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Saturn vs. Uranus—Match of the Decade

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

There stands Saturn, one of the old, established ones.  Perhaps he’s a corporate type, perhaps he’s a banker, perhaps he represents government.  In any case, he is the ultimate authority figure.  He steps into the ring and puts on his boxing gloves.

Opposite him is Uranus, the Rebel, the Revolutionary.  Uranus has come to make changes, very big changes.  Uranus won’t be happy until all of Saturn’s rules and regulations have been broken down.  Uranus will enjoy the reconstruction process.

Both are grinning at the thought of this fight.  They’ve been waiting a decade for it.  The last time they met in the ring like this was in 1999, when Uranus threw Saturn into an uproar by suggesting that Y2K was going to cause all the computers to break down and plunge the modern world into chaos.  Saturn had the last laugh in that battle:  we made it through to New Year’s Day 2000 just fine and now the episode seems silly, even though it was a serious concern at the time.

What tricks will Uranus have up his sleeve for Saturn this time?  It’s an election year and banks are failing.  Saturn’s traditional edifices (banking and government) are due for some changes.  If you favor a cause, agitate for it, donate to it and vote.  This year, because Uranus is awake and in fine fettle, anything could happen—anything at all.

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Do Librans Give Too Much?

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

When Venus, goddess of love and beauty, claimed Librans for her own, did she curse them to give too much and perpetually be taken advantage of in relationship?

It’s true that Libran types are relaters.  It’s true that someone with strong Libran influence would rather be in a relationship than not.  It’s true that a Venus-kissed individual can lose themselves in love.  But why?

Libra loves the sensation of being in love.  For Libra, falling in love and being in love is never having to worry about what’s fair.  People in love are inherently generous and thoughtful when those happy chemicals are swimming around in their brains.  Fairness is not an issue when you’re in love.  This solves a lot of problems for the Libran individual, who can be over-generous and too thoughtful all the time, whether they are in love or not.

Libra has a strong sense of fairness and balance to begin with.  A Libran type will often give too much in order to correct a perceived imbalance.  In doing so, the Libran can violate their own boundaries and drain away their energy, all in the name of doing the “right” thing, or being kind or being nice.  If Librans are continually drawn to relationship, but then lose themselves in it, what to do?  Librans are at their best when in relationship (whether romance or friendship) with people who give and take in fairly equal measure.  They also do well with people who are inherently generous because the Libran themselves will balance the situation by giving back.

The best thing for Librans to do is to be selective about who they relate with and to keep an eye on their own boundaries.  If that best friend keeps taking advantage or that boyfriend keeps crossing your boundaries, think again.  It may not be love or friendship operating there and you may need to hold a stronger line.  And knowing that you go into the situation with a tendency toward giving and a fascination for romance can equip you to keep taking care of yourself even when the hormones are raging.  And when you give to others, don’t forget to give to yourself too.


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