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Six Ways Pisces People Can Stop Losing Their Keys

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Why do Pisces types lose things?  You might as well ask why the sun shines.

Pisceans, you are the dreamers and visionaries of the world.  You feel more at home in the rich and lovely realms of your own imagination than in the physical world we all share.  You may find it frustrating how often this leads you to be distracted and dreamy and not very in touch with the material.  Sometimes you might even resent the sheer solidity of the everyday world, and its unforgiving hardness.  Certainly your dreams are better than the reality we all share, but (fortunately or unfortunately) you need to be able to function in the workaday world in order to bring your dreams into manifestation, so others can experience their benefits too.  It’s annoying and wrong, but there it is.  And how many times does this need to acclimate to the physical world show up in the form of losing your keys?  For some Pisceans, it happens almost daily.  For others, who have gotten a grip on this seemingly-simple problem, it happens less often.

Clever readers who do not lose their keys will be able to benefit from the suggestions below by substituting any easily-lost object, such as one’s car, train of thought or husband (where did I leave him?).

So here, for the benefit of all Pisceans, are a few suggestions as to how to keep hold of important objects.

  • Force yourself into the habit of always putting your keys in the same place when you get home.  Every.  Single.  Time.  No.  Kidding.  This will feel incredibly oppressive at first, but will soon become a comforting habit, allowing you to pay attention for the minimum time allowable and then quickly return to whatever fantasy you were involved in.
  • Put a small beeper or sound location device on your key ring, so that whenever you lose your keys, you can make them beep.  Here’s the sort of thing I mean.   While you’re at it, microchip your pets also—now there’s something you really don’t want to lose.
  • Become emotionally attached.  Put something cute or meaningful on your key-ring.  (For the non-Piscean types out there who may be reading this, it finally explains all those silly key-rings that people use—it’s because it makes them harder to lose.)
  • Decorate it in a way you like.  If you enjoy crafts, this is a great time to break out the hot glue gun and the sparkles.  If you are not a crafty person, it’s still easy to put your personal stamp on something with color.  Use your favorite colors, so that the keys please your eye every time you look at them.  When you decorate a thing, you put some of yourself into it in an act of ownership that will bond you to it.  Your pride in the object will make it easier to keep close to you.
  • Figure out what this frequently-lost object symbolizes to you and why you might be resisting bonding to it.  Is there some responsibility or obligation attached to it that you feel oppressed by?  Once you’ve dealt with the aspect of it you are trying to evade, it will become much easier to avoid losing the object.  A Piscean in escape mode is a very powerful being, and can sabotage his way out of anything with very little effort.  Pisceans show a mastery of self-sabotage that is exceeded only by some Scorpios.
  • Make a grounding cord to your keys.  Pisceans can be quite psychic.  Your imagination is your greatest tool and learning to use it deliberately is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your life.  Take a moment to imagine a thick, strong cord (could be a rope or chain) running from your navel to your key-ring.  Attach the cord strongly to your keys.  Imagine seeing it (notice its color), feeling it as if it’s an extension of your body (in the same way you can feel through the body of your car when you drive it) and hearing when it’s in place and working (a tone, a bell perhaps?).  Every time you lose your keys, try using the cord to find them.  When you do find them, do the cord visualization again, to strengthen it.  Over time, finding your keys will become easier and eventually you won’t lose your keys at all anymore.

    *   *   *

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Lunar Eclipse: Let Friendship Crack You Open Today

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Details About This Eclipse:
Date:  February 9, 2009
Time of eclipse: 6:49 am PST
Type:  penumbral
Visible in:  eastern Europe and Africa, Asia and most of North America.
At:  20 degrees Aquarius
Shadow Agents:  Chiron, Neptune

Remember, a lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions.  This particular eclipse may bring up emotions in response to unexpected kindness from friends, old wounds coming up or some sort of spiritual revelation.  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

There’s a knock at your door.  You answer it.  There’s a beautiful woman in long, flowing garments that seem to change color as she moves.  She smiles at you.
You:  Oh hi, Neptune.  Come on in.
Neptune flows in.  Her voice is musical.
Neptune:  I’ve invited some friends over.
You:  How is it I already knew that?
Neptune:  You are going to love them.
Suddenly, your house is full to bursting with people.  As you begin mingling, you realize that these are YOUR people.  They are interesting and you feel really comfortable with them.  Neptune finds you in the crowd and guides you to a corner where you watch the group together.
You:  I never knew it could be like this.  Every one of these people could be a really good friend for me.  How is it possible?
Neptune puts her hand on your head and as you feel her gentle pressure, a delicious emotion floods you from head to toe. 
Neptune:  You’re discovering universal connectedness.  It’s the feeling all religions reach for, the sensation of being one with all beings and all things.  You are not separate.  You are a part of it all and you matter.
You begin to weep a little, amazed.
There’s another knock at the door.  You pull yourself together and push through the crowd to answer the door.  It’s another woman, only this one doesn’t look so friendly.
You:  Oh, it’s you, Chiron.
Chiron:  I’ve brought you something.
You:  No doubt.  Come on in, since you’re going to anyway.
You close the door and Chiron takes your elbow and leads you off to the side, where you can still see everyone.  Neptune joins you there.
Chiron:  Look at all these people.  You’ve been hurt by friends before, you know.
You:  How good of you to remind me.
Chiron rummages in her pockets and pulls out a ViewMaster.  There’s a card in it, with pictures.  Chiron puts it in front of your eyes.
Chiron:  Do you remember this?
You:  Uh, gradeschool.  Pretty painful.
Chiron presses the button.  The picture changes.
You:  Adolescence.  Worse yet.  Why do people have to be so mean?
Neptune: (gently) They aren’t always that way.
Chiron:  Exactly my point.
Chiron reaches into your chest and tears a hole in your heart.  Through that hole, your exposed heart suddenly feels everything even more intensely.  You try to stay objective, but you can’t.  Everyone in the room is looking at you with affection and knowledge in their eyes.  They see your pain and instead of pulling away, they radiate warmth at you.  These people know you, and they accept you anyway.  They seem to trust you and to expect that you will simply trust them.  It’s overwhelming and it hurts to take it all in.
You:  (dropping the ViewMaster)  These people aren’t like the ones from my past.
Chiron & Neptune in unison:  Nope.
You:  Then why does this hurt?
Chiron:  Because you’re healing.
Neptune: (nodding) Growth pains, my dear.
Chiron:  You can stop fighting it now.
You decide to make the most of this opportunity.  Into the wounded place in your heart, you let all the love and knowledge flow.  The rawness and pain increase until they are intolerable.  Just then, like a wave breaking, the pain and joy meet in the middle, creating an entirely new sensation.  You realize you are fully alive.  It fills you up and heals you like nothing has ever done before.
You:  Whoa.  What just happened?
Neptune:  You took charge of your pain.  Know what your job is now?
You:  Um, nope.
Chiron:  Now that you have this connection to all of humanity, really have it in your heart, go heal other people with it.
Neptune:  There are a lot of isolated people out there.  They need you.
While you fall gently into a chair, overwhelmed, Neptune and Chiron slip out the door.

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5 Ways Aquarius Creates Breakthrough Thinking

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

One of the central traits of Aquarius is inventiveness. Aquarian (aka Uranian) “types”* tend to come up with new, cutting-edge ideas. How do they do it? And how can you do it too?

1. Love Ideas For Their Own Sake
Aquarians simply love thinking. They love using their brains to tease out the pieces of a problem, to make connections, find patterns and eliminate possibilities. For them, analyzing ideas is more than just fun—it’s a way of life. If you love thinking and ideas, you are more than halfway to breakthrough thinking.

2. Think Outside The Box
Aquarians/Uranians know instinctively that nothing new can be made from assembling pieces of the old. They reach outside the confines of conventional expected thinking styles and out into the wilds of the unknown. Be willing to see beyond the limitations society agrees you have and the limitations you imagine for yourself.

3. Embrace Chaos
“I tell you: one must have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star,” said Nietszche, an Aquarian type. Chaos is scary. Order is predictable. But you can’t get to a truly new idea from remaining inside the predictable. Uranians (secretly or not) enjoy a little chaos. To emulate them, next time something chaotic happens in your life, don’t close down or run away. Instead, lean into it. The solution might be nearby, behind a wall you don’t know is there.

4. Make It An Experiment
Form a hypothesis, then try to prove or disprove it. Stand at a distance from your subject. Take a truly objective perspective. Ask yourself, “How would this experiment work in a different environment, country, culture?” Or “What if I had to explain this idea to someone who knew nothing at all about it, like a Martian?” Ask open-ended questions, rather than closed (yes/no) questions. Embrace the mind of the beginner.

5. Do The Weird Thing
Be willing to look like a weirdo in your experimentation. It is rumored that Einstein changed his shirt so infrequently that his wife sometimes had to cut it off him. He didn’t have time for worrying about whether this made him look strange. He was busy thinking new thoughts. If you are concerned about how you look, breakthrough thinking might not be for you.

These things are things Aquarians do effortlessly, like breathing. They cannot seem to help it. Fortunately, everyone has at least a little Uranian electricity in their chart, giving us all access to startling, new ideas, when we choose to open to them.

* Remember that when I say “Aquarians” I do not just mean individuals who have the Sun in Aquarius, although some of those might be strong enough types to resonate with what I’m saying. To qualify as an Aquarian type, you might simply have Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, placed strongly in your chart. An astrologer can look up your chart and tell you.

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Should I Build or Break? Answer: Both!

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Saturn and Uranus are still in opposition in the sky, engaged in one of the pieces of dialogue in the “stage play of 2009” that I’ve talked about.  This week there’s a peak in the intensity of that dialogue, which will be felt strongly by people who have any planet at or near 20 degrees of a mutable sign in their chart.*  What does it feel like?  It’s rather like being in a vise.  If it’s affecting you, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of warring pressures:  Saturn’s conservatism vs. Uranus’ progressiveness.

Saturn is in Virgo, where it has been demanding that we reorganize ourselves, develop our business practices and create structures to better handle the everyday details of our business.  Saturn builds traditions and rules laid down by those that came before.  It is the part of our human nature that looks to the elders for guidance and stands by old established ways.  “The rules we’ve built for generations work,” says Saturn, “we must build on their foundation, refine and perfect them.  After all, we have integrity and a reputation to protect.”

Meanwhile, Uranus is in Pisces, where it is demanding change according to a higher sensibility.  Uranus is the Rebel or Revolutionary, the part of human nature that pushes for a paradigm shift to the next level.  It does that by breaking down the old and redesigning it to be greater and more all-inclusive.  Uranus tunes into the fresh ideas and new approaches of the young.  In the sign of Pisces it will do that by eroding lines and distinctions between things, creating messy, boundariless situations that demand a shift to a new level.  “Your rules do not apply here,” says Uranus to Saturn, “here, in the place where lines are fuzzy and things get lost in the cracks between.  Life is full of unexplainable mysteries which have a way of generating chaos when they are ignored.”

But how do you cope with a situation where you are supposed to build something strong and enduring, really build it to last, while at the same time you are also supposed to question old structures and test them for weak places, so that you can shift them to an entirely new level?  Obviously, only the strongest and most resilient parts of any preexisting structure will last through this ordeal.

This is a time of reform.  Look for it inside and out because you may see it around you in the world in general or you may see it in your own life, or both.  Where in your life are you simultaneously being pressured to display old-fashioned integrity and consistency and also to break out of old patterns and embrace change?  You will need to carefully assess which of the old structures is toppling and ready to die and which is foundational and must be kept and adjusted to.  You’ll also need to assess which new changes are really going to create progress and which are merely opportunities to use the chaos of the moment to escape responsibility.  (“It doesn’t matter if I pay the last month’s rent on time—I’m about to move anyway.”)

Saturn in Virgo would like life to always make sense, but Uranus in Pisces knows that there are huge swathes of life that no amount of accounting or logic can explain.  But ignoring or discounting that which cannot be explained logically is no solution.  It’s time to shift to a new perspective, one that includes both common sense and an appropriate awe for life’s inevitable mysteries.

Saturn opposite Uranus is now in full effect.  It started in November of 2008 and lasts until July of 2010.  Where in your life are you feeling the pressure?  Where do you need to make reforms?
* To know if you have a planet at or near 20 degrees of mutable signs, you have to have your chart calculated.  But I can tell you that if your birthday is March 9-11, June 10-12, September 12-14 or December 11-13, you are probably feeling this strongly.

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