.
Part 1: The Astrology Of Henry VIII—A Portrait Of Charisma, Charm & Arrogance
Part 2: A Deeper Look At Henry VIII’s Chart
Part 3: What Henry VIII’s Astrology Chart Shows About His Relationships With Women
Part 4: How Henry VIII’s Chart Shows His Glorious Potential


The Astrology Of Henry VIII— A Portrait Of Charisma, Charm & Arrogance

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Henry VIII? Oh Yeah, That English King With The 6 Wives
I have been watching the Tudors lately, which features one of my favorite historical figures, Henry VIII of England, father of Elizabeth I and infamous slayer of wives.  The stories surrounding Henry and his six wives and his formation of the Church of England so that he could remarry have fascinated me since high school history class.

This morning, for the fun of it, I looked up Henry’s chart to see if I could perceive his outstanding traits in it.  It took a little digging, due to the change from Gregorian to Julian calendar but here’s the chart I came up with:

Henry VIII chart 1

This is the chart Henry’s astrologer would have cast for him.  In those days, only the visible planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) were known and used.  In looking at this chart I discovered a few interesting things and found myself imagining that I’m at Henry’s court and I’ve just sat down to do a ten-minute sample reading for him.  Here’s what I’d say to Henry (being aware that my time machine is ready to sweep me away instantly if I become in danger of being imprisoned or beheaded and that therefore I can speak freely).  For the benefit of students of astrology, I’m including notes on what pieces of Henry’s chart I’m referring to.

Henry VIII’s Ten-Minute Sample Reading

You’re quite a charmer, aren’t you?  (Venus in Gemini sextile Mercury in Leo).  You’ve got quite the silver tongue and can persuade people of what you want and you give the impression of being collected, intelligent and fastidious when people first meet you (Virgo rising).  You care a lot about your appearance (Mercury in Leo rules rising sign Virgo) and like to dress in the kingliest manner but with only the finest taste, never overdone (interesting Virgo vs. Leo dilemma).  I see you are a man who loves women and relates with them easily (Sun in Cancer, male chart) but you secretly doubt your own virility (Cancer Sun squares Moon in Aries) and may at times become fierce in defense of it.

You’re a vital man (Mars square Jupiter) and your masculine identity is important to you (Mars in First House), especially when it comes to your ability to make money and defend your property (Mars sitting on Second House cusp).  You are talkative (Jupiter in Gemini) and gregarious (Sun and Mercury in Eleventh House) and must marry someone intelligent whom you can really communicate with and who stimulates your mind (Venus in Gemini).

Some of your greatest challenges in life will be in the area of children (Saturn in the Fifth House and also ruling it) and in the frustration of your creativity.  You have so much luck and charisma (Fire Grand Trine and almost a Grand Trine in Air too, forming almost-but-not-quite a Grand Star) that you may become lazy and arrogant in your expectation that life should be easy and everything should flow towards you because it so often does.  When things do not go your way your tendency is to push your expectations onto others instead of rolling up your sleeves and applying the effort needed.  Don’t rely on talent and charm, because it weakens you and leaves you ill-equipped for the challenges life presents to everyone sooner or later.

My Escape Back To The Future
Whew—do you think Henry liked that stuff?  Somehow I doubt it.  I think I’d better get back to my time machine before I’m thrown in the Tower.

My next post will be about the deeper dimensions of Henry’s chart that become apparent when we add in the planets that astrologers use today (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc) and just for good measure, I’ll throw in the asteroids (Ceres, Pallas-Athene, Juno, Vesta) to learn more about what was behind Henry’s relationships with women.  Do stay tuned.

This article is part 1 in a 4-part series about the astrology chart of Henry VIII of England.
Part 1: The Astrology Of Henry VIII—A Portrait Of Charisma, Charm & Arrogance
Part 2: A Deeper Look At Henry VIII’s Chart
Part 3: What Henry VIII’s Astrology Chart Shows About His Relationships With Women
Part 4: How Henry VIII’s Chart Shows His Glorious Potential


What Kind Of Mercury Learner Are You?

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is the part of your chart that tells what your learning style is.  If you know what element your Mercury is in, you can get some marvelous clues to using your learning style to your advantage, so you can learn faster and more thoroughly.  Obviously no one part of the chart can tell us everything about a person and so your Mercury sign cannot encompass all of you any more than your Sun sign can.  Keeping in mind that you are a vast being of which your Mercury sign & element are just one small (if important) part, let’s examine this interesting planet and its influence on you and your learning style.

Don’t Know Your Mercury Sign?
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If you do have your Mercury sign the following paragraphs will let you know what element your Mercury is in and what it means.

When you have Mercury in the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you learn by pratfall and adventure.  Fire is spontaneous and action-oriented—you need the freedom to just try stuff and be ok with failing.  You need to apply what you learned right away, so you can really take it in.  Mercury in fire has a visual learning style and will do best when presented with the big picture first and the details later—in fact, the details will make no sense to you without the big picture to contextualize them and you won’t be able to retain them without it.  You’ll also learn best if you can put your own creative stamp on the project, infusing it with your own personality.  Fire signs enjoy being seen and showing off, so doing a presentation to the group about what you’ve learned can be a way of cementing your understanding of what you’ve learned.

Mercury in the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) learns best by doing. Mercury/Earth is a kinesthetic learner.  If this is you, you’ll do best when you can proceed slowly and deliberately and learn in a deep, thorough way.  Other types (especially Air) may have grasped the material while you can end the course feeling that there’s still so much to learn and that the class only scratched the surface.  Earth also does well when presented with a pre-created structure, a conceptual set of bins or a toolbox, into which the new ideas can fit.  When presented with the structure first, you Earth types learn eagerly, because you’re enjoying getting cool tools that go into the toolbox.  Mercury/Earth types like learning things that have a real use and will retain information best when shown how to apply it.  Useless ideas are . . . useless.

Mercury in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) types love ideas for their own sake.  If this is you, you’ll embrace theories and have a love of the pure, pristine quality of a beautiful idea more than you have interest in applying it.  You’ll grasp ideas quickly and you’ll like to keep moving, so you tend to skate over the surface while a subject’s depths may not capture your quick-moving mind.  Mercury/Air types like to learn the abstract notion behind a thing before thinking through its applications.  Since the Air learning style leans toward auditory, you learn well from lectures, often grasping and retaining lesson material the first time it is delivered, without even taking notes (which is especially frustrating to Earth types, who can take notes religiously and Fire or Water types whose note-taking can be atrocious).  Mercury/Air types are avid readers and often go on learning far beyond school, because they naturally love information and the written word.

If you have Mercury in the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you are an emotive learning type.  You learn by feeling your way along.  Your style is intuitive and you are capable of making great leaps and grasping material instantaneously or sometimes not at all.  You may have muddled around in your childhood for years before figuring out how you work as a learner, especially if your childhood home was a turbulent one.  You need to keep your emotions clear in order to absorb and remember new material and on days when you are upset, learning may feel impossible.  If you were lucky enough to come from a stable, loving family, you probably did well in school, even though you often can’t explain how you got to the conclusions you reached.  The teachers you had the most emotional affinity with were your best ones and their fond indulgence of you may have led to some of the best learning of your life.  You learn from what others feel and you’re sensitive to teachers’ emotional states and can be suspicious and resistant to learning from teachers who put off a different vibe than they say they do or who want you to do as they say, not as they do.  Having to shut off or ignore emotions while learning cripples you and slows you down, sometimes stopping you entirely.

The Types Compared
Most education and schoolwork is oriented toward Air-style learning, so those able to learn by listening to lectures and doing writing assignments and reading books do well.  Teachers love them, not least because such students are a pleasure to teach and make a teacher look good.  The other types, especially Water, do not do well and often are viewed by teachers as slow or obstructive, which is sad, because it’s not a matter of intelligence, but of style.

Earth can succeed in the standard system through sheer diligence.  By persisting and exercising a little ambition, Mercury/Earth types can rise to the top of the class.  Mercury/Water types can go to either extreme—sheer brilliance or sheer failure.  Their natural tendency is to hang back and absorb slowly, learning best from teachers they have an emotional affinity with.  An unfortunate student-teacher chemistry can lead to disaster and throw off a Water child’s whole academic career.  Mercury/Fire types can also go to extremes, but they tend to be so charismatic and enthusiastic about the subjects they are interested in that the extra attention they put in at those times makes up for the horsing around at times when they are bored.  When a Fire child is bored, the best thing the teacher can do is to give them a wacky, challenging assignment, especially one that puts them in the spotlight—then they will scramble to look good.

For Teachers:
If you are a teacher and able to find out something about the Mercury position of your students, this can help you teach them the way they need to learn.  Even if you can’t get details of your students’ charts, identifying the types I’ve described and responding to them as suggested can help you more effectively teach the variety of styles you’re likely to encounter.  And if you teach large classes as if all four types were represented, you can let your students self-select the way they want to learn and more of them will succeed.

A really fine teacher can adjust or supplement their style to accommodate all types of learners and then students do not have to come away feeling stupid or wrong for learning the nonstandard way.  Just being able to validate all 4 styles and work with them goes a long way toward awakening in a child the passion for learning.  If you can avoid being the kind of teacher who presses your own style on students as if it’s the one right way, you will have done a very fine thing.  Simply acknowledging that there are different styles, each of which is valid, helps marginalized learners feel good about the way they learn and better able to use their style instead of being a victim of it.

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