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How Is A Capricorn Like A Creampuff?

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

That should be fairly obvious:  like a creampuff, a Capricorn is crusty on the outside and soft, gooshy and sweet in the middle.  Capricorn comes on as tough, boundaried, strong, even armored.  But once you get past the crusty exterior, inside the heart and soul of your favorite Capricorn you’ll find a wealth of affection, sentimentality and softness.

But how do you get past the initial coolness, skepticism and reserve?  How do you win a Capricorn over?

It begins when you show respect.  Every Capricorn has secretly longed to be truly, deeply respected, ever since they were small.  In fact, the younger they are, the more they need it; as they age, they naturally feel more respect for themselves, and thus need it less from others.  But for any Capricorn, respect is the way to begin and without it you’ll get nowhere.  Honor and validate their boundaries; they have them for a reason.  If everyone knew what a soft-touch your local Capricorn really is, he would be under siege all the time and he knows it.  Let your Capricorn friend know that you will wait patiently outside the walls forever if need be.  Then watch the portcullis go up!

The next step is to be worthy of respect, yourself.  No Capricorn will suffer fools gladly.  Here are some more clues about what exactly that means . . .

Do what you say you’ll do. Yep, it’s that simple.  If you make outrageous promises, or even tiny promises, that you do not keep, no Cap can take you seriously.  Promise what you know you can do and then do that.  To some readers, this may sound boring, but to Capricorns it is behavior worthy of their interest.  And believe me, Capricorn interest is worth garnering.

Have appropriate boundaries. Don’t blurt out your whole life-story or dissolve into tears on first acquaintance.  And definitely don’t ask for a loan, even a small one.  Wait a reasonable amount of time before deepening your acquaintance.  There’s no underestimating the power of propriety in the mind of a Capricorn.

Mind your reputation. Don’t act like a fool in public (and watch the public displays of affection!).  Note that making your Capricorn look foolish by association with you will surely drive them away.

Make a difference in the world. Do something important.  Make a contribution.  Making money is generally attractive to Capricorns, but that’s not the whole story.  Wealth, prestige, power and status may be attention-grabbers in the mind of your Capricorn buddies, but what they are really interested in is what you did to get to the position you are in.  Did you build a company from scratch?  Did you patent something useful?  Do you serve others in a meaningful way?  Are you truly expert in what you do?  Do you conduct yourself in a professional way?  These are the things that matter.

So let’s say you’ve done a few of these things and gotten the interest of your local Capricorn.  What now?  Know that once a Cap lets you in, they let you in all the way, therefore be gentle.  The trust of a Capricorn is hard-earned, so once you’ve been let inside the high-security, password-protected, Capricorn inner sanctum, tread lightly and know that you have achieved a position of true privilege.  Abuse it at your peril.  Every Capricorn secretly bears a stamp on their forehead that says, “Expensive, but worth it.”

*   *   *

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How To Be A Sagittarian And Not A Jerk

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

What, did I say that with my outside voice?  Yes, friends, I’m sorry to have to tell you that Sagittarian types sometimes have it so good in life that they forget to behave nicely to the rest of us.  In my two previous posts I talked about how you can become as lucky as a Sag (pronounce that “Sadge”) by adopting their behaviors.  Those articles are great to read if you want to hear tons of praise for the Sagittarian temperament.  In this post I’ll talk about how our friendly, neighborhood Jupiter folks can stop annoying people who are not like them.  And here we go . . .

Beloved Sagittarians, please remember to have compassion for people who don’t have your easygoing, positive-minded ways.  You’re not lucky in every area of your life—why should other people be?  As a Sagittarian, you were born to grow, open up and expand in every part of your being.  Seek out the areas where you tend to contract and practice your Sag skills there.  And be gentle with the people in your life who are more contracted than you are.

Sags of the world, you have a tendency to exaggerate.  It’s not exactly lying, is it?  More like embellishment or a tendency to put a positive spin on something that has some downsides you conveniently forgot to mention.  To some you may come off as if you are trying to sell something.  That can be off-putting and counter to your real purpose, which is to create possibility.  But skeptics may be more open to your ideas if you address the negative rather than ignoring it.

My dear children of Jupiter, remember that not everyone is as tolerant as you are.  You’ve probably got a huge variety of friends and acquaintances and you can’t expect all your friends to like each other.  In fact, some of them might hate each other, which is just a reflection of your breadth of personality.  And that’s a good thing, right?!

Sagittarians, this may seem like a contradiction to the previous piece about tolerance, but you can be quite dogmatic and zealous.  This is because when you discover or develop a point of view that really works for you, you are very excited by it.  It’s best to avoid forcing your philosophy on the people around you because what fits you may not fit someone else and other people need to discover their path for themselves.  Handing someone a complete, finished perspective may deprive them of important discoveries they need to make on their own.  Instead, practice asking them useful questions that may lead them to their own best next discovery.

Remember too that your Sagittarian lack of attachment can be disturbing to people who are more emotionally or financially attached to this material world.  Sometimes a Sag can enjoy possibilities more than actualities, because there’s a kind of deadness in the finality of a possibility coming to fruition.  You like to “keep your options open,” which sometimes makes you act like a commitment-phobe, job-hopping or running from relationship to relationship and leaving each one when it becomes too binding or serious.  You may feel the weight of seriousness keenly and can use humor to lighten things up, which can annoy others who have more invested in you than you do in them.  So it’s prudent to avoid engendering attachment in others before you are capable of returning the same serious feelings.

And one last thing:  Jupiter-touched people tend to project a large aura.  Remember that a Sag just “feels” big to others—you may be a little bit louder, physically larger, wear a bigger hat, dress in brighter colors.  A Sag lights up the room.  But sometimes people find this intimidating, even when that’s not what you intended.  Sometimes it feels to them like you’re taking over.  It’s important to be aware of the amount of space you’re taking up, and to be deliberate about making room for smaller, more fragile or younger creatures to grow.  Encourage them and create space for them.  That is a wonderful way for you to express your wisdom and to be a role-model.

Being a role-model and expressing wisdom are some of Sagittarius’ favorite things, and thank goodness for it.  Thank goodness for all the hope and abundance generated by this grand fire sign.  Lovable Sags of the world, you may sometimes be annoying, but what would we ever do without you?

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How To Be A Lucky Sagittarian (Part 2)

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

My previous post was about how Sagittarians got to be so lucky—and how you can too, whether you’re a Sag or not.  Here are some more Sagittarian luck-generating habits:

Sagittarians are hopeful.  They are naturally optimistic and are willing to invest hope in possibilities.  They see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.  Sometimes a Sagittarian will even point out that the glass is always entirely full, regardless of how much water is in it, because if it were truly empty, it would contain a vacuum and collapse in on itself.

Sagittarians expect good things to happen, but they are not attached.  This is because Jupiter’s children understand that opportunities come and go and they instinctively trust that today’s opportunity will be replaced by a fresh one—or two—tomorrow.  They are used to a constant flow of possibilities, like a siphon of goodness.  This lack of attachment is the heart of Jupiter’s gift, and it is the thing that makes the siphon go.  Everyone knows desperation is unattractive, and that grasping, miserly behavior does not inspire generosity in others.

Sagittarians look for the deeper meaning behind things.  They are constantly on the hunt for the principles behind the ways things work in the world.  They feel that once these principles are grasped and lived by, that their life will flow.  Sagittarians can find the design of life in a number of ways:  religious experience, exploration of philosophy, higher education, personal growth, or by throwing themselves into a variety of cultures in order to apprehend what is human behind the differences.

Sagittarians assume that the intentions of others are good.  In part they assume this because their own intentions are good and they project this intention onto others.  This can sometimes get them into trouble and lead to being taken advantage of, but a happy-go-lucky, trusting Jupiter person will slide out of trouble as fast as they got in because they are non-confrontational.  Instead of meeting aggression with more aggression, they tend to evade and lighten up any potentially dangerous situation with humor and can win enemies over with a well-timed and well-aimed joke.

With all the luck and abundance that surrounds Sagittarius, you’d think all Sagittarians would be wealthy, wouldn’t you?  But not necessarily.  Sags (pronounce that “Sadges”) are not so much wealthy in money as they are wealthy in monetary flow.  This is because Jupiter’s people tend to have such faith that they can create what they need when they need it, that for them, money and goods are “easy come, easy go.”  Many Sags would rather live on the financial edge than carry dead weight (money that’s not in motion).  They are spenders, not savers (this drives the Taureans and Cancers of the world crazy).  Some Sags experience themselves not as a receptacle for things and money, but as a space through which things and money tend to move, a living stream of resources.  They have gotten what they needed when they needed it so often that they have become unattached to having things around when they are not needed.  A Sag will give you their last dime today because they know someone else will offer them one tomorrow.  And they don’t just believe it—they know it.

So how can you be a lucky Sagittarian? There’s a simple feedback loop that Jupiter people participate in:  be generous in giving, be appreciative in receiving. You can jump into that loop anywhere and start the process going.
Have trouble asking others for help? Decide it’s ok to make yourself vulnerable and ask—despite the discomfort.
Feeling too poor to give? Find something you are rich in (time, friends, information, attention, praise, wisdom, books, social contacts) and give that. You are starting the siphon.
Can’t imagine good things coming your way? Decide to hope, to take the risk of believing that what you want is possible and watch resources pop up right in front of you.

Sagittarius is sounding pretty good, isn’t it?  But every sign has a shadow side and in my next blogpost, I’ll list a few things every Sag should look out for.

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How To Be A Lucky Sagittarian (Part 1)

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Sagittarius is rumored to be the “lucky” sign of the zodiac and it’s true that people with a lot of Sagittarius in their chart (or people who have Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, placed strongly) tend to get their way an awful lot in life.  Today I thought I’d write about why this is, and how anyone who doesn’t think of themselves as typically lucky can become so.  As you’ll see, luck is not a gift of God, it’s a way of being that results from specific habits—habits which can be understood and practiced until they become natural.

What do I mean by a lucky person?  Someone who . . .

  • easily attracts good things, people and experiences
  • just seems to have things go their way, sometimes without really trying
  • has a lot of friends and resources
  • is well-liked and well-received
  • is often in a good mood, cheerful and upbeat
  • . . . and who takes all this in stride, as if this is just how life is.

In the life of a “lucky” person, Jupiter, known to astrologers as the “greater benefic,” is at work.  Jupiter is the astrological cornucopia of goodness and knowing how to work with its energies can open up endless possibilities.

If you examine the phenomenon of “luck” closely and you look at the habits and behaviors of Sagittarians, you’ll quickly see that it’s no coincidence that Sagittarians are lucky.  It’s actually by design.  There are things Sagittarians do that attract good things into their lives, and these are things you can do, on purpose.  What are those things?

Sagittarians are gregarious.  They are very social creatures and they spread themselves out over large groups of people, mixing with many different kinds of people and forming connections within and between communities.  In their social interactions, Sagittarians are tolerant.  They not only tolerate the differences between people (both individual and cultural), but they actually enjoy those differences.  They are pleasantly stimulated by talking with someone from a different background or perspective.  They don’t respond by feeling threatened, afraid or invaded.  Instead they are interested and curious.  Therefore, they have a way of inviting others to open up and express themselves.  Jupiter-touched people are socially welcoming.

Sagittarians know that opportunities must be spotted and pounced on.  They are alert to possibilities and ready to follow up when something arises.  They know that opportunities do not arrive ready-made and that a seemingly imperfect opportunity may be turned into a perfect one with the right kind of cultivation.  When presented with lemons, what they actually see is lemonade-in-the-making, and that vision of possibility is what they respond to.  They respond with gladness and praise, which makes the lemons want to become lemonade, speeding the process.

Sagittarians see themselves as part of something greater.  This makes them helpful and cooperative.  They have no ego invested in not asking for help.  They are willing to ask because they know that they have something to give back.  Sagittarians are aware of their good traits and have self-confidence.  Since they know they have something to contribute, they are comfortable taking.  This, to them, is all just part of the grand design:  sometimes you give, sometimes you take.  They are comfortable with both sides of the transaction.  This makes them generous.  They enjoy giving.  They like the way it spreads resources around.  They like having a positive impact on your life.

Take a minute to think about how you live out these ways of being and how they positively impact your life, and the lives of others.  Read on for more Sagittarian “lucky” habits.

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